Lady Scorpian

Hello My Sweetness,

_____I sit here smiling thinking about you and your endearing ways. You have a way of saying things of an important nature with a simple look. Through this look I know desire & passion, fire & and anger, sadness & pain, but what holds me, what moves me, what captured my heart is the look of your love! In your eyes there is wanting, need, a deep desire and an all encompassing love. I love your eyes, the twinkle & intellect that lies beneath, the humanitarian & care giver, that weeps for others pain, that cry's tears of joy as a lover and friend. Oh yes my love your eyes are indeed the mirrors to a very kind and loving soul!
_____When I look at your lips I am moved by their easy smile, the bark of laughter that flows from you without the worry of being heard by others. Your kind and loving words given in friendship or in love....never fails to touch me deep in my soul. When those lips kiss me my spirit soars and I feel whole, in your kiss is everything I need to be told I am loved.
_____When I look at your hands my body shudders at memory of all the pleasures those sure fingers and soft hands have bestowed upon me....from simply holding my face to becoming very adventurous in that dark damp place. Ahhhhhh to know those hands is to know heights arrived by few....yet a regular resting place for you and I. Held in your arms I am protected and loved. I know when our hearts beat in Synchronicity that this is home....oh yes you are the butter to my bread!
_____So this my dear is indeed a love letter proclaiming love so deep, so sturdy in its base its too emotionally taxing to tell you face to face without tears drowning out my words.....without me becoming a mushed face fool (I thank God for water proof mascara...for without it I would be of the raccoon clan LOL) so here I sit composing my thoughts to pen then paper.....trying to, attempting to tell you in my way that I love you and that you move me, that wrapped in your love my sweetness I now know what it means to be loved as you love! Thank you for being.....

With Love,
_____Your Delicious

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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