Victoria Andréa

I never truly understood how the game of chess would help you get what you wanted out of life until I met someone that would give a Grandmaster like Garry Kasparov .

I was a “curious” member of the lesbian community at WBS and chatting under the handle UniqueVision. I was a cutie pie that would sell myself to all the beautiful ladies at the drop of a dime by flashing my picture in the room. I got a lot of responses from the one where I was wearing a blue bandana wrapped around my baby face and a white undershirt revealing absolutely nothing. I had caramel apple skin with a dash nutmeg and cinnamon, perfectly arched eye brows, big brown naive eyes, a pouty cupid’s bow and a little button nose.

I felt like I truly belonged there and was so comfortable that I would greet folks as they came into the room. However one day, I got a private message and me being the charismatic hostess I was replied without a thought.
BlackIce: Hi! I’m new do I get people to talk to me?

UniqueVision: Welcome! Just jump into the conversation…the women are very nice in here…enjoy yourself.

BlackIce: Thanks for the welcome. Ill try to get in where I fit in. *s* So where are you from?

UniqueVision: No need for thanks! I’m from da dirty south and U?
So this was the beginning....although I had no idea that she had been eyeing me for weeks before she launched the blitz by moving her first piece out slowly. I didn’t really pay her any mind because I had my sights on throwing those worn out ‘curious’ drawers away and putting on some ‘in the life’ ruffled panties. She was a bit too far away to help me with my situation but little did I know she had other ideas for me and popping my cherry wasn’t one of them. Months passed and I was cordial to her and she always spoke to me whenever she saw me online.

Then just as I lost my lesbian virginity she seemed to have set the game on speed cause I got an email from her. Personally, I was a bit baffled as to how she had gotten my email address. Hell, maybe I gave it to her in passing but I have no recollection of it. But honestly during this time period I didn’t have much memory of anything with her. It was as if she was an “indefinite article” in a sentence or a song that is constantly skipped on a CD.
Subject: Something interesting….

In the land of cyber sex and alter egos
A constant ray of peace and realness lingers
When you come in it follows you where ever you go.

Cool water blue with fiery impulse red highlights
Your magnetic yet quiet ambiance
Is so strangely alluring and comforting.

There’s an intoxicating nectar of calmness
Glistening on your regal lips
But its tainted with loneliness in your right eye
And airbrushed with animalistic craving in your left.

Endless dreams of waltzes and two steps
Sending the room into a canvas of watercolors
Is that smile or a frown?
Hard to tell as everything is bleeding together.

Can I follow you?
Can I come in?
Can I be some company for your right eye?
Can you see yet?
Honestly she did a sneak attack on my mind and sacked my heart for a 10 yard loss. I truly didn’t see her coming but this second move was definitely not subtle but it was tactical enough to get my full attention. I swear the blinders melted from my heart when I read the last line of the poem. She waited patiently for me to wipe that ‘curious’ look off my face and put my lesbian game face on with pride.

I immediately wrote her back apologizing for ignoring her and praised her on the truth that she painted with her words. She was understanding and gracious and told me to forget about the past and enjoy the present. Nevertheless, I was a bit ashamed of myself for being so self contained for months as I was on the prowl for a taste of the honey love.

As I began to sponge her up, she tickled and fondled emotions I didn’t know existed. She was one of those women that made you feel like you could fly with clipped wings. She had a lot of substance skimming the surface of her essence and even more in the abyss of her soul. I felt like I was waterskiing and scuba diving whenever I talked with her online.

She was a spoken word artist that toured the country. Apparently she was pretty well known on the east coast and was beginning to make quite a name for herself in the poetry world. So one day she mentioned me that she would be coming to perform at a Slam in my area. All the time that I had been officially getting acquainted with her she refused to describe herself or let me call her so I had no idea of her physical. All I had was my imagination and some preconceived notions but I figured that so far her mental and spirit were beautiful so the physical had to earth shattering.

I walk into the Blue Chakra dressed in a navy blue terry cloth sweat suit, a matching baseball hat and some blue and yellow pumas. Yeah I went comfortable, I figured that I was going to be me regardless but I did opt for some sneakers instead of my regular flipflops with socks. So I did bring it a little special for her. I sat in the back of the room as several people had already asked me if I wanted to do a piece. The atmosphere was tropical with a dash of Africa. The set was in a small Jamaican restaurant so there were huge flags and murals of Bob Marley all over the place. The lights were low and the incenses were burning long and strong. I started to relax as I heard the congo drums vibing hard on the stage as the long dusty blonde loc’d emcee started the show.

I sat in my little corner of the room waiting for a signal as poet after poet entered and departed from my mental membrane. And then it seemed as if someone pressed the mute button as a mahogany beauty with big inkwells of eyes and ebony painted lips walked up on the moderate stage. She was wearing a black baby tee with the word Negro written in silver and the tiniest black mini skirt I’d ever since on anyone in my presence. Her breasts were a soulful Sunday dinner that left you lazy but happily satisfied. Her legs were those molded by the fingers of a world class sculptor using her best piece of clay. She stood in the middle of the stage with her lacquer legs spread apart military style as her wild bush of hair screamed peace. Her energy was liquid oxygen and she filled the room with an electric freshness. This woman was all of 5’2 but the Queen Amazon stood before us and no one could deny her presence. She leisurely scanned the room in an undeterred fashion until her eyes landed on me. She smiled and graced the room with the light of the moon and with two deep stars pressing deep into her cheeks.

She started to speak and her voice was a trio jazz band. Oh my…the flirty piano was whispering bass can-Is and treble want-yous in my ear. The sexy saxophone was running feathery scales up and down my spine. The seductive bass was strumming my clit to a slow and mind blowing rhythm. Once I got pass the beat I heard the words and they were a rare classic and a must have in everyone’s collection of masterpieces. I couldn’t breathe and didn’t want to blink for fear that I would wake up. When she was done, the applause was deafening. As she exited the room, she glanced soulfully at me and knew her third move was effective.

My feet were itching to follow her so ran out of the room like I was a Jamaican track star. She wasn’t in the entrance of the restaurant so I decided to try the bathroom before going outside. She was lending over the sink checking her makeup giving anyone that walked into the room a clear view of an ass that could steal a lead singer’s solo. That’s when I notice why she seemed so tall she was wearing a pair of black mile high club stilettos. As my eyes traveled back up her body my eyes met her eyes in the mirror and my pussy began to gurgle with anticipation.

I bumrushed her into the empty bathroom stall as her laughter became harps in my ear. Hell we both knew foreplay was over when she walked off the stage. I kissed her passionately as I pushed her roughly into the corner I ran my hands over her smooth thighs and pulled her piece of skirt up. Her tongue was a sweet savage writing haikus in my mouth. My hands moved under her shirt, up to her ain’t to proud to beg breasts and I traced a spiral of candles around her engorged nipples. I pulled away from her ripen fruity lips and I let my tongue follow the road that my fingers had recently paved with scented candles. Once my tongue reached the summit of all Godiva chocolates my mouth began to water as I flicked my tongue over her nipple and nibbled on it.

She gasped and began panting, as my other hand massaged her hot pussy feeling an African drum beating a fervor message of ecstasy. I ripped her panties off and I swear I heard cymbals crashing together as she came all over her thighs and my hand. She lifted her thick thigh up so her pussy was pressing against me so I grabbed her ass with my hands and she got the hint. She wrapped those pillars of heaven around my waist and began to grind lewd and lasciviously. She gave me an all access pass to her body as she leaned back against the wall. I used the pass for all it was worth and touched her like I was blind and she was Braille.

After she came for like 3rd time, I put her down and sat down on the toilet as I watched her lazily feather touching herself. It took her a minute to realize I wasn’t touching her. She opened her big eyes and I just wanted to jump inside of them. I held her buttery soft hands as she walked majestically in front of me and I turned her around so I could look at her show stealing ass. She smelled like sandalwood with a hint of honeysuckle and as my tongue strolled down the valley of her ass. I pushed her forward as my tongue continued to make its rounds right down to the grassy knoll. As I traced flowers on her pussy lips I realized that her nectar was honeysuckled flavored. She moaned loudly as my tongue became a hummingbird and dipped into her honeydew.

I was officially addicted to this cat as my tongue turned tricks on every corner in hopes of getting to the bottom. I sucked and blew on her clit like it was a military bugle waking up the entire camp. My fingers were bobbing for multiple orgasms as they double dutched in her ass and pussy. Her moaning had me punch drunk till I wanted to climb inside her and stay there forever. All her cumming left a big pool of sweetness on the floor as I used my tongue like a bounty towel cleaning her thighs with one swipe. I looked in her eyes as I cleaned her up and she saw triumph in her eyes and I swore I heard her sigh “Checkmate!”

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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