"I am getting really tired of putting up with this shit," Kasia said, closing the door to her office. She had just finished a staff meeting with the folks in the marketing department and once again her boss had taken all the credit for one of her ideas. He had tried to throw her a bone by thanking her for her contribution to the project, but when it was all said and done he had gotten all the credit for saving the day. "I have more talent in my little finger than that asshole has in his entire body.

As I turned to look at the clock, I noticed it was almost noon and decided to go to that new little café around the corner and grab some lunch. It was a beautiful day and I thought that some good food, a little wine and some sunshine would put me in a better mood for my client meeting later that afternoon. It took me less than five minutes to get to the café and boy was the place packed. I'd forgotten how popular new hot spots were in Chicago, especially around the lunch hour, and given my need to run a few more errands I turned around deciding to find someplace a little less crowded.

"Are you leaving already?" said one of the sexiest and sultry voices I had ever heard. I looked up and saw the most beautiful sista I had ever seen. She was the color of smooth peanut butter, with sexy light brown eyes and a smile that warmed her face and the added a little heat between my legs. She was contemporary and sophisticated in a charcoal brown "power suit" and pumps and at about 5'7 and 165 lbs she was just the type of "thick" women I was into. I started to imagine myself between those legs, tasting her sweet juices. "Excuse me, is everything all right?" That voice snapped me back into my senses and I tried to swallow my nervousness with a quick grin. "Sorry, my mind was somewhere else. "Yes, I am leaving. It's a bit too crowded for me today. I've heard great things about this place but I guess I'm not the only one."

"Well what if I told you I know the owner personally and could get you a table right away?" I wasn't sure if she was flirting with me or just trying to be nice but no way I was going to turn down the chance to spend some more time with this beautiful woman. "I don't even know your name", I said. "Hello, my name is India and I would love if you would join me for lunch. I hate to eat alone and my girlfriend cancelled on me at the last minute". My heart dropped into my stomach - girlfriend I thought - I should have known she would not be single. "Hello India, I am Kasia and I would love to have lunch with you.

As soon was we walked in the door, the waitress smiled at India and beckoned us to a small table in the back. India stopped and talked to several folks as we walked toward the back and it took all I had to follow her without tripping as I watched the movement of her hips and those long legs as she walked in front of me. I could feel the sweat collecting between my breast and my pussy getting wet as I fantasized about this woman. Calm down Kasia, I said to myself- this is just lunch and she is already taken.

We finally reached our table and sat down. India shrugged off her jacket to reveal a tight golden shell that hugged her thick high breasts. It was clear she was not wearing a bra and I could see large brown nipples that appeared to get more erect under my hot gaze. I looked up to see her licking her fWl lips and longed to taste her. The waitress came back to take our order and we started to chat about Chicago, our hobbies and a lot of information that was lost on me as I continued to fantasize about this woman. "Kasia have you heard a word that I've said?" India asked. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and laugh.

As we finished our meal, I realized that I might never see this woman again. I excused myself to the restroom to work up the courage to say or do something. Little did I know that India was right behind me and as I turned to go into the bathroom stall she was right behind me - her hands pulling me close to her, cupping my breasts - her thumbs caressing my nipples. I turned to face her and she give me the most incredible kiss - long and hot - the kind you feel down to your toes. As she continued to taste my lips - her hand found its way up my skirt. I was ashamed at how wet I was but as she began to stroke my clit - my embarrassment turned to pure hot desire.

"I can't believe this. I am being seduced in a bathroom stall in downtown Chicago." "India? baby what are you doing to me", I asked as I felt her fingers deep inside as she started to taste me with her tongue. "I'm doing what I wanted to since the moment I saw you standing outside. Let me please you Kasia. Please."

I threw back my head and allowed her to stroke and lick my pussy and clit till I felt ready to explode and when I finally reached my climax she licked and sucked my thick juices like there was no tomorrow. She stood up, kissed my lips and walked right out the bathroom door. Now it took me a few seconds to realize what happened and to get myself back in order but when I walked back into the restaurant she was gone. 'Damn, I don't even know her last name."

As I walked back to my office all I could think about was the beautiful woman how she had made me cum with more force that I had felt in years and how I had let her disappear before my very eyes. "Ok Kasia lets get it together you are meeting with a new client in about 15 minutes - you have to focus".

I walked into my boss' office ready to put on the charm for this new client that had requested an African-American account manager specifically. "I really hope this is not some lilly white company trying to expand to a more "diverse" urban market", Kasia thought to herself.

Good afternoon Kasia Williams, this is our newest client India Jackson, owner of the new little café down on Michigan Ave. "Good afternoon, Ms. Jackson I am sure it will be a pleasure getting to know you and your business better, much better."


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