__________by Afronative

anybody real out there
willing to feel out there
ready to give,
not just take
prepared to live
and not be fake
anybody real?
anybody real out there
willing feel out there
ready to make love
not just fuck
prepared to kiss
not just suck
All about love?
anybody want love
out there?
like from above
up there
to bring you peace
down here
straight from the heart.
the sex was good
don't get me wrong
I fucked you hard
and even long
but without love
there is no song
can you feel me?
how much of me
must be distroyed
before you see

Im not a toy
no matter what
a girl or boi
we need to trust.
so stop right there
cuz Im not havin it
I've seen your game
and must be adamant
I put my heart
back in the cabinet
now, move along...

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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