Characters: Maxine Marreau age 42 - News Director - daughter away in college Kim age 20. Open with sexuality since 25. In a secret relationship with Terri Matthews for two years.

Terri Matthews age 30 - owns a hair salon, ...met Maxine Marreau at a Black Expo, does her hair and sleeping with her. Living with boyfriend Curtis age 25, not ready to leave him.

Linda Anderson age 40 -News Anchorwoman, Maxines former lover of six years returns to town. Bitter breakup but wants Maxine back.

Let's Begin.... it's a Friday...8 oclock... and I ...Maxine Marreau was at the News Station...."All right you guys good job, I'm leaving...see you on Monday." I said as I picked up my purse and left out going to my truck a 1999 Mercedes....color? Baby White. I paused before getting in, because there was a note on the door.

"Hey's Terri." "Please come to the shop and pick me up...Curtis left out of town with my car on an emergency" "I had my girl drop the note off, since she was headed that way."

Thanks Terri.

"Damn!" I said to myself. Sometimes Terri could be impossible!!! . She and I was having a secret affair, because she was not ready to call it off with Curtis...her young, job to job boyfriend. I had met Terry at a Black Expo. Terri was so fine, she was 5"5 about 150 thick, brown-skinned, and very bubbly. I already had a hair stylist, but I could not resist stopping by her booth. Her breasts was catching my eyes as her nipples were hard. She talked and felt my hair with ease.....saying she could do wonders.....I was thinking I could do wonders on her. So I took her card, she flashed me a smile and I walked away with this cute woman on my mind. It had been a long time since someone moved me like that.

I'm an attractive.... 5"9', 170 pounds, with caramel complexion woman, but despite my good looks I was heartbroken. Lisa my ex had left me for a hard butch about 8 years younger than herself and ten years younger than me. I was 36, Lisa was 34 and the girl was 26 at the time. Her name was Glenda, and she was very hardcore. I was devastated when I saw the girl in my the apartment me and Linda shared. They had on their clothes, but there was Glenda laying on the bed as I walked past Lisa to see why she was so nervous when I showed up home early. They had met at the news station. Glenda was an intern, who totally pushed my woman away from me. had been a long time since I was moved so, being a soft butch Terri was right up my alley. She was soft, feminine and sexy. I had to find out what was her deal. I made an appointment to get my hair done two weeks after talking with her. She said her last appointment on the day I wanted was around 6pm and she couldn't take me, but I pleaded. I knew this was an opportunity to talk with her alone, so she told me to come after work.

When I walked in she greeted me with a hug, and all my senses were on. She told me she was 28 and living with her boyfriend named Curtis. I was dissappointed, but not swayed....this girl turned me on. When she finished with my hair, I could not work up the nerve to flirt so I paid her and left. After a month of doing my hair after hours on every wednesday, she asked the question I waited for.

"Maxine, you never talk about men." "You seeing someone girl?" she said to me as she styled my hair. "I use to deal with men, but after the breakup of my daughter's father...I realized I like women." "I am a lesbian Terri." I said proudly to her. I could feel the comb pause in my hair, but then she continued to comb. "Maxine....I don't see what you see in women.....a man can do all that you want." The response did not shock me, because I had heard this over an over again. As I got up to pay, I knew that I wanted to touch show her how it is between women.

Terri had on a thin sweater material buttons so that was cool. In a quick motion I pulled the top up, I pulled the bra up, and her titties fell out before me. I siezed the moment and took my lips and started kissing one of her nipples. They were warm and smelled good. I took my other hand and rubbed her other whole breast. Oh she tried to pull away, but I was taking this moment. I could feel her fighting less, and I continued to suck for about two minutes. My tongue darted around her brown nipples and I was getting really turned on. Then I backed up from her. I knew I had to stop....quickly. She had a confused look on her face and then she looked mad- ashamed even. I was smug about the whole deal, got my purse and walked out of the shop slamming the door.

I did not go back to Terri's shop, because I knew I crossed the line. Then one day about three weeks after the incident, she called saying I needed to make an appointment. I was shocked, but then again not too shocked. I made an appointment, and was excited. I knew what had went down, so did she want more? I had to know! I knew she fought me, but not too I've heard from others. Well I played it cool.... I went to the shop.

She did my hair...we talked about everything but that night. As I was about to leave, she aked me would I drop her off at her house. I was like sure! As we headed to her house, I was getting aroused...Terri had on a short skirt, and a tight top that exposed her shape. I wanted her badly. As I pulled into the driveway she began to speak. "Curtis is gone out of town, you wanna come in for a minute? Sure I said. As we walked into her house, it was nice. She had a two bedroom home...starter. It was nicely furnished, and clean. We talked on subjects of the latest fashion, and she poured us drinks.

It had gone on an hour and a half, and I had to go home and be ready for work. As she walked me to the door, Terri began to speak. "I am not mad at you, for doing what you did...know that Maxine." "But I am involved, and I am not into that." she said not looking at me directly. "Did you like it?" I said to her. She said nothing. I began to speak again. " I know you liked it, because you would have not called me back." I said to her seductively. She still said nothing. I was moving away from the door towards her. As I got close, I talked more as I undid her blouse. I was feeling empowered and naughty. She did not move away, and could feel my pussy throbbin.

"Terry...your titties felt so good in my mouth....let me taste them again." I said these same words to her over and over as I undid her buttons, until the blouse gave way. " pussy is throbbing, I know yours is too." I just wanna suck those pretty titties baby." I said hoarsley. She was surrendering....thank goodness.

I backed her over to the couch, and undid her bra. Terri let out a sigh as I sucked her titties slowly. She grabbed my head forward, and I knew she was going to let me have my way. I sucked from one to the next and I felt the drips from my pussy. I was hot and she was too! I kissed her neck, and she responded. I knew not to dive into the pussy quick so I stayed upward. I wanted to give her first time pleasure...the right way. When I got to her mouth, it felt good. We tongue danced for a long time. I went from her nipple, to her neck and back to her mouth.

Then I stood up and began to get out of my pants. I watched as she undid her skirt zipper, and remove her stockings and thongs. I parted her legs and I put one finger into her drenched pussy, and then pulled it out, I sucked off the juices and her eyes went wide. I took her finger and put it into her pussy and took it out and sucked it off.

She was seeing this way of life the correct way. Then I straddled her fingers, lowering my pussy on two of them. I moved my pussy back and forth, and when I pulled her fingers out...I had her lick them off...She obeyed, and then I went for the pleasure.......I sucked her clit, and took in all the juices I could. Terri, moved her pussy in my face and she began to speak. "Oh Maxine.....ooh.......damn..... oh this feels so good......ah shit......yes.....yess.....yesssssssss! She was exploding , and I would not let up until I got every drop of her juices. I wanted to suck her forever.....this moment would be frozen in time. After she came, we both laid there satisfied.

We began to meet every Wednesday, and on weekends if Curtis was out of town. I had thrown myself into an impossible situation, because I loved Terri and she was not getting rid of Curtis quick enough for me. She said she needed to know if the feelings were real, and I fell for the line. It was now going on two years, but I could not tear myself away from her. There were times I would not call, or make up an excuse not to meet her, Yet she would come to the house and I would see her. We don't sex out all the time...sometimes she comes to cook, we watch movies, or she gives me a massage.

Lately, she has been giving me pleasure only. Sometimes She'll come by with Curtis in the car, come in for a second cause he thinks we're tight friends. Terry will slide my panties down, and suck me off while I stand over her. One time when she did that and got ready to leave, I grabbed my strap on and fucked her doggy style, and she went wild. We were going at it so long, that stupid Curtis had to blow the horn. But I get mad, because I want more and I am fed up. Today has been two weeks and I was avoiding her...she knew. She was ready for some loving.

I had finally pulled up to her salon, and blew the horn for her to come out. Terri bounced out wearing a red short dress that exposed her titties. "Hey Max.....thank you for picking me up." "Do you wanna chill?" she said so innocently. "No....not tonight....I am tired of this bullshit." I said clearly frustrated. "Well, I miss you and I want us to chill." "It's been two weeks and ..... (I cut her off) "And you want your pussy licked." I said disgustingly. "That's not fair.....I just want to be with you." she screamed. We sat in silence until we got to my house. I had given in....I missed her too. It was a five bedroom, three bath home, two levels, very nice...well deserved. I worked hard for it, and I was enjoying my life, but to have Terri full time in it would be complete.

We got out the truck, and went inside. I checked my machine as Terri went upstairs. My daughter had called saying to send money. She was in college, and majoring in chemistry. Kim was 20, and very heterosexual. Her dad was my last male partner. I thought he could take my desire away for women, but he did not. I did end up with my baby, and I am thankful for her. I told Kim of my sexuality at age 10, so she was very comfortable. As I explored the ho stage....of my love affairs I never had anyone come around constantly except for Lisa my ex of six years, and Terri. Kim wanted me to demand Terri to make a choice, but I did not want to run her away. As I erased the message, I climbed the stairs to the bedroom.

Terri had lit candles, and it smelled divine in the room. I undressed, and went to the bathroom. Terri was waiting in the tub....holding a glass of wine for me. I stepped in and relaxed...trying to get less frustrated. I could feel, Terri moving over to me, and she began to kiss me. I kissed her back, and our body moved closer together. Clearly turned on, she grabbed my hand and led me out of the water. She was playing seducer, and I was getting pissed off. "I want you to fuck me tonight Maxine" she said wanting dirty sex tonight. I wanted it too, but I was a bit pissed.

"I want this all the time!" "You don't?" I yelled. "Don't rush me into this!" Terri screamed back. Rush?!!!'s been two fucking years....two years......I cannot go on this way." I said moving to the bed rubbing my head. Following me, Terri began to curse. "Fuck think this is easy?" "I make love to you and to my man, and you knew what you were getting yourself into." "Am I suppose to give him up without thinking this through?" "I need time.....I don't want to lose you either she said in a condescending tone. I looked up...blazing mad.

"Fuck me?" " I think you like this as a game.....and I don't like to be played with." "You are going to make a decision, and until you do.....I don't want you." I said with finality in my voice. "Fine....take me home then." she said going to the closet. I was really pissed now!!!!! I went to the dresser, and I pulled out the strap on. If this was it, I was going to give her something she would not forget. I felt cheap.... and since she wanted sex....I was going to give it to her. From behind, I grabbed Terri and dragged her to the bed. "You wanted to be fucked I'm gonna fuck you!" "You wanna play with my emotions...for two years....fine!" she started crying, and I was mad. "Don't do this Maxine.....Don't! she yelled.

I slapped her a few times and then I started sucking her breast hard. I was treating her like a bitch and a ho, but dying inside. I went for her pussy, and it was dry....she was not liking this and that was good. " want your pussy licked?" I said to her. She did not say anything. "You know you like know I can move you like no one else...not even Curtis!" I said to her as I licked her clit. She slapped my head, but I did not care....I had her pinned down. "Tell me you like it Terri!!." She did not say anything. She was being stubborn, but I was determined to break her. After a few minutes, she began to moan for pleasure , and cry. I hated to see her cry, but fuck it... I did not care. I knew she liked the roughness , but felt ashamed.

"Tell me you like it or I'll stop!" I said in a gruff tone! "Yes, she said.....over an over..."Yes." she kept saying it ,and I kept it dirty and real rough. As soon as she touched my head, I sprung up! I had gotten her just wet enough, and I entered her with the brown strap on. I was working her pussy out! I was banging her, hitting all corners...just fucking her rough and fast. I was dirty talking to her, and she was unsure at most times how to respond. Then I pulled out, and the dick was white and thick with her cum!!

I straddled up on her waiting for her to her lick it, and she did. Then I put my finger in her mouth and she sucked it for a few minutes, as I licked her breast. Then I turned her over and fucked her doggy style. I did it gently, because I was tired of fucking her...I wanted to make love to her. She was really responding then.....and gripping my ass. Terri's pussy was really wet now, and I withdrew. She licked off the juices of the strap on again , and I took it off. I surrendered between her legs and licked her gently...taking her almost to ectasy. She returned the love, as she licked my clit, and fingered me. I was enjoying her tongue as she made me shiver. My pussy was oozing, and she was licking it right up.

Then we did the 69...taking each other to the climax. "Come in my mouth baby" she said to me. Terri pressed on my clit, and pressed. I came all in her mouth, and she let me move my pussy around and around until my body relaxed. It was her turn to come and she came a few seconds after me. After that episode, we laid in each other's arms. We had never been to a place like that. I loved her, but I knew this was the last time, unless she made a decision. I wanted a full-time love...if we did not do it now...we would go to a worse place than what happened tonight.

"Maxine......I did not deserve that roughness, but you don't deserve the way I've been doing you." she said sadly. "I aplogize for the act...but not for what I want." "I've got to move on" I said running my hands into my hair. "I don't want to lose you....I don't!" Terry said pleadingly. I said nothing....I just stared into space. "You know.... I never feel so complete when I am with Curtis." " I look forward to us meeting each week and on some weekends." "When he touches me....I think of you." she said moving into my arms. "Well....I cannot keep going with this, so you have to make a decision either way". We kissed, and made love the next time around gently and went to sleep."

The next morning, we made love again. Terri had awakened me, as she fingered me. I moved to the rhythm of her strokes, she was sexy, and I could get use to this everyday. I climbed on her face and rode her mouth as my hair moved in the wind. She gripped my hips as she took all of me. I felt so free and younger with Terri, and she felt protected with me. As I came in her mouth, I told her I loved her, and she mummbled the words back. As I climbed off of her, she said that she was going to tell Curtis it was over and to give her two weeks. I agreed, but I wished she would tell him when he got back.

We made our way downstairs, and I cooked breakfast. As we finished with breakfast, the doorbell ranged. Terri went to the door, and I heard a familiar voice. "Um...Maxine here?" 'Yes, who may I say you are?" Terri said in a pleasant tone. "I'm an old friend....Lisa....Lisa Anderson. Terri invited her in, and I was in shock. This ex-lover had the nerve to come to my door. The bitch who left me for another woman...who broke my heart......inceredible! I was going to grab a housecoat, but fuck it! I had on my white satin nightgown, so whatever!

I walked into the room, and she look shocked. Maybe it was my attire, because she knew how conservstive I once was. "What are you doing here?" I said in a firm tone. "Is that anyway to say hello to a friend?" she said in a nervous tone. "Friend?" "You are my ex-lover...not my friend" "What do you want?" I said getting madder by the minute. Terri went to excuse herself, and I stopped her. "You don't have to go anywhere, Lisa was leaving." I said stopping Terri. "No.....I need to talk with you privately." Lisa said defiantly. Before I could react....Terri walked out the room quickly. "Make it quick Lisa!" I said tightly trying to gain my composure. "I'm back in town as a news anchor for the competitor of yours, and I wanted to say hello." she said trying to sound innocent. "Well good....great." I said wishing she would leave. "I also want you to were right...Glenda wasn't shit!"

"I don't give a damn Lisa....that was then.....this is now." I miss you Maxine.......when I saw you at the conference last year.....I thought..... ( I cut her off)..."You thought was wrong, and I've moved on." I said walking to the door opening it. "Well....I just wanted you to know...I'm back in town. I'm staying at the Hilton for two weeks until they get all my stuff moved 610." she said and walked past me. I could smell her signature no.5. Lisa had on a pink fitting suit, her ass was still round......but fuck that....she was disrespecting me long enough. "Don't come back." I said. She turned around with a smile and spoke. "I'll be invited back....I'm sure Maxie. That was my pet name for me , and I slammed the door.

I walked into the kitchen, and Terri was not there. I sat down, trying to gather my thoughts. I had went to a news convention, and Lisa was there one year ago. We were in several workshops, and we were civil toward each other. At the annual dance, I had too much to drink when she came over for conversation. She walked me to my room, and we got it on. She was a skilled lover, and I liked how she would get me off. Lisa used a fast tongue on me that would take me there. That night, I wanted revenge on Glenda, so to have Lisa come at me like that was a minor victory. When I got done with her, she was climbing the walls. That particular night, she wanted to see about us getting back together, but I loved Terri and knew she was better for me. So we parted ways. I never thought about that night again until now. I did not feel guilty about that night, cause technically Terri was with Curtis.

Interrupting my thoughts were Terri. She had her bags in her hands, with her nightgown on. "I thought I'd bring these downstairs." she said quietly. "Terri....Lisa and I are done....through." I said reassuringly. "She looks determined to me.'" Terri said clearly jealous. I grabbed Terri's waist and pulled her close......"I love you......I love you" I said as we kissed. "I love you too Maxine." We went upstairs, showered, and then headed back to Terri's crib to drop her off. On the way over she was unusually quiet.

Getting out of the car, Terri's began to speak. "I'll call you Maxine...give me two weeks to break it off my way with Curtis." " that Lisa baby.' I said knowing I had just called Terri Lisa by mistake. She looked at me blankly, and then began to speak. "I think we need these two weeks definitely.....maybe you need to think on some things. She said with her hands on her hips. "Look I am sorry I called you Lisa by mistake...give me a fucking break Terri." I said clearly exasperasted.

"Oh yeah.... I want you to tell me...what happened at the conference." " I know you fucked her Maxine.' she said talking into the truck window. " I heard you and Lisa talking about the conference. Terri said. "You know...I did...I did Terri... I fucked Lisa .....sue were still and still are fucking Curtis." I said back. "You want her don't you want Lisa!" Terri said louder. "You know....if you can sit here and and question me after last night fine!" "Think what you want, because I am tired of this!" "I want you and only have called me Curtis in conversations several sue me Terri! I screamed. I pulled off, before saying anything else.

I went home, and I jumped in my bed. The phone kept ringing and it was Terri trying to aplogize. I did not want to think about her, or Lisa or anyone. I knew Lisa was going to try and make waves.....but I could handle her. Terri.....I did not know if she was making way for an excuse to stay with Curtis, but I was going to be at peace. As the night went on, I drank heavily in my bed. I put in a lesbian tape, and I masturbated myself, imagining Terri in between my legs.....I was wet and horny. As I was getting into it...the doorbell ranged. I knew it had to be Terri, so I ran downstairs. I opened the door butt naked, and it was LISA!!!!!!! Can I come in? she said with a grin looking at my breasts.


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