"An Anxious Arrival" Dawn and I had met long before we started to talk over the phone, why had it taken so long. The feelings that I had as we talked were like nothing that I would have ever imagined. We had spent long, late nights feeling each other, yet all we really had was the sound of our soft voices, along with the thoughts and the desires of what we both knew we wanted. Not long after our sexual encounters over the phone started, we finally decided that we would meet, that we should meet, that we had to be together, we made plans. The anticipation would haunt the both of us until we would be able to share what we only had talked about. Oh, how great our desires were, to lay nestled close in each other’s arms. I could only imagine how she would feel, how she would taste, to touch her lips to mine, to caress her body with gentleness. I needed her so desperately.

Time was nearing, my mound stayed moist for her. If only she was here now. I lay in my bed awake early on the day that she was to arrive. I imagined her touching my clit, sucking, licking me with passion desires. My fingers played a rhythmic melody between my legs. Back and forth, touching, probing my inner walls. I moan with excitement…….. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmm, yes baby. She wasn’t here yet, but the thought of knowing that she was due to arrive soon only excited me more. My fingers began to explore more as I moan in pleasure, my eyes closed , for all I could see before me was Dawn. I had never seen her before but somehow I knew exactly what she would look like before me. I seen her smiling down at me, while my moans filled my bedroom. Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels sooooooo good. My fingers dug deeper inside of me, my hips began to move upward to meet my hungry fingers. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Oh Yes, I’m Coming, Ahhhhhhhhh. I squirmed under my own touch, my thoughts of her inside my wet pussy, touching my inner walls, rubbing against them, drawing me closer and closer to the pleasure I only wished to share with her. I lay exhausted in my own juices, breathing heavy, trembling from the explosion inside of my body.

Ahh, Shit!! I’m gonna be later for work. I jumped from the bed, rushed into the bathroom, turned on the water in the shower. I sighed for the scent that I smelled on me, I wanted to savor for awhile. I got into the shower, took a quick one, and in a few minutes later I was out, I drew the towel from the hook. While I was drying off my hands began to roam once more to my mound that was still wet, not only from the warm water of the shower but the light dripping from my clit. It was still hard, I began to caress it once more, Ohhhhhhhh, I can’t wait until I can have her and she can have me. I got dressed and off to work I went. I only had a half day today. I really didn’t need to take half of the day off but I didn’t want anything like traffic to mess up the plans that I had carefully made for the both of us.

I made it to work just in time, wow, one minute till seven. I laugh to myself, if they only knew what held me up this very special morning. My day started out great, I was in very high spirits. That was really my normal behavior, but there was something different about me today. I think it had something to do with my mound which was still moist from my sexual encounter this morning, I smiled.

Buuuzzzzzz, Mmmmm, now who could that be, paging me so early in the morning, I really knew who it was, knowing just made me smile a little more. I took a brief look at my pager, Ummmm, she left me a message, I wonder what she said this time. Was she looking forward to seeing me, did she change her mind. (poof) That thought immediately was dismissed from my mind. I wouldn’t go listen to it just yet, for in a half hour I would be leaving work, so I’ll wait. I continued to work with this big ole grin on my lips. Ummm, I thought, 10 more minutes to go.

The drive home from work was a lonely one, for I missed her very much and even though she would arrive in just a few hours, loneliness came over me. I felt tears form in my eyes, my heart yearned to have someone that I could love, someone who would be a part of me, of my life, someone who would share my world with me. Oh well, I thought, the time is near and it will certainly tell. I arrived home, immediately I went to the bathroom to draw my bath, I felt the need to wash myself again, I smile, for washing wasn’t what was really on my mind. I wanted to feel myself again, for I was so anxious for her arrival.

I laid in the tub, soaking, eyes closed, thinking of our meeting that was to happen not long now. I didn’t want to be late to the airport, I glanced at my watch which I had laid on the floor near the tub. Oh my God, I had fallen asleep in the tub, now I only had a hour and a half till her flight came in. I got out the tub, ran into the bedroom, the water still dripping form my body, I had forgotten the towel. A smile came to my lips once more, I really need to calm down, I thought. Taking a deep breathe, I walked calmly into the bathroom to get the towel, I wrapped it around my nude body, then again to the bedroom. I thought, good thing I had already laid my clothes out. I began to rub my body down with a scented lotion I had bought just a few days before, ummmm, I drew in the scent of it, it smelled like fresh Lilac. As I rubbed the lotion on my body, her face came to me again, I smiled yet again. I began to get dressed, for now I only had an hour to get to the airport. It would only take me 30, but I didn‘t want to have her waiting, just in case her flight arrived early. I wanted to be the one who waited for her.

I arrived at the airport about 20 minutes before her flight was scheduled to arrive, I took a seat near where I could see her when she walked from the plane. I wanted to see her first, so I sat where she wouldn’t be able to see me right away but I had a clear view of her immediately. When she came from the door, my eyes lit up. I could see her smile as if It was the only light that shined in that airport that day. I got up from my seat and walked toward her. I don’t think she still had noticed this woman looking like a child in a candy store. I had never in my life seen such beauty, she was everything that I had ever imagined and much, much more. We stood there briefly, just looking, smiling, Ummm checking each other out. I wonder if she could tell how much I wanted to kiss those soft lips that I seen before me. I hope she can’t see this lust that my eyes had for her.

Hi baby, you look good, I said, she smiled at me. Hi Sweetheart, she said. I took her in my arms and held her as if there was no tomorrow, we embraced what seemed to be forever. After our embrace, we looked into each other’s eyes and in unison, we both said. We’re finally together!!

She was finally in my arms, I felt her body pressing against mine. I could feel my mound becoming moist as I held her. I had waited for this moment for a long time. We walked through the terminal making small talk, all along my thoughts were of our first night together which would begin in a short time. We loaded up the car and proceeded to make our way through the traffic. The ride to the hotel was a long one, I would look over at her only to see her watching me with the same intensity that I was feeling for her at this moment. We had only talked about our meeting, now that it had arrived, I was nervous. I wondered is she was as nervous as I was.

We talked about her flight, some of the arrangements that I had made for our time together. We had 10 days and none of them would be wasted. I had prepared a special evening for us. I wanted her, I needed her, I needed to be alone with her, I loved her dearly. As she talked my mind drifted to the hours before her arrival, I smiled. “What’s wrong baby” she said to me. “Oh nothing at all, everything is just perfect” I replied. I told her about my day and how excited I had been all day waiting on her. She said “Well I’m here now sweetie” I smiled. We continued to talk about how much we wanted to see each other. She said “I can’t wait to make love to you sweetie” I smiled as I acknowledged what she had just said. I had already made love to her in my mind, but I knew nothing could compare to the hours to come that I would get to spend with her. She touched my leg, I looked over at her. I said “Be careful now, you know I’m driving, you don’t want us in a ditch, do you” We both laughed out loud. She just rubbed my leg more. The moistness had covered my mound, if I had stood up, I’m sure that I would be dripping at this point. I was so hot and very, very wet now.

We pulled into the lot of the hotel. I had already checked in and prepared the room for our arrival. We walked through the lobby, took the elevator up to the tenth floor. I had requested room 1017, her birthday. We were in the elevator along so on the way to our room we embraced more, and the kisses that we shared there in the elevator were the most passionate kisses that I had ever experienced in my life. I wondered if she would notice the room number. We walked into the room, closed the door behind us. She was smiling, I said “What’s wrong baby” she replied, “The room number is my birthday”, I said, “Yes I know” She smiled at me and said “ I have waited for a long time to hold you, come here sweetie” I walked to her and we embraced and kissed again. The heat of her body against mine was turning me on even more. A knock on the door broke our embrace. She said “Who could that be” I said, “It’s dinner” We both smiled. As we sat to enjoy our meal, our eyes kept finding each others, her smile warmed me. I watched her as she ate, every bite was like a fantasy that was in my mind. She teased me with every bite, licking her lips seductively. My eyes never left her lips. My thoughts turned once again to the hours before her arrival, I longed to be in her arms.

Dinner was done, I entered the bathroom to draw a bath for us. She looked up at me, she said “Is that bath for me or both of us” I winked at her and said “Let’s just play it by ear” She smiled as I turned away from her. I could sense the anticipation in her voice as she said “ How about if we just play” I chuckled and reentered the bathroom, I turned to find her standing behind me. She grabbed me from me, taking my hips in her hands, she pulled me to her, she kissed my neck, her hand found my wet mound, she rubbed my clit through my clothes. She looked up at me, she said “ It’s hot down there” I sighed and laughed, I said “See what you do to me” I laid my head back on her shoulder. She kissed my lips.

The tub had filled, I turned the water off, stuck my hand in to test the temperature, It was perfect. I returned to where she was to hear a knock on the door. I opened it to find someone standing there with logs in their arms. “I’m here to start the fire” I laughed and said” “You just brought the logs . The fire is already started” Within minutes the fire was glowing, filling the room with the nice aroma of burning wood. I turned down the lights and we lead each other by the hand to the bathroom. I removed her clothes, she removed mine, we both stepped into the tub, facing each other. Our hands began to explore each other’s body, touching, caressing as we kissed. We held each other, we both were in desperate need to be held. I turned so that I could sit in the water. She sat between my legs, leaning back against my breast. My arms went around her as we lay in the tub. We relaxed in each other’s company, she touched me, I touched her. I kissed her ear, along side her neck. This was turning out to be more than I had imagined it would be.

We lay there cuddling in each other’s warmth. I touched her more, she touched me more, we caressed each other more. We turned to face each other, lathering up our bodies, we kissed with passion as our erect nipples pressed together, our hands began to explore every part of our bodies. I was indeed in love with her and I could feel the love that she felt for me. We washed each other and carefully took our time as we began to dry the wetness from our bodies. We leaned to each other and embraced. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I had already pulled the sheets back to receive our nude bodies. I kissed her as she laid down, I gently laid my body on hers, she felt so good under me, our bodies fit together perfectly.

We lay nestled together as we kissed. I had thought about this moment for such a long time. The time was finally here, I was laying with the woman that I loved so dearly. The tears began to flow from my eyes, down my cheeks, falling unto hers. She held me closer and whispered in my ear, “Baby, I love you” I held my head up, looking into her eyes, I said “I love you to” We kissed as my hands began to explore her body. I kissed her forehead and then her lips again, I began to trace my lips down her neck to her breast, I cupped her breast in my hands and began to lick and suck on her nipples. She held onto me more, I pulled her hands away and placed them above her head. I cupped her breast again in my hands, pulling them together as I placed both of her nipples into my mouth. She moaned out to me. I wanted to kiss all of her, make love to every inch of her person.

I buried my head in between her breast, took in a deep breathe, taking in the sweet scent of her. My tongue slid down the middle of her breast and traced it’s way down her stomach, stopping ever so often to place a gentle kiss upon her. I laid on her as my hands began to slide down her body. She felt so good to me. I couldn’t speak for all I could do was moan out to her in excitement. I could feel her body tremble under mine. I looked up at her, she was watching me. We smiled at each other. My lips continued to trace her body, down near her wet mound, I could smell her sweet scent. I licked the side of her mound, she shivered as if a cold breeze had passed us. I began to lick down the outside of her right leg, taking it ever so slow as to enjoy every inch that I only had thoughts about. My hands were still caressing her body. I traced her inner thigh with my hand, touching her wetness with my fingers. My lips were tracing down her leg. As I touched her wet clit, she moan in excitement. “Ohhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhh. I looked up at her, her eyes were closed, I knew she liked very much what we were experiencing together.

My thoughts went to our phone conversations that we had over the last several months. I knew I was in love with her long before I could ever get up the nerve to tell her. My lips traced up the inside of her thigh, stopping at her mound, and back down the other leg. I went up her leg, still placing gentle kisses upon her. I had traced all the way up the other leg. I stopped. I looked up at her, I asked if she would turn over on her stomach, she didn’t say anything, she just looked at me and smiled as she turned over to welcome my tongue on her back. I licked her up and down with no urgency at all, I wanted this moment to last forever, I wanted her, but I was going be patient before I would taste her sweetness. Right now all I wanted to do was to enjoy her body, her whole body. I hoped that she was feeling as special as she was to me. I was in love like never before. I had longed to hold her, to touch her, to make love to her, but I wasn’t about to rush anything that we shared together. I had waited a long time, and I needed to have my tongue on her clit, I needed to taste her sweet juices, I needed to explore her inner walls with me fingers, but the need that I had now was just to make love to her body.

My lips and my hands touched every part of her, I could hear her moaning, I liked the sound of her voice when she did that. “Mmmmmmmmmm, Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, baby”, she said. She tried to turn over, she said to me” I want you to taste me” I said, “Baby, not just yet” I could feel her anticipation, I knew she wanted me inside of her, I knew that she wanted to feel my tongue and my fingers against her clit, but I wasn’t ready yet, I wanted her to explode just from my kisses, from my touch. I turned her over, and my hands and lips began to explore her once again as she laid on her back, her hands were all over me at this point, she was ready for me. I always liked to tease her over the phone, now I had her here with me and I teased her until she let out a loud sigh “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She had reached an orgasm from my touches along.

My hands than began to push her lips apart to receive my finger. I lay my finger between her lips, and began to massage it back and forth, touching her clit lightly. I teased her clit now, I rubbed, slowly and then faster only to have her reach a height of ecstasy and then I began to massage it slow again,. I wanted her to explode like never before and I knew that I could do that by continuing to tease her. My tongue began to lick on her clit, tasting her juices, I licked and lick, she moaned “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh baby’ she said “ I want you so bad” I looked up at her, I said “You have me baby” My head returned to her now soaked mound, my lips and my tongue licking and sucking her clit that was so hard and sticking out from her pussy. I moaned as I sucked and licked, faster and faster, then slow again, faster and faster then slow again. Her hips were moving up and down now against my lips and my tongue, I pushed my tongue inside of her she let out a sound that I had never heard before but I knew she was enjoying this very much. My tongue went in and out, in and out.

I pushed in as far as it could go, as it went in, her hips were drawn up to meet my tongue, pushing it in even further. I stopped and began to lick on her clit again, slow this time as I placed my finger inside of her, she raised her hips and held them up as my finger went in and out of her pussy. My tongue was licking and sucking on her clit as my fingers pushed inside of her, in and out my fingers went, up and down my tongue went on her clit, I could feel her trembling under me, I knew she was ready to explode, I wanted to taste more of her juices so I went faster and faster with my fingers and with my tongue, faster, faster, faster.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmm, I could feel her pussy getting wetter under my fingers, I pressed them in harder and deeper inside of her, she exploded, she yelled out my name, I love the way she says my name. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, my fingers kept pushing inside of her, my tongue continued to lick and suck at her clit. She was trembling, I paused and said to her “Sweetie, you okay” She moaned out as to say to me, yes she was okay. I didn‘t stop, I kept on pushing my fingers inside of her, licking, licking, licking, sucking, pushing, sucking, pushing, sucking, then she exploded again, I was so wet, I could feel myself beginning to explode from the excitement that she felt, we both exploded together, I licked slowly on her clit, her body jumped under the touch of my tongue on her clit.

She looked down at me and smiled at me, she closed her eyes. She said to me, “That was good” We chuckled. I lay my head on her mound, I could smell her really well now, she was my girl and as our bodies trembled together in excitement we were made one. Our dreams of passion desired, had now became Our Paradise.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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