by I Roc

You would think I could put this stuff on with my eyes closed by now. "Another Satuarday night and I ain't got nobody, I got some money cause I just got paid, oh how I wish I had someone to talk to, i'm in an awful way." Dayum you know it's bad when ya singing that and getting ready to go to work...(laughing out loud)..oh well, I wouldn't want to do any other work but this. Tucking my uniform shirt into my pants, putting on my utility belt...i think..."I bet BatMan don't have to go through all these dayum changes." Oh well damsel's in distress, get ready cause here I come..hmmm cumm..i have'nt done that in quite a while.

After roll call and all my troops have left for the street, I get my car ready to go out on the street. For a Saturday night, it sure is quiet...yeah more like the quiet before the storm... After driving around for about two hours, it's 1 am, I hear a call come out of a domestic disturbance. I usually check by with my troops on these calls, hell I used to teach this stuff in the academy and having had first hand experience..i still think about that sorry ass bastard... I just like to make sure my troops take care of the victim.

Upon arrival at the scene, as I walk into the residence, a beautiful two story house, I observe two of my officers talking with a simply gorgeous Black woman. "Now gurl you have got to keep your kewl..dayum she is utterly beautiful"..i say to myself. "What you got guys?"

then I hear another voice from one of the back's a female she appears, my gaydar goes off the board...she's butch and she thinks. "Officer, this is my fucking house, just get that bitch out of here", I hear her say.

One of my officers say, "she needs to go...she struck her(pointing from one to the other) and as you can see, she has visible injuries."

"Hook her up" I say. The officer tells the butch one, "ma'am you are under arrest for Domestic Violence, turn around and place your hands behind your back".

"Wait a fucking minute, you're taking me to jail, and this bitch doesn't live here, I want her out of here."

My troops look at me with this 'mom what you want us to do look'...and I tell them, "cuff and take her." I can't stand men that beat on their women, and GOD know the women that do it gets no dayum sympathy from me. Well as you can guess she has to struggle with them and they are trying their damnest not to hurt her. I go over and grab one of her arms and tell her.."Sista, you best be cool and do this the easy way..nobody else is going to get hurt here tonight." The more I talked the tighter I held on to her arm. "Now do you want to walk out of here like a woman or am I going to have to put you on the floor? It's your choice." She stops struggling and my officers put the cuffs on her and take her out. I look at the other woman and my heart just drops. That woman musta beat her about the face for a while..bruising and swelling around her eyes and lips...hmmm boy would I like to kiss those lips...

She gets lead out and I ask the other half, "is there somewhere you'd like my officers to take you"? The moment that gorgeous creature laid her eyes upon me, they creased my very soul...

" No thank you, I just want to get some of my things and leave, before she gets back." I look at her and want so much to reach out to her and pull her close to me, to hold her, to kiss her....

"sgt. can you talk to her, she won't sign the paper work"...

.now you have to know that my troops KNOW that I am of the lesbian persuation..."yeah i'll talk to her joe" and they know that I am single...silly asses.... "I'm sorry I didn't get your name ma'am"..

."Geneva" she says.....

"Ok..Geneva, we really need you to fill out this paper guys did what they needed to do, now we need you to help us . Will you do that for us..."I'll do it for you"..

(ok do it for me then if I could only say it out loud..) thanks"...

For the whole night...that was all the excitement I needed...and ya know my dreams when I went to sleep had Geneva all in them. One month later I went to my monthly YeYe meeting..(a black lesbian social group) and this Saturday it was packed. Lawd where there some good looking sista's up in there!! As I made my way through the room speaking to my comrades, a soft hand touched my shoulder...."hello again...sgt."

as I turned to see who belonged to this sensual voice...ya know I lost it..when I turned to see it was Mz. G. "Geneva..hello. Fancy meeting you here" I said.

"I thought you just might want to know that I moved and have my own place" she said.

Now don't cha know my mind and parts of my body started doing their own thang. "That's good, nobody should have to put up with that..i'm glad for you."

Geneva smiled a very sexy, soft smile and said..."glad enough to take this?" I looked at her soft hand and it had a piece of paper in it..i reached for the paper, and she grasped my hand. She put the paper in my hand and clasped my hand in both of hers....softly she whispered to me.."please don't just take this....use it", and she smiled and walked off and took a seat.

I looked at it and it was a phone number...I stood there a second and before I knew it, my feet where headed her way. There was an empty chair next to her..I said.."may i?"...she looked at me, smiled and simply said..."you betta." After the meeting we all went to eat and just talk. I got to spend some quality time with Geneva. We made a date for Monday night..a her apartment.

Upon my arrival, I had a single yellow rose, a bottle of Asti, and the movie she wanted from Block Buster. She had cooked a marvelous dinner and we sat down to a quiet evening. As I prepared the wine and the movie ..she simply said..."i'll be right back." As I patiently sat on the couch looking at the previews on the tape...she called to her bed room..."officer can you come here please, and bring the wine with you."

As I crossed the threshold of her bedroom door, the aroma of insence hit me, candles lit all around the room and a beautiful Black woman, in a black see through nittie, laying accross the bed....waiting on me. "Can I have a glass of wine please?"

Words would not exit my mouth..i just handed her the glass...mine eyes where all caught up in the beauty of this woman. My thought went back to the first time I saw her, with a bruised face. My gawd how beautiful she was then...and how utterly captivating she is now. "Geneva, hunny if I told you I did'nt want to make love to you...i'd be telling you a lie. I want you more than I can tell you, but I want ONLY you. Now is not the time, but if we are patient with each other, the time will come. Now please could we go watch the movie?"

I know, I was stunned too...but until this very day, Geneva is the love of my life and we have been together Five years this date our anniversay. I love and respect my Black sistas...i just wish some of them love and respected themselves as much.

Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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