_____This is my story and I'm sticking to it. Any red -blooded lesbian's fantasy, but guess what it really happened to me. I'm 22 year's old and in my senior year of college, a good girl. I belong to a lot of clubs and I even tutor for the local Catholic school I used to attend. I get paid minimum wage, but the reward of serving others is all the gratification I need. I tutored at this library near my house, it used to be some old Rockefeller mansion back in the day, it is a charming building with lots of rooms and bathrooms, it is still looks and feels like a home. So just imagine.
_____It is early September and blazing hot, one of the hottest days of the year and I am at the library waiting for a few high school seniors, who I always help tutor on Tuesday afternoons, to show up and put in some work. I am feeling particularly must be a combination of the heat and naughty thoughts of those short Catholic school uniforms. I sit and wait.... damn it is so hot! I take off my shirt, I have on a black wife-beater and some basketball shorts, my normal dress. The library is lush but old and it is not air-conditioned, it is sweltering and I'm starting to sweat. The library is very slow today, just a few elderly people and the librarians milling around; all the young people must be outside enjoying the weather.
_____But I show up because I'm dedicated to helping my students prepare for their exams and I especially want to be there for Joanne. I really like Joanne, she's smart, fine, sweet, and just a real cool girl, she just turned 18 and is on her way to college...I've been kind of like her big sister for the past year or so and I don't want to disappoint her. Suddenly I look up from my books and to my surprise see Joanne and her gleaming smile as she walks into the study room. She says hi as I walk over to greet her, she pulls me aside, tugging on my bare biceps while checking out my new tattoo. She scolds me for getting yet another tattoo and tells me that I'll never find a real job because of it, then she asks me if it is okay if her friend Michelle joins our study group, even though I won't get paid extra I say yes. She leaves the room and reenters the study in her little plaid skirt and white shirt, dragging her friend behind her by the hand.... damn she looks so good as fuck!, I think unabashedly.
_____Her face looks pure and young , but visibly she has the body of a full-grown woman. Joanne introduces her to me, as her friend, Michelle. She goes on to say that she is a senior too and on the varsity volleyball team...but damn I already figure that, already noticing she has on really tight black shorts and her fat ass cheeks are bubbling out under those little shorts, plus she has on a small fitted sleeveless t-shirt with "St. Mary's" printing stretched tight around two plump titties spread across her ample chest. Joanne complains of the heat, so she takes off her school shirt revealing a fitted white camisole. Damn are her nipples hard? I think, or am I just seeing things. I try to focus, I take out my materials and I spread the books and papers across the table. Joanne and Michelle are sitting across from me and are having their own conversation...teenage stuff mostly. Giggling about school topics like college, exams, and homecoming.
_____I become authoritative and tell them we better get on task because they are wasting my time by fooling around. But the small room is getting hotter and hotter by the moment, so I get up and walk over to the oversized picture window to open it and catch a quick breeze. I bend over and feel my ass being slapped...both girls seem to be in a very silly mood. Joanne knows about my sexuality...I mean clearly I am a dyke, but she is real cool with it. Michelle just giggles and laughs at my ass being slapped, then glances at me with her big light brown eyes. Then she sticks out her tongue and licks her large lush lips revealing a bright pink tongue ring... I gulped as my clit jumped with sexual excitement. Damn, I think.... STOP IT! You are reading into that shit...leave these poor girls alone!
_____About 30 minutes into the study session Michelle heads to the bathroom across the hall...Damn she is taking a long ass time. I think to myself, I tell Joanne to go check on her. A few minutes later Joanne comes back cracking up.
_____" Ummmmm I think she' know...doing her thing. Don't tell her I told you, but that girl is a nympho!" Joanne says.
_____I am getting frustrated...I am so agitated and horny; I just want to go home. I think she is joking.
_____"You girls need to stop playing around and focus Joanne!" I scold her.
_____I stand up and storm out the room and across the hall to the bathroom to see for myself. I kneel down and put my eye to the keyhole on the antique door...what I see! Damn what I see! Michelle was and is actually masturbating... I can hear soft moans and the sloshing wetness of her pussy against her hand...I can smell her young sweet juices in the air. My heart starts to race and my head starts throbbing as I watch her threw the keyhole as if I were at a peep show...her legs spread wide open over the sink...she is rubbing her clit with her eyes rolled back in her skull in visible ecstasy. I am tempted to stick my hands in my boxers and pleasure myself, but then...tap, tap...I feel small hands on my back.
_____"What are you doing?" Joanne asks. She smiles at me then bangs twice on the door. I jump back and a minute later Michelle answers the door...just as cool and innocent as ever.... Damn she's good, I think. I move to turn around and go back to the study but Joanne is behind me and as I turn around she wraps her arms around my waist and says, "WAIT...I want to show you something" and pushes me into the bathroom just as Michelle is behind me pulling me by the back of my bra strap into the bathroom with her...I am so naive...but I can see that this is a plot! But I just go along with it, I mean it is a good ass plot. Joanne locks the door behind the three of us and things really start to heat up on an already hot afternoon.
_____Joanne and Michelle start kissing and really going at it...putting on a show sucking each other's tongues. Joanne stops for a breath, "I thought you knew." Joanne says and giggles...I stand there stupefied with my jaw on the floor. Joanne then goes on to say "Michelle I want you to suck her clit for me baby." Damn she is so her transparent white tank and short plaid skirt I can see she has on no bra or panties a this point, she lifts her skirt flirting with me, showing me her wet shaved pussy. Following orders Michelle walks seductively over to where I am standing and gets down on her knees and pulls her t-shirt up over her head full of curls, revealing the most beautiful breast I have ever seen. She then pulls down my shorts and underwear and proceeds to rub her nipples on my hot puss....I am still standing, but extremely weak in the knees.
_____Then Joanne comes over and begins kissing me gently with her soft ass juicy lips, she is so beautiful. I start to rub my hands over her soft skin as I take her top off to expose her titties, I begin to run my tongue over her hard nipples, sucking and teasing them with my lips. I can feel myself becoming more and more aroused...this cannot be real, I think to myself. Michelle pulls my pussy lips apart and begins to lick up all the juices the two girls have stirred up down there. She is sucking my big clit wildly, like it's the best puss she's ever had, bobbing her head up and down. The sight is so amazing it is driving me crazy my legs start shaking as I near my peak. But I can't scream because Joanne is kissing me so passionately, sucking my tongue like it's a cock. It feels so good I don't ever want them to stop. Joanne pulls on my nipple rings...and licks my neck as her girl licks me from ass to clit and back again, I can feel her writing dirty words with her tongue, damn she has skills!...before I know it I am cumming all over her sweet face.
_____My body is totally spent and I space out for a few seconds...just floating on the high of my orgasm. Then I look down to see Joanne has stopped kissing me and now is on the floor eating Michelle out. I come so hard I fall to my knees...Michelle continues to lick until I plead her to stop. Then Michelle starts to cum while Joanne sucks and licks the juices of her gorgeous girlfriend, I lick my fingers and proceed to gently finger Joanne from the back caressing her G-spot enjoying her warm tight inside, we are all slipping and sliding in love fluid and sweat over the bathroom's tile floor. The sun shines brightly through the window and our sweaty brown skin glistens under the rays...we move rhythmically together as one intertwined body....seizing the moment, teasing and pleasing each other...sucking and fucking...Michelle starts moaning so loud that..., knock, knock, knock... Oh shit the librarian, I am in so much trouble! I think to myself.
_____But then I screamed, "Come on in", and then we all started! no! no!...just kidding, I am not that kinky, however let's just thank goodness for door locks! Because that bathroom kept rocking for another hot and steamy hour, with Michelle and Joanne giving me the best tutorial of my life! It was a great first threesome, because you see good sex does happen to good people.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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