__________by FEMnominal a.k.a Phenmenal Femm
(Dedicated to Erika "Tookie" Ford)

First off Tookie you are really the only one for me and no one else
I have always thought I could ever be faithful
But you have showed me another side of me that I never knew
I have learned to love one person and one person only
My feelings for you have grown so deep
I find myself sometimes smelling your scent
Find myself thinking of weird things that I never tell you
R. Kelly "Greatest Sex" should bring back memories
I never know how to act around you
One minute you say I am quiet and act too serious
And the next minute you say I act too ghetto
I never know how to act so I act the only way I know
And that way is "ME"
You know I want a future with you
No matter if we are just friends
All my hopes and dreams you know of
All my plans and all my thoughts you know
It is so amazing how well you know me
You know things and see things in me that no one has ever seen
You always know when I am sad and when I am just having a bad day
Tookie you are mine and mine only
My Tookie and always will be
Hearing you call me Pookie I have this feeling that comes over me and it just feels so right
Like the saying goes "If it`s wrong I don`t wanna be right"
I feel that you are not the wrong person for me to b with
Of course you have your issues but Tookie please believe I will go through them with you and stick by you
Fuck this other Bitches after both of us
Please believe imma tie you down..
4 Life
But Tookie you are my heart and I don`t think it will beat if anything ever happened to us
I Love You and I know You Love Me

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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