Lesbionic Girl

Once again the caller id displayed her number. The dark chocolate sistah with the tight, juicy body at the reception desk. The curious sistah that had a man but found the need, the want to harass me to eat her pussy, to fuck her. I'm not into bi-sexual women but the body on this girl is..dangerous. How can I resist when she's the first sight I see every morning as I make my way to my desk. She gives me looks that makes co-workers stare at me then her..wondering, what the fuck is going on here? I didn't want to do it, I swear I didn't. I try to avoid any drama at work..especially since I work for corporate America. But she just wouldn't take no for an answer, going as far as buying me presents and even tried to give me money to convince me. None of it impressed me, I would give it all back and scold her like a child, not knowing it was actually turning her on even more.

It wasn't until she wore the black, silk, wrap dress with the strappy shoes and thigh highs. She told me to come to her desk that she had something to show me. I reluctantly made my way to her desk, she stared at me as she slipped her wrap dress to the side to show me her new thigh highs. To show me where her dark brown thighs met the garter belt, to show me her crotchless underwear. Her valley reminds me of a dream I once had where I was swimming in chocolate. She spread her legs enough for me to see a hint of flesh from between her legs, barely being covered by tiny underwear. I felt myself dripping and it just pissed me off! BITCH! All I could do was roll my eyes and shake my head..tell her how sad she was. I saw the smile creep on her face cus she knew she had caught me, she knew it was about to be over, about to begin. I wouldn't look at her all day, wouldn't even speak to her for a week.

Until today, I look at the caller Id and wonder whether I should pick up the phone. I do and she whispers in my ear before I can even say hello, " come down and make me cum, I'm going to wait for you in the bathroom..hurry!". She hangs up before I can answer and as I put the phone down I get up from my chair and head to take care of business cus fuck it. I'm only human.

She's waiting for me in the last stall with no panties on. As I squeeze into the stall she bolts for my right nipple with her mouth and nibbles on it with her teeth. I slid my hand up her leg straight for her juicy spot, sliding my finger up and down her wet slit making her throw her hand up to cover her mouth. There are no time for words or foreplay. No time for explanations or excuses, I've wanted this girl since the first day I met her and all the games we've played has got our bodies on fire.

I slide down to get between her tights and end up on my knees. She tilts her hips up as far and she can, pushing me further into a tight corner. With one leg leaning against the wall, and the other on the toilet, her hips lean forward positioning her slit closer and closer to my face. I can't concentrate cus I'm busy wondering why her black (too high for work) high heel shoe on the white porcelain toilet is turning me on?

With two fingers I spread her pussy lips and dip my tongue in it so hard I feel juice splash on my chin. Her hips start grinding and dipping as I slide two fingers inside her, applying pressure on her clit with my tongue. My tongue acts as I it has a mind of its own and starts gliding slowly up and down her snatch from her clit to her asshole. Up and down I went as if in a trace, a slow dance with my thick tongue slowly mixing her cream with my saliva. Our lips kissed as I made my way to her clit slowly up and then back down to her slippery slit.

With my lips I take her pearl and flick it fast and hard, sucking and nibbling on it until it becomes rock hard. Suckling her clit, I move my face up and down faster and harder as I dip two fingers deeper and deeper into her dripping cunt. My whole face is soaked in her dew and I love every drip drop. I feel cum dripping down my arm and I remove my face from between her fountain and lick my arm before she splashes on the floor. Her whole body stiffens as she grabs my head and pushes it back to her spot. I manage to get out a muffled laugh from between her squeezed thighs and that makes her push my head deeper in her ass.

I grab her hand and lift up my head to stare up at her, make sure she remembers who she's playing with. She stiffens, stares and mouths "sorry daddy" cus she's a good girl. But that don't cut it, as payback I fuck her so hard the room is filled with moans and squeals that are coming out of every pore in her body except her mouth cus she biting her hand to try to keep the rest of her body quiet.

I stop and look up and she's looking down at me with a smile so sexy I let out a moan. I see you up there bitch..mmmm A look like that can only prompt a girl like me to lose all control, forget that I'm at work, forget that I'm in a fucking bathroom fucking. That anybody from the cleaning lady to the Vice President can come in at any moment. I devour her pussy, licking, sipping, swallowing every drip drop of her. She grabs my head and starts pumping her cunt for me, slamming her pussy in my mouth, I grab her ass to steady her cus this gotta go somewhere much as I love this I gotta get to back to mean.

I grab her ass it's all over, I palm it, open my mouth wide and shove her whole pussy right in. I sucked, licked, flicked, nibbled, suckled, lapped, moved it around with closed lips, played with it with my nose, grazed them with my lashes, and French kissed it. Her pussy throbbed and tightens around my two fingers as I turn my hand inside her and play with her ass with my thumb as I worked her pussy.

She came in waves she didn't know whether this was real or fantasy. Didn't know whether to flow with it or make me stop. But she knew she would keep coming even after I removed my mouth. She came hard but soft, she didn't moan, she couldn't, couldn't be heard, couldn't muster it out, she could only whimper and shake and cross her legs real tight to try to make it stop. Thing was the tighter she closed the legs the more she came. And I just watched, pulled back like she told me, and watched her come again and again. Beautiful.

I make my way out of the stall trying my best to get all the juice off my face. Knowing that if anybody gets too close they're sure to smell pussy on my breath. Knowing tic tacs or even them Listerine strips won't help...I try as hard as i can to get it out of my nostrils, eyelids and hair..oh no it's on my shirt too. Sniff sniff, mmm she sure smells finger licking good.

When she got to her desk, she emails me telling me that she was still cumming from answering the phone, typing, blinking. She needed more, now! I told her to slow down, relax that I'll let her know when I was ready for her again, if ever. To not get too happy cus she got lucky. It ain't you...I was having a good day and that she was about to ruin it if she kept on harassing me. But did she Once again the caller Id displayed her number. The dark chocolate sistah with the tight, juicy body at the reception desk.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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