Laydee P

I sat looking out the window of the Delta Airlines flight, as it bumped along through the torrid weather. I was the happiest that I had been in years. I was on my way to 'The City Of Angels' to rendezvous with "bronzelaydee". I salivated at the thought of caressing her. I reclined in my seat and slipped into fantasyland. Her sexy golden bronze face appeared before me and I smiled, broadly. She was wearing a hot pink two- piece bikini and those size 36 boobs acted like they wanted to jump out of her top. Her full lips were also in pretty pink and her white teeth smiled at me, invitingly. She opened her mouth and slid her tongue out suggestively at me. I pulled her towards me and enveloped her in my arms and our lips locked in a hungry wild kiss. I lead her to a nearby chair and lay upon her sliding my hands up her soft thigh. She moaned uncontrollably and I covered her lips with my mouth again. I kiss her all over making my way down to those two mountainous breasts and her moaning intensified. My panty crotch moistened.

"This is your captain speaking," I am startled at the strange voice, "we are approaching Los Angeles International Airport, please put your seat in an upright position and fasten your seatbelts."

I awake, and feel an extra rush of excitement as I realize that I would finally experience what I could only dream about for the past 10 months.

I disembark the plane and for a fleeting moment I envision that she was not there waiting for me and that it was all a cruel joke. But, then I saw was like she was walking on air. She glided towards me with legs as long as a fashion model's. Her pictures did not capture her true beauty. She lit up the entire terminal with her exotic features. She was wearing a short red dress, with high- heeled red sandals and every graceful step she took towards me made my heart accelerate. We embraced tightly and our breasts pressed together. My loins stirred. Our lips locked in a deep, hot, wet kiss. The kind of kiss that makes one feel like you're in a time warp, once you finally emerge.

This meeting was long overdue. This was our first physical meeting after many months of corresponding by email and hot, steamy telephone calls to each other. She was 35, married and her spouse was not satisfying her sexually. I was 34, married, and my spouse needed viagara in a bad way. We met online in a chat room and hit it off immediately. Neither of us had ever done anything so wild before. We had never cheated on our spouses but after one week of communicating back and forth we were positive that it was fate that had brought us together. We were determined to meet each other in a neutral city and fulfill our inner fantasies. She was 5' 8" with size 36 breasts and she would sometimes squeeze her nipples for me during our many phone sex encounters. I knew that I loved this woman when she promised to use her tongue on me in the most intimate of places. She would describe her clothes to me in such detail that I would feel like I was right there next to her and not 1500 miles away. I stared at her picture daily and visualized my arms around her and on her and in her. It was bliss. We lied to our spouses and said we were old friends reunited, so we called each other at home freely. After three months of this, we agreed to meet in Los Angeles for three days of fun and fantasy.

Los Angeles with its lovely scenic beaches and hot nightspots was a definite turn on for both of us. My flight arrived 30 minutes before hers, so I used the time to freshen up and get ready for my sexy friend from New York. When Deb emerged from the plane I knew I was mesmerized by her presence; her pictures did not do her justice. We kissed freely oblivious to the stares we are drawing from strangers. After all, we are in a strange city with strange faces and we just do not care. We are lost in each other's arms. Finally, we dislodge and start walking hand in hand towards the baggage claim area. By the time we are directed to the black mustang convertible by the rental agent, we were ready steaming with passion for each other. We put our bags in the trunk and she got into the driver's seat, when I got in and started to reach for my seatbelt, she stopped me. She leaned over and dug her fingers deep into my hot, wet cunt (I was also without underwear per her request). She massaged my clit and I squirmed in my seat with desire. She licked her fingers dry with every dip into my hotspot. She continued to massage my clit until I exploded with passion right there at the airport. I could not wait to get my hot lover behind closed doors.

The next few days should go down in history as the best times of my life. My lover Deb and I made love marathon style. We took turns eating and licking and doing all the good stuff that goes along with two women who have been neglected and misused by men for years. We took sensuous showers together where we washed each other's bodies with coconut gel. Candles were used to create the ultimate ambiance for our lust to fester in. I gave her a full body sensual massage and planted kisses over her entire body, from the tip of her head to the bottom of her feet. It was fabulous. We walked hand in hand on the Santa Monica Pier and enjoyed a fabulous California sunset. After sundown, we remained on the pier, sitting close to each other and kissing frequently. There were fewer people coming onto the pier now and I spread her legs slightly and dipped my finger into her pussy hole. I licked it. Hmmm it tasted like it was coated with honey. I was addicted. I continued doing this for about one hour, until we were both so hot we rushed back to the hotel and fucked each other until the wee hours of the morning.

We grew sadder as our weekend came to an end, but promised to meet and have another fuckfest every few months. It is the perfect addition to a humdrum sexual life. My girl Deb and I had a rendezvous in New Orleans last month. She had a special surprise for me then, she brought along a strap on dildo and fucked me with was tremendously satisfying.

I wonder how she will pleasure me next?


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