“Baby don’t touch me, lie back and just let me please you.” That’s all I hear from Chris when we’re making love. Don’t get me wrong, but I love the way my Papi makes love to me, but just once, I would like for her to experience the passion I feel when she makes love to me. That is why I had a little surprise waiting for Chris when she got home from work.

When Chris walked through the door, she discovered that the house was dark with candles lit all around. In my most commanding voice, I instructed her not to turn on the lights and to come straight to the bedroom. Once she got there, she saw me dressed in a black leather bustier, thigh-highs, and six inch black heels. I then said to her, “Take off your clothes, place them in the hamper, and go into the bathroom.”

She asked me, “What the fuck is going on here?”

I replied, “Just do it, NOW!”

Once she realized the seriousness of the situation, she quickly complied. In the bathroom, she discovered that there was a nice, hot bubble bath waiting on her. “Get In,” I commanded. She then slid her naked, muscled body into the hot water; letting a sigh escape her lips as her skin became consumed by the hot water. I then went over to the tub and grabbed the sponge and soap that was in the water and lathered it up. I then started at her neck and began to gently rub in small circles; squeezing the sponge slightly so that the water could run between her small breasts. I then began to move the sponge down a little further, washing the right breast; noticing the nipple getting hard. I then paid the same attention to the left breast.

“Why are you torturing me like this Monica?” she asked.

“Just lay back and enjoy it. Don’t ruin the mood by talking,” I told her.

She then leaned back in the tub and closed her eyes, trying to keep her mouth shut. I then instructed her to sit up, and once she did, I scrubbed her back. “Stand up Chris.” I told her and once she did, I bathed her thighs and legs. While her legs were spread, I began to bathe the spot between her legs, taking note that she was wet, and her clit was hard. With her standing there soapy, I let the water out of the tub and rinsed her off with the detachable shower head, taking care to spread her nether lips and let the firm stream of water hit her clit. I could see Chris biting her lower lip, trying not to loose her composure. I just smiled, taking note of her arousal. I grabbed the towel that I had laid out, I helped her out of the tub and dried her off. “Go into the bedroom and lie on your back,” I said. She complied.

I entered the bedroom, took out my handcuffs (you know, the ones with the black fur around them) and cuffed her to the bed. She then tried to talk, but I said “Don’t make me gag you!” I climbed on top of her and gave her a long, lingering kiss. I then turned her head so that I could nibble and lick on her ear. “Ohhh Shit,” was the phrase that came out of her mouth. I kissed her again, this time with more force. I then moved to her breasts and placed the right one in my mouth, while my thumb and forefinger pleasured the left one. My mouth worked the tiny nub by liking it, sucking it, and biting it, causing Chris to moan. She then started to arch her back, giving my mouth full access to her breasts.

I then began to place a trail of kisses down her body. Stopping at her naval, I tongued it, causing her to laugh because it tickled. I then placed a finger on the jewel hidden behind her nether lips and discovered that she was so hard and wet, 'til I couldn’t wait to taste her any longer. I parted those lips and placed my tongue where my finger had just left.

“Please let me out of these cuffs!” she screamed, “I can’t take it!”

“No,” I said and continued to feast on the buffet before me. While working my tongue back and forth over the tiny nub, I could hear Chris moan and curse (because she couldn’t move, nor could she touch me). I then grabbed my chocolate friend from up under the bed and inserted it into her wet pussy slowly. Once she absorbed all ten inches, I moved the dick back and forth slowly; in tune with the rhythm of my tongue. Her breathing became harsh, so I sped up the pace in order to give her the release she needed.

“I’m about to cum!” she screamed. I then removed the toy so that I could I could have all of the juices that would come with her orgasm. I worked her clit with my fingers while I fucked her with my tongue until I felt all of her muscles contract and I heard her scream my name. While this is going on, I sucked her pussy dry. Once her tremors subsided, I then unlocked the handcuffs and held her tight.

“I love you Chris,” I whispered.

“I love you too Monica,” she told me.

I then told her “Now you see how I feel after we make love!”


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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