Laydee P

Our lips touched softly tenderly in the hottest but gentlest kiss, I have ever had. My loins reacted to the sexual emotions my entire body relished for many years. Our lips locked together in a smooth kiss that created a typhoon within my virginal body. My tides were high..the hidden beaches of my desire were discovered that night..when in the wee hours of the morning I kissed my lover contently. The raging waters of my innermost fantasies were realized all within that 60-second kiss. There was no shame in it. There was no regret. There was no holding back. I found out the truth about myself. I loved that kiss. I adored that kiss. I will never forget that kiss. It was as if it were the kiss of life...for it breathed life into my dismal outlook. The depression that engulfed me for over two years was lifted. The undesirable became both real and desirable. My hours of fantasizing using my imagination to concoct a million scenarios could never had imagined that it would first take place besides my red car in a parking lot outside a club.

My imagination saw me dressed in flowing garments, surrounded by candles with jazz music in the background. We float towards each other and a kiss ensues. The exact dimensions of the imaginary kiss never exacted the emotions that would accompany the real deal. "Ohhh", I moaned when our lips finally left each other words needed to be spoken. I can finally see the light! It should never be kept a secret! The intimacy between two women kissing each other is divine! It can never be compared. It should never be admonished. It is like the warmth of a fireplace on a cold New England winter's day. It is like the cool of a breeze on a hot Arizona summer day. . It is like the calm after a torrid storm. It is moksha...true, true bliss. It is the height of feminine sexuality. The kiss. The Kiss. The passionate kiss. The kiss that can make you wonder why it took you 36 years to allow yourself to experience this. This kiss, this kiss, this stirred up my emotions and then my eyes were open............

This is dedicated to my girl....Lina...Thanks for opening my eyes


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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