Antoinette M.

_____I hated this job. It was my junior year in college and in order to make ends meet I took a housekeeping job. I pulled up to the gates and buzzed myself in. I couldn’t believe how big this house was. I parked around back by the service entrance. The staff was introduced to me and I was given my uniform. After being directed to the restroom I went to change. Closing the door behind myself I took a long hard look in the mirror. I smoothed my shoulder length curly hair into a bun. Slipping the maid’s uniform over my head I noticed the way the dark color actually complimented my honey brown skin. I applied a fresh layer of make-up noting how my hazel eyes appeared red today. The obvious influence of my Japanese father had my already tight eyes appearing smaller with strain. Hopefully today would just be light housework. I didn’t know if I could take much more.

_____I learned from the other staff that a Black family with large holdings in the software industry owned the home. I went about the chores set out for me that day. Looking at my watch I noted it was almost 5pm. I was finishing making the last bed in the house when I heard the door click behind me. “I’m almost done here and I’ll be out of your way in a second.”

_____I heard some bags drop to the floor and saw a pair of feet slowly approaching me. My eyes roamed up from the clean white Nikes, to the toned caramel colored thighs. White shorts hugged firm hips and I couldn’t keep my eyes from traveling up the rest of the way to meet her eyes. “Nikiko? Is that you?”

_____When my eyes finally focused on her face I was appalled. It was the girl from my English class that I had been tutoring. “Hey, Shanna. Yeah it’s me.” She sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned me over to sit next to her. “So what are you doing here? Besides the obvious.” I had to explain to her how deep in debt I was with my student loans and that I had taken this job to make ends meet. I was surprised to find that she was very sweet about the whole situation and not judgmental. “So I have you to hang out with all summer then.” I smiled at her naiveté. “I guess you could see it that way.”

_____She crossed her legs and I couldn’t help but notice how short her shorts were. The thin material clung to her emphasizing the swell of her and defining the lips of her womanhood. I was still coming to terms with my sexuality and was so easily tempted at this point. I quickly deflected my eyes. “Do whatever you need to do. I just got back from playing some tennis. I think I’m going to take a bath now.” I was happy to be distracted again. I watched her walk from the room. Shanna was the type of girl that every man wanted and every girl wanted to be. She stood about 5ft 6”. She had her hair cut very short and dyed this color of red few women could pull off. She always seemed to find the right tops to accentuate her perky 36B breasts. The way her nipples always seemed to be hard and peeking though her shirts had driven me to distraction every time we had studied together. Her deep brown eyes always seemed to look right through me. Her hips were full and round. It seemed impossible that her waist was so small.

_____I heard the water turned on and my mind went crazy. I could see her pulling those shorts over her firm ass exposing what I knew would be a white thong. Next the shirt would go. She never seemed to wear a bra and I knew her nipples would be hard as always. I finished tidying the last of the room and was about to make my escape when she called me. “Hey Nikiko could you come here for a moment?”

_____I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer that I wouldn’t do anything to embarrass myself. “Yes Shanna.” I was relieved to see that a thick layer of bubbles covered the water. I had no choice but to focus my attention directly on her face.

_____ “I hope this isn’t a strange request but my arms are really sore from tennis practice and I was wondering if you would wash my back?”

_____ I looked at the sponge in her hand and at her soft caramel skin. I kept repeating to myself it’s just her back. “Sure. I’d be glad to help.” I took the sponge from her and dipped my hand underneath the water. I rubbed her back in slow soapy circles, enjoying her sounds of appreciation. I took the sponge and dripped some of the warm water along the top of her shoulders.

_____ “That feels great. Could you just keep sponging?” Instead of offering her back to me she leaned her head against the back of the tub. Nervously I took the sponge dipping it back in the water and ran it over the slopes of her breasts. She took her legs out of the water one-by-one and I continued to bathe her.

_____She touched my hand to stop me. “Hand me a towel please.” I walked over to the linen cabinet to get her a towel. When I turned around she was standing in the bath. The water ran in rivulets all over her body. A drop had caught on the end of her nipple and I wanted so badly to suck it off. Instead I just walked over to her and handed her the towel. “Are you any good at massages? I think I might have pulled some muscles.”

_____She obviously had no idea what effect she had on me. Here she was giving me the opportunity to touch her body so of course I agreed to work out any kinks she had. She walked over to the bed and lay down on her stomach. She didn’t bother to keep the towel on. I grabbed some lotion from the counter in the bathroom and followed her. Warming it up in my hands first I began to knead her soft flesh. I felt my pussy go from slight moisture to full blow wetness. I straddled her back careful not to touch my quickly heating center to body. As I neared the small of her back I found myself wondering whether I should go farther.

_____Instinct took over and my hands were gently rolling the firm flesh of her ass in my hands. The lotion had begun to dry up but strangely I still felt moisture. Sliding my hands down to her thighs I felt even more. “Nikiko, I think you better stop before I do something I regret." I didn’t even have a moment to process that thought when she opened her legs wider. She arched her pussy into my hand. I heard the urgency enter her voice, “Please ignore that. Don’t stop touching me.” She rolled over and stared at me for a moment. “I’ve wanted you to touch me like that for a long time.” I just sat there for a moment in shock. I guess she picked up on it. “Can I kiss you?” She asked. I leaned closer and our lips met. Her mouth was warm and sweet. Her full lips enveloped mine. I wanted more, my hands filled with her firm breasts. I rolled her nipples around and pinched each one. I finally got to taste her breasts. Her sweat was salty sweet and made me want to taste the rest of her even more. “Take off your clothes.” I loved the fact that see was so aggressive. I pulled my uniform over my head. She reached around to unhook my black lace bra, quickly discarded it on the side of the bed and began to suck my nipples. I was amazed that she could get so much of my 34C in her mouth.

_____I wanted to touch her too. I slid my hand into the folds of her pussy lips and found her clit. I began to flick my thumb lightly over it as she continued to lick and bite my nipples. She pushed me back unto the bed and pulled my underwear off. Her mouth latched onto my clit. She alternated between quick flicks to my clit and licking my whole pussy from my clit to my ass. I grabbed the sheets and locked my legs around her head. She knew I was getting near. I felt her tongue go deep inside my hole and it was over. I had to take a pillow and put it over my face in order to quiet my screams.

_____ I wanted to taste her. She parted my thighs and kissed up my belly until our lips met. I could taste myself. “Now I want to you eat my pussy nice and slow.” I motioned for her to come up to the top of the bed. I grabbed her thighs and had her straddle my face. I filled my hands with her ass and my mouth with her clit. She tasted liked the juiciest peach. Her juices ran all over my face and I tried to capture every drop. She grabbed the back of the headboard and ground her hips into my face. Right when she was about to come she took a handful of my hair and pulled me deep into her essence.

_____We both lay there for a few moments after that. I needed more and I know she needed more. We rolled onto our side into the 69 position and began to drive each other insane all over again. It was as if we were made for each other. Our bodies moved in perfect unison. She came first and I came seconds behind her.

_____ We lay there listening to the sound of each other’s heartbeat. I heard her giggling a little. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

_____ “It’s so hard to get good help these days.”

_____It has been 7 years now that we have been together. She took her degree in management and I took my degree in Business and we started a naked maid company. I still have that uniform and whenever she wants I become at her service.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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