Stephanie and Tanya had recently celebrated their two-year anniversary of the day they meet. Tanya went all out expensive restaurant, flowers, candles, champagne, and a night of loving making that Stephanie wouldn't soon forget. Tanya loved Stephanie with a passion, and would do anything and everything she could for her boo. She spoiled her rotten. One Thursday evening Tanya came home upset, Stephanie was sitting in the living room reading when Tanya came home from work Stephanie greeted her with a smile, standing to give her a big hug and kiss when Tanya pushed her away. Stephanie looked at her in shocked and said "What's wrong with you?" Tanya looked at Stephanie and said" I need to ask you something and please tell me the truth." Stephanie took a seat on the couch wondering what it is that has Tanya so upset. Tanya took a deep breath and said, "Did I see today with your ex girlfriend "? Stephanie paused for a second and said "No, you didn't" not believing her Tanya repeated the question "Did I see you today with you ex girlfriend?". Stephanie shook her head now with tears forming in her eyes still not convinced she asked her a third time "Did I see you today with you ex girlfriend?" This time the answer Stephanie gave was not the one Tanya wanted to hear but it was the truth Yes, it was me with tears running down her face, she got up to hug Tanya, but in a voice Stephanie has never heard come from Tanya "Don't touch me! The anger in Tanya's voice made Stephanie jump.

For the first time in their relationship Stephanie was afraid of Tanya not knowing what to do. She cried telling Tanya "I am so sorry, please forgive me" Tanya turned her back, closed her eyes and took a deep breath and said why? Why? Was all she could ask. Stephanie sniffed and said there is a reason I went to see her, but I can't tell you why at this time please trust me. Stephanie placed her hand on Tanya's arm and said "Tanya, I love you. Tanya notice a brand new pair of diamond earrings Stephanie had on. A pair of earrings that she didn't purchase for her. Tanya looked at Stephanie and said "nice earrings" where'd you get them?" Stephanie placed her hands on the earrings feeling them like she forgot they were there. She closed her eyes to think of a quick lie to tell Tanya, but came up empty. When she opened her eyes Tanya had walked away from her and up the steps. Stephanie followed her asking, "where are you going?" Can't we please talk about this?" Tanya turned, looked at her and said," talk about what? You walking around here with diamond earrings on tell me Stephanie what did u have to do to get them?" Stephanie looked at Tanya, and asked her what do you mean. I didn't have to do anything to get them. Tanya said to her do you really think I am stupid? Nobody is going to give you diamond earrings for nothing. I don't believe you Stephanie and with that she went into the bedroom and began packing a bag.

Stephanie said crying please don't leave we can work this out. Tanya stopped packing looked a Stephanie and said "Stephanie the way I am feeling right now I can't stand to be in the same room with you let alone the same house so I am gonna go stay with my sister for a while until I can clear my head." Stephanie looked at Tanya said, "I swear Tanya I didn't do anything. Tanya looked at Stephanie and said, "You tell me you haven't done anything, but it's hard for me to believe that with all the sneaking and creeping around you are doing something is going on." With a cracking voice Stephanie said, "It's not what you think. With that Tanya grabbed her bag and left. A few days had passed and Tanya was still upset and too angry to talk to Tanya. So one Friday night Kris and Teddy two of Tanya's best friends came over to take her out to get her mind off of what was going on. They ended up in a well known lesbian strip club in the heart of Baltimore City. Tanya looked at her friends asked "Why are we here?" The last thing I want to see is booties shaking in my face. Kris looked at Tanya and said" well dawg that's too damn bad cause I am a lifetime member up in here and if you want to go home it's a long walk back home and Kris went into the club. Teddy looked at Tanya and said "come on you need to get a drink and chill for a while." Teddy and Tanya walked in and spotted Kris in the front as usual waiting for the action. They ordered their drinks and watched the ladies on the stage do their thing. By Tanya's second drink she had relaxed and was enjoying herself until the DJ said next coming to the stage is one of "The Clubs" special ladies I know most of you been waiting for this lady to come out here. I suggest if you have diabetes you move back and make way for "Candy" When this lady walked out on the stage the club got quiet everyone was mesmerized by this woman's beauty. She was about 5 "8 brown skin, soft brown eyes, pretty lips and a nice body.

The women in the club either wanted her or wanted to be her. As she begin dancing to the music gyrating her hips removing clothing piece by piece Tanya had noticed there was something very familiar about this woman. When the woman was topless and in a G- string she knew just who it was it was Stephanie. Tanya wanted her to know she was there so she held out some money for her to come and get it and when Stephanie kneeled down to get it Tanya wouldn't let it go. She brought it down to her face and Stephanie's eyes widened and her mouth fell open. Oh my God she gasped grabbed her things and ran off the stage. Kris and Teddy were not shocked at all because they had seen Stephanie there before. Tanya was furious and went to follow Stephanie but the bodyguards wouldn't let her in the back. So she just left the club with her friends. On the ride home it was quiet until Tanya broke the silence asking them you both knew she worked there why didn't you tell me, warn me. Teddy answered her by saying it really wasn't out place to tell you what was going on. But we didn't like seeing you being left in the dark like that and we figured if we came to you and said," we saw your girl in The Club taking her clothes off for cash you wouldn't have believed us anyway. Kris puffed on her cigarette and said exactly and we thought you should see for yourself. Teddy asked Tanya what you gone do now? Tanya answered her saying take me to my house I am going to be waiting for her when she gets home. Kris looked at Teddy and asked Tanya are you sure maybe you should calm down before you go home I don't want to see you in handcuffs and a jacket over your head on the news in the morning. Tanya looked at Kris and they all burst out laughing.

Tanya waited in the dark for Stephanie to get home which wasn't until 3 in the morning. When Stephanie walked into the apartment and cut the light on there was Tanya. Tanya you scared me, Why are you sitting in the dark Stephanie asked her. I was waiting for you because I want to know how long you been working there and why you feel as if you had to lie to me about it. I can figure out where the diamond earrings came from and all the other expensive jewelry you have that I didn't buy. Tanya asked her why didn't you tell me you worked there. Stephanie took a seat next to Tanya and said," I didn't tell you because I know you would try to tell me to quit. Tanya asked Stephanie with soft brown eyes" Don't I make you happy I get you everything you ask for and you still feel you need to take your clothes off in front of other women. Stephanie looked and Tanya and said yes you make me happy, but this isn't about me not being happy.

Being a stripper is something I wanted to do since I was 18. Back then I didn't have the body that I do now. I worked hard to look the way I do and I am very happy with it. I am not going to lie to you I love the attention I get and the money as well. When you saw me with my ex girlfriend she asked me about getting some girls for a party that's all that was about. Tanya I love you and I always will, but this is something I want to do I hope you can understand that. Tanya took a deep breath stood and said" I can understand but I don't think I can accept it. With that she left, Stephanie wrapped her arms around herself and cried herself to sleep. The next morning Stephanie was on the phone talking to SUGA another one of the girls from The Club. She told her everything that happen and Suga asked her is it worth it? Don't be a fool. You have a good lady and you are going let her leave for this? Please! Stephanie took a deep breath and said you are right. Tanya has been there for me when no one else was, and I don't want to lose her over this. Suga said, "that's right now go get your woman Stephanie said your right and I ain't coming back until I got her baby!

Tanya was at Kris house they were playing a game of spades when Tanya's pager went off,. She looked at it and the message it read "if our love has any chance or has meant anything to you meet me at "The Club" Kris looked at Tanya and said,"who is it? It's Stephanie she wants me to meet her at her job. Teddy asked well are you going. Tanya thought a minute and said No, Kris looked at Tanya and said Yes, you are cause it's time for yall to resolve this plus you fuckin up my flow wit the honeys. When Tanya got to the club Stephanie was sitting at the table with Suga and a couple others. Stephanie stood and said Tanya I want you to meet some of the girls that I work with. She introduced them to her one by one and Suga was the first to say Candy opps I mean Stephanie has told us so much about you. She is very lucky to have you in her life.

Seconds later a lady, the owner of "The Club" told Stephanie she was up Tanya looked at Stephanie and told her what are you doing? Stephanie looked at Tanya and said please don't leave I have a surprise for you have a seat. She kissed her and walked away. Tanya was just about to leave when Suga stopped her and said, "Tanya please wait and see what she is trying to do" Tanya took a deep breath said OK and sat down. It was amateur night at the club. Stephanie walked out, the lights went down and the music started. She sang the song by Faith Evans "Never gone to let you go" By the end of the song Tanya was trying to fight back tears. She loved Stephanie and nothing would ever change that. Tanya walked over to Stephanie as she walked off the stage and kissed her. She told her if she wants to work here it's fine with me. Stephanie cut her off and told her I already quit because you are more important to me than this job. With that they went home together, and well you know the rest.


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