__________by Cole B.

Dear Love,

Damn, you can be complex at times
Though you can be deceiving
I still fall endlessly,
like an innocent child
You have hurt me so many times in the past
But still chasing after you fast
Why you ask?
See, you work this thing on me
Got me not thinking clearly
Sometimes you even got me crying
But I swear, without you Id be dying
Can you really be unconditional?
Or is that just infatuated lying?
Cause Im really trying
And I want this thing to work
But you still have your issues and twirks
Got me all confused
Falling head over heels
But yet, Im the one crazy and the fool
Can you give me what I really want
Or will you continue to front
I need you in my life
But sometimes you play trif
And make me have to choose over whats right
But with respect and trust and
A new level of understanding
You can help me adjust
But somehow the game gets rearranged into lust
I find myself caught in a web of external desire
Instead of the internal thrust
I can be so stupid at times
But you are not innocent by far
Disguised as love, sitting at the bar
Intoxicating me with your deceptive ways
Damn, you play too many games.
So Im giving you up cold turkey
Maybe you are the one who isnt worthy
Not deserving
Of MY love
Just tell me, what I have done
to make you act this way
I would give the world
just to hear you say
Im feeling you
I need you
I want you
But all I hear is
Im doubting you
Not trusting you
Not sure if Im loving you
But I still want you?!?!
Well, you cant want me and confuse me
And I wont allow you to kiss me then dis me
So Im doing the dismissing
and dont care if you start missing
Although Im already feeling
The affects of loneliness
I cant do this,
Im tired of all the stress
This is my ultimatum,
so you need to listen up
Hate to do it this way
Buy I only play the fool once
When you can finally give me You
You know where to find me
Im yours, if you want me too
But if you cant deal
Or dont really feel like being bothered
Just keep walking the other way
Dont even bother to holla.


Fed Up

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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