__________by Cashazznjuice

I'm searching for a real woman.
One that really cares for me.
No drama no stupid head games.
Someone who doesnt mind holding my hand.

To walk with me talk with me.
Willing to allow herself to be free.
Free to love and be just happy,
that I have made her completely apart of me

One who will not take my heart for granted.
A woman who will nourish the seed and help me plant it.

Someone who longs to be with me as I do her.
For this type of woman a still yearn.
Not to be afraid to give one hundred percent she must.
With complete honesty and absolute trust.

She must believe in love for its not a myth.
Except my love and not put it on a to do list.

A real woman who knows what she wants.
Her feeling are intense whenever we are apart.
Someone capable of giving love as well as receive.
She will put in the same time and effort as me.

To a real woman only then will I open my heart.
For at this moment it will remain closed and in the dark.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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