Caws Lewis-Boelter aka ASherry327

I felt your hands softly touching me. You started by caressing my back. Kissing and licking ever curve. Your tongue glided slowly down my spine. You watched me intensely with your deep brown eyes. Watched as my body responded to what you were doing. Watched as I grind when you reached my ass ... Squeezed my ass. Slowly you turned me over on my back. My breasts were fully awake. Large, yet the nipples were small, hard, and brown. They seemed to beckon you to nurse. You took the nipples in your hand. Pulling them gently. Teasing them between your fingers. Pleasing them with your attentiveness. Your skills with your hands are second only to the skills of your mouth. You bite each nipple, gingerly sending waves of emotion throughout my pussy. I am moist, a glistening heaven awaiting you. You traced circles on my stomach. Holding me by the waist, you brought your face close to my belly. You stay there for what seemed like cartoon minutes. Coming so close to my hairline ... teasing me ... seducing me ... increasing the moisture between my legs. I felt your fingers slowly search for my clit. Massaging it slowly, it began to throb ... grow ... pulsate! The rhythm of your touch orchestrates the throbbing of my clit. I needed to feel more of you ... I arch in hopes of making contact with more of you. I'm excited! I love what your doing ... I need more! The feeling ... anxious ... impatient ... greed! I want these tides of waves satisfied. I know you will! I'm just sooo excited. I grab your head. Directing it to where I want relief. Kissing my clit lightly ... you pause and murmur "Not yet baby, be patient!" Your hot breath against my vulva causes me to arch stronger into you. You cross your arms over my belly to hold me down. I'm bucking wildly ... a stallion ... and you, the trainer ... only giving me what you want me to have. Trying to break my will of wanting instant gratification ... kissing my thighs ... tonguing my hairs ... a short kiss on the clit. "Dayumm ... womyn!" I'm going crazy with ecstasy. I scream out your name "B...A...A...B...E...E... Pleaseeez." That mischievous grin that I've learned to love sooo much came across your face. I had surrendered to your direction ... handed sweet control over to you. I melted as you inserted a finger and sucked my clit. It had become so large that you could feel the throbbing in your mouth. My pussy was wet with desire. So wet that it talked as you glided your fingers in and out. I was fucking your hand ... your tongue simultaneously. Your excitement was building ... you enjoyed the power you have over me ... my body ... my clit ... "Your pussy ... baby. Yes, it's yours!" Spoken seductively ... begging. You know my body ... my actions ... you know I'm about ready to cum. You're fucking me, now! Powerful long strokes with your tongue. Licking and sticking your tongue inside my pussy. Hungrily wanting more. Our movements are synchronized. You're grinding your pelvis against our bed. My breaths are slow and shallow ... I'm ready! You're ready! "Give it to me..." you say while still licking my clit. "Ride my tongue baby!" I feel that wave ... I swallow as if that will help the feeling in my throat. As you slowly suck my clit ... I feel it coming down ... I feel the wave coming with the force onto the shore. I squeeze your head lightly with my thighs. I begin to tremble.... "Ooooooh shy...t" I cry. I hear you moan. I see your body ripple with small tremors, as do mine. You climb on top ... to hold me ... to slowly grind the rest of the tremors away. I purr "Good Morning Baby*** Hungry?" You smile ...... "No thanks Honey ... I just ate."

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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