Ku’u Lei

 _____Ok, well Ladies first off let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Eva, I am a 21year old mother of one, full-time college student & girlfriend, that bartends for a living. 5’8, caramel complicated, gray eyes with micro-braid wearin’ 44dd-36-44 BIG thick sister that isn’t ashamed to flaunt it.
 _____ It was early in the morning and my alarm clock was buzzing of the hook. I rolled over and turned it off. When, I looked at it I realized it was 8:05 a.m. I threw off the covers and rushed to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I threw some clothes to run a few errands before Jai arrived.
_____See, Jai is my girlfriend of a year and a half. Jai lives in California and I stay in Texas. We visit each other as often as we can. Jai is coming to Texas to visit me and I really want this trip to be special for her. So, I ‘m picking some stuff up for her before she gets here.
_____8:45am: Damn, I need to get home so I can get ready. I get out the Cucumber and Melon bath soap that Jai bought me on our anniversary. She loves the way this smells on me it drives her crazy. I finished up my shower, and dried off and proceeded to put some lotion on so I wouldn’t be ashy.
 _____I pulled out my favorite Chocolate Brown Bra and Thong set to put on. Walked back to the bathroom to put my make up on. Not too much, because Jai doesn’t like when I wear make up. I put my clothes on; a cute little see-thru brown shirt with a jean skirt and my brown patchwork boots. I looked in the mirror before I left giving myself the once over. I packed the car making sure I didn’t leave anything behind. Locked up the apartment and I was on my way to pick up Jai. It will be a while before I get to the airport, so, I thought to myself,” I hope Jai likes how I look.” I looked in the mirror and thought, “ Damn I’m sexy. Jai’s jaw is going to hit the floor once she sees me.”
_____11:00a.m: I approached the hotel I booked for us. I went up to the room to check it out. I began to decorate it by laying out candles all over the room. Then, I set up a fruit tray that had chocolate covered strawberries, fresh bananas, kiwi, pineapple, and grapes. I sprinkled fresh rose petals on the bed. I checked my watch it was almost 11:30 and I had to get to the airport. I did one last thing before I left; I put out her favorite thing Barcardi Limòn.
 _____ I rushed to the airport to pick-up Jai. I parked at the “Parking Spot.” I got on the bus that takes you to the baggage claim area. I got off the bus and walked over to view the flight information. The plane just landed at noon so, I began to walk to the claim area and my cell phone rang.
 Ring Ring Ring
Karen: Hey girl what are you doing?
Eva: Nothing, But picking up Jai from the airport.
Karen: Was that today?
Eva: Yes, today my poor misguided sister.
Karen: Oh well call me later, and don’t become strangers!
Eva: ok bye bye
Karen: bye
_____I calmly waited for Jai to call me.
 Ring Ring Ring this time I check the caller ID.
It was my friend Ivory calling.
 Eva: Bye bitch, call you later.
 Ring Ring Ring
 Eva: Damn will you stop calling me I’m waiting on Jai to call I told you I will call you later.
 _____There was a moment of silence and then laughter. It was Jai calling me.
 Jai: You better calm yourself down.
Eva: Where are you?
Jai: I’m just now getting off the plane.
Eva: Oh, ok.
Jai: Where are you?
Eva: Well I’m waiting on your ass at the baggage claim # 5 if you wanted to know.
Jai: Ok, well I see you in a minute bye.
Eva: Bye
 _____I got a little nervous like when I first met Jai. People started to gather around the baggage claim to pick up their luggage. I took a look around and I didn’t see Jai anywhere around. I waited awhile and I still didn’t see her. So, I called Jai on her cell phone.
Ring Ring Ring
 Jai: Hello
Eva: Girl where are you I’m standing at the bagged claim for you.
Jai: I am at the baggage claim.
Eva: I don’t see you baby.
Jai: I’m on the other side then.
Eva: Ok.
Jai: well or you walking over here yet
Eva: yeah (I’m standing right behind her)
Jai: well let me know when you see me.
Eva: Turn around!
_____Jai turns around. There she stood 5’5 Thick and luscious (just like the teddy bear she is). Jai is very, very, very light skinned she’s almost a honey roasted almond completion. She always kept her hair in cornrows wit crazy designs, has the most beautiful brown eye & her lips are so luscious and soft. Oh, she’s in her baby blue Sean Jean jogging suit with matching Air Force 1’s and shades to match.
_____Jai looked me straight in the eyes, like she is looking at me for the first time. Jai portrays the “stereotypical” role of a stud but my baby is nothing but a softy.
_____Jai looked like she was not pleased with what I was wearing, but then she cracked the widest ever, giving me her approval. She grabbed me by hands my hands and pulled me near her. I lifted my arms up to put them around her neck to hug her. She pulled back and looked at me and leaned in for a kiss. I got nervous because of all the people that were around us, but who could resist a sexy stud like Jai? We kissed until I started to feel light headed, then I backed up and told Jai to get her bags so we could head to the car.
_____We made it to the car and we got her bags in. We started to kiss again and she grabbed my ass. I pulled away to tell her, “ baby you will have to wait till we make it back home”.
_____“ Babym that means it will be another hour and half till we make it back to your place,” Jai said.
_____I told her to calm down, sit back and relax while I drove. I put a mix CD in that I made for her. While she sat there and pouted I started to drive and she noticed we weren’t going the way I normally go to my house. She sat there quietly, while I pulled in to a hotel-parking garage. Jai turned to me and said. “ Why are we here? Who is staying here?”
_____I told her, “We are,” as I parked the car. We got out she went to retrieve her stuff. I came up behind her and told her she could leave her bags in the car for now. I took her hand and led her to our room, but before we went in I blindfolded Jai. When I opened the door we walked in and I led her to a chair. She sat down and had a look of concern on her face. I told her, “Baby don’t worry, you’re in my hands now.” I licked her neck and she shivered from my touch.
_____As Jai sat, I started lighting the candles in the room. I went and got undressed all I had on was my bra and thong. I turned on Janet Jackson’s - Would You Mind. I slowly walked over to Jai. She was smirking already I bent over and kissed her check as I pulled off the blindfold. I backed up so she could see what she had been missing for awhile.
_____Jai sat back and said, “ You’re so sexy. You make my blood boil with the anticipation of your touch; the candle light on your skin gives you a glow of a goddess.”
_____I slowly moved my hips to the music. I let the rhythms of the music control my movements. I leaned in to kiss Jai but I teased her by moving to where she kissed my neck feeling her soft lips on my body sent chills up my spine and gave me Goosebumps all over causing my nipples to harden. Jai reached to kiss my erect nipples through my bra but I backed away quickly before she touched them. “Jai baby this all about me pleasing you ok.” I turned around and put my big tender ass in her face. She reached up and slap my left cheek, it blushed from her touch. I let out a slight moan, “Ahhhhh Daddi not yet.”
_____I pushed Jai back in the chair and started to grind in her lap. She reached around and wrapped her arms around me and explored my body with her hands. Starting at my thighs caressing the inside, slowly rubbing on my pulsating and throbbing clit through my thong. Her other hand was investigating my upper body. She cupped my right breast in her hand then moved over to my left breast. Slowly rubbing it until she had just the nipple in her fingertips. This nipple doesn’t feel like the other one, she thinks to herself. Jai stops me from dancing. She stands us up. Jai didn’t say a word, she just kissed me and held me close as she unhooked my bra and got it off, slowly pulled the bra over my shoulders and down my arms as she slowly move away from me. Jai’s jaw dropped when she saw that I had my left nipple pierced, “When did you do this? Is it ok to play with it? Is it fully healed?”
_____I just nodded my head yes. “Daddi doesn’t like the surprise baby had for her?”
_____”Oh yes Daddi does,” said Jai. Jai sat back down in the chair and I straddled face to face. She passionately kissed me then she moved down to my neck until she reached my collarbone. She play fully kissed it and looked up at me and went back to licking down to my pierced nipple, where she played with my nipple ring flicking it back and forth. She continued as I grinded in her lap. My pussy was so wet at that moment I was ready for Jai to throw me on the bed and fuck the shit out of me.
_____Jai stopped and told me to lie down on the bed on my back. I slowly did as I was told, looking her in her eyes as she slowly got on top of me. On all fours she put her hands on my hips and leisurely pulled my thong off. She left me butt naked while she undressed. I looked over and noticed a nice big bulge in Jai’s boxers. My pussy felt like a water faucet. The closer she got to me, the more my juices flowed. Jai was hovering over me she kissed my forehead, then the tip of my nose, then my breast, then bellybutton. She kissed down from my belly button and she opened my legs. She kissed at my knee and licked down to my inner thigh until she reached the now flowing river of my love. I moaned, “ Daddi please give it to me. I need to feel you inside of me now, Daddi!”
_____Jai was like, “ Wait baby. I want to drink from your river. I want to take all of you in. Just be patient.”
_____Jai continued to tease me by licking my outer lips around my pussy my body was shaking as she touched me, I felt myself begin to cum. She abruptly stopped and noticed it. She laughed and came up in my face and kissed me. She went back down and started to lick my clit. She flicked her tongue on my clit. She was sucking on my click and slightly biting it. The rougher and harder and faster she did it the more my body came closer to cumming. I felt a rush of energy run up and down my spine. My body began to convulse until I passed out from cumming. Jai wasn’t finished with me yet; she woke me up with a kiss. I looked at her and smiled, “baby I’m so tired. Give me five minuets.”
_____“No Eva, I need you ma. I need some of your warm lovin’.” And the bulge I saw was now smack dab in my face. She had the head of her 10-inch onyx strap on my chin. So… I gradually slipped my tongue out of my mouth, to my lower lip and tenderly licked the head of her strap. I got up on my knees and laid her on her back in the bed and got between her legs. I knew what my Daddi Jai liked. I looked up at her as I slowly put the strap in my mouth and slowly pulled it out and began to bob on it. By that time I slipped my hand between the harness straps until I could feel Jai’s hot, throbbing, clit sandwiched between my fingers. I started to play with it as I sucked on Jai’s dick. Jai began to moan slightly.
_____I didn’t want her to come yet so I stopped and got on top of her and kissed her. I slowly steadied myself on her thick strap and I began to ride her up and down, up and down I kept a steady beat. Jai put her hands on my hips to guide me on how fast she wanted me to go and she is slowly sliding her big dick in and out my pussy. As I go down she pushed in, and as I go up she pounded it in me faster and faster. I loved when Jai fucked me. She flipped me over and put me on my stomach. Jai proceeded to kiss my back, down my spine until she reached the top of my ass crack. She stopped and took both hands and caressed my cheeks and she smacked my ass hard. Then she rushed and put her dick in my dripping hot pussy and began banging the fuck out of me until we both collapsed in the exhaustion of lovemaking.
_____As Jai and I lay there she looked at me in my eye and she told me she loved me and I told her I love her too. Jai asked me do I love her enough to spend the rest of my life with her? I looked at her like “why would you ask that?” Then she had managed to pull out a ring box. Jai opened the box and asked me again, “Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me?”
_____ I started to cry and I told her, “Yes you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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