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Haley lay in the soft breeze soaking in the mid-afternoon sun. She was tired and worn from the previous weeks at work. She'd been needing this vacation for so long and now that she was here, the smell of the ocean and sun block were not enough to keep her awake. The bag sitting on the towel beside her contained all sorts of devices for entertainment - electronic word game, puzzle mags, camera, two books she'd been wanting to read for ages, a notebook and pen if she had the desire to write-- and the typical beach necessities: sun block, aspirin, eye drops, lip balm, snacks. Nothing provided the distraction needed to keep her from falling asleep in the Ft. Lauderdale sun. So, like this she slept there.

Some change in shadows made her stir. She opened one eye and saw what, or rather, who was blocking her sun. A team, for they were all dressed in identical blue and green two piece suits, of young women jogged past her on the sand. Haley sat up to watch and enjoy the view. A particular young woman with Jenkins sewn in white letters on her regulation green cap turned to look back at Haley. She jogged backwards for a while, smiled, waved, then turned to continue on with the group. Haley watched them jog a little further down the beach. They stopped and the team captain's blew their whistles and led the group in some stretching exercises. From some netted bag a few volley balls were produced and pairs began tossing and hitting to one another. Haley didn't want to miss the opportunity to capture this bronze beauty, with the shining smile on film. She was exquisite. Long muscular legs, tight bwa (black woman's ass), and locs pulled back in a ponytail.

Haley dug for her camera case, checked the film and headed for the person she assumed to be in charge. She introduced herself and asked permission to photograph the team. She handed the head coach her business card and permission was granted. Haley took four rolls of film while the team practiced and afterwards the head coach introduced her to the team. She talked to some of the players as they started to relax and enjoy the afternoon. Some lay on towels and others headed for the ocean. Haley was happy to find the women were close to her own age and was able to have wonderful conversations with them. They told her about beach volleyball as a team sport and she answered their questions about her studies to become a photojournalist. Some of the women were themselves returning students and totally understood the stress of classwork and paid employment.

As the afternoon turned to evening the team began to separate. Small groups, pairs, individuals, ventured off to their separate lives. Haley found herself alone with Pamela Jenkins, walking along the beach, sandals in hand, camera case across her shoulders. Pam was new to Ft. Lauderdale and had yet to decide whether or not it was where she wanted to stay. She was taking her time traveling across the country and along the coasts to find a place and a team to call home. The two women walked and talked a while longer. The sun had started to set when Haley noticed her watch read 7:30. She invited Pam to have dinner with her. They collected their things and decided on a beach front restaurant. Neither woman felt culinary inspiration and decided on the appetizer sampler, chowder, and salads.

Pam was staying with one of the women from the team until tomorrow, when her apartment would be ready. Neither of them wanted the evening to end, so Haley invited Pam to spend the night at her beachfront hotel. They retrieved Haley's rented car from the hotel garage and headed into town. When they arrived, Pam stopped in to grab her things and thank the household for putting her up for the month. She said her goodbyes and headed out to Haley's waiting car. They drove back to the hotel and decided to shower. Haley had decided to spoil herself on this vacation and rented a room with an enormous tub and a gorgeous view. Since the room was on the 19th floor, with a balcony, they opened the drapes and climbed into a luxurious bath. Bath's were Haley's main weakness and she never traveled without oils, salts, teas, or bubbles.

As they rested in the bath, Haley thought for a moment that this was by far the most intriguing vacation yet. She also thought of how to make the first move that would allow her to taste this woman. It was as though Pam had read her mind, for when Haley opened her eyes, there she was leaning towards her lips slightly parted. They kissed long and full. Both women moaned as an electrical charge ran through them. Haley felt Pam's tongue on her lips and opened her mouth for a more passionate kiss. Haley ran her hand along Pam's thigh, resting only when she reached a place so warm and damp, it made her gasp. Pam squirmed to have Haley's hand full on her cunt. Pam ran her hands through Haley's hair and down her back. They shifted so they were facing one another, their lips locked, their legs entwined, their fingers softly stroking each others pubic hair. Haley felt Pam's fingers find their way through her thick hair to her own warm wet place. They stayed in this dance for a while - fingers in and out of each others cunts, thumbs rolling gently over clitorises.

Haley began to ache for more and suggested they move onto the bed. The quickly dried themselves and Haley sat on the edge of the bed to dry the ends of her long locs. Pam knelt in front of her and parted her legs. Then she parted her lips and dove tongue first into Haley's sweet nectar. Pam lapped the juices running from Haley's cunt and then placed her tongue firmly on Haley's clit. Haley started and reached to pull Pam in close. Pam continued rolling Haley's clit in her mouth and placed two fingers of her right hand into Haley's waiting cunt. Haley took the fingers eagerly and Pam felt the soft strong walls closing around them. Pam lifted her head and sucked the index finger of her left hand. As her tongue headed back to Haley's clit, Haley felt a finger probing her anus. Haley gasped as the finger slid in and moaned with ecstacy. Pam fucked her like this and sucked her clit until Haley came shouting loudly, rocking on Pam's fingers and pulling her face closer. Spent, Haley fell back onto the bed.

Pam licked her cunt soaked lips and fingers, giving Haley a moment to rest. She then climbed over her and straddled her face. Haley pulled Pam down on her tongue. She lapped at Pam's pussy and clit. She maneuvered Pam so she could get her hands near Pam's pussy. Haley stroked Pam's pussy with her fingers teasing and taunting. Suddenly Pam stopped and sat with purpose so that Haley's fingers went right into her wet pussy. Haley felt herself getting wet and reached down with her other hand to her own clit. Pam leaned forward, removed Haley's hand and settled into a warm, creamy sixty-nine. Pam came as Haley's tongue worked hard on her clit. Immediately after Haley came again. They lay still a moment and climbed back into the waiting bath. They washed and dried quickly in the cooling water, then slipped into nightshirts. They climbed into bed and talked for a while before drifting off to sleep.

Haley awoke as the trickle of an afternoon shower fell on her skin. She noticed dark clouds rolling in and quickly gathered her things. She stopped for a moment to scan the beach. There were only a couple of harried vacationers left to be seen. As she rushed back towards her hotel, she noticed a sign outside one of the restaurants: Beach Volleyball Competition Tomorrow 7:30 p.m. Don't miss this opportunity to see the Ft. Lauderdale women in their first ever game! Tickets available at Jenkins' Café. First come, First served.

Haley realized she must have seen the sign on her way to the beach. She looked at her dream as a positive omen and ducked in to have dinner and get herself front row tickets.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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