(sequel to The Office)

I could hardly wait for 5 oíclock to come. My mind raced with thoughts of my earlier sexual encounter. I could not concentrate on anything or anyone except my hazel-eyed beauty.

Finally it came time for me to go home and began my weekend. I walked out of my office building and headed for the parking lot. I skimmed it over and spotted the black, mirror-tinted Kia Sportage that Fynest spoke of. I walked closer, I could see the license plate and it read LaShawna. "Thatís her name," I thought.

Then the window came down and a soft voice said, "Get in". I quickly obeyed her and got in the car. As soon as I got in she leaned over and tongued me down. Her kisses so full of passion and her touches were electrifying.

"Damn, Iíve missed you boo," she moaned while kissing my neck. I was speechless. This woman turned me on so damn much. Finally, our lips parted.

"So LaShawna, whatís up for this weekend?" I asked.

"You, I hope baby," she said. "I was hoping I could have you all weekend."

"Oh really?", I asked. "What do you have in mind?"

"You can come over to my apartment", she said.

"Ok, sounds fun, where do you live?" I asked.

"4970 Winchester, she replied.

"Ok, I can meet you at your place at 7:30," I said.

"Great," she said. She leaned over and kissed me and said, "Donít be late boo."

So I got out of her ride and walked over to mine. I was so wet from our kissing that I jumped in the shower when I got home. I threw a few things into an overnight bag, scented myself with CK One, and jumped in my Mercedes and headed to Shawnaís place.

I walked up to the two-story townhouse and rang the doorbell. LaShawna greeted me at the door. "Come on in sexy", she said. Shawna was wearing a nice slim fitting black dress and....Damn, who cares what else.... The girl was fine.

I walked in to a candlelit room with roses everywhere. Dinner was awaiting us. She had prepared a very nice meal for us. We talked over dinner about work & various other things. As we sat there eating dinner, all I could think of was tasting her. However, I managed to keep my hormones under control. We finished dinner, washed dishes, then we went into the den to watch TV. We made small talk, laughed, & cuddled as we watched some movies she rented.

Shawna began to run her hands along my thigh as she got closer to me. Trying to keep my composure, I tried to ignore that her touches were arousing me so much. So I kept trying to watch the movie, but Shawna had an ulterior motive. She looked at me seductively then got up and straddled herself on top of me. We looked into each otherís eyes and kissed so passionately. She moaned softly in my ear. My hands began to wonder all over her body. "Ooh baby, you drive me wild," she moaned.

I could feel her pussy getting wet as she grinded herself into me. She began kissing my neck and massaging my breasts. "Ooh, you feel so good to me baby." I raised her shirt and began sucking her hard nipples. She pumped her pussy into me even more. I broke the kiss and said, "meet me in the bedroom; Iíll be right back."

I quickly got up and went into the bathroom, undressed, and freshened myself. I came back into the room and quickly got under the covers. We began kissing and I fingered her pussy through her panties. She was so damn wet. So I licked her all the way down to the top of her mound and removed her panties with my teeth. "Uhmm, youíre turning me on," she said. I sprayed some whip cream all over her pussy & ass and I began to lick her hard, juicy clit and all the way down to her ass darting my tongue in & out. Instantly, my beauty began to pour her love juice into my mouth. "Eat me baby," she moaned as she thrust her hips to meet my tongue that was fucking her pussy.

I could tell my beauty was about to cum. I quickly got on top of her and pushed myself inside her. "Mmmm, Mercedees," she yelled, "fuck me!"

"Ooh yes," I moaned as I pumped my 9-inch strap-on dick inside her.

"Come on baby, fuck your pussy, this is your pussy," she screamed. I drove my dick into her harder and harder, in and out, in and out. Iím so deep in her wet pussy our pussies begin to touch as I fuck her. Our hard nipples kiss each other as we grind.

She is moaning uncontrollably as I go deep in her. My dick was caressing her g-spot over and over. My dick is so wet with her pussy juices that Iím sliding in and out so easily. "Oh baby, Iím cumming," she moans intensely. I take long strokes in & out of her to see her milky white cum coated on my dick.

I then pulled out and rubbed the tip of my dick against her clit. "Turn over baby," I said. I smack her ass. She leans over the bed and I stand behind her, stroking my dick with KY Jelly to lube it up real good.

"That is so sexy," she says as she watches me in the mirror. I position myself behind her and push my dick into her tight ass.

"Ooh, shit," she moans as I slowly enter her. "Ooh you are so good, boo." She rotates her ass on my dick as I pump her harder. "Ooh yeah", I moan as I feel my climax raising. "Fuck me baby, Iím gonna cum!" Shawna moans. My dick was deep in her asshole. I pulled her back so that she was now sitting on my hard dick, taking all 9 inches. I reach under and began to massage her clit as I fucked her deeper. "Ooh Mercedees. . .Mercedees. . . Mercedees," she moans over and over as her horny pussy explodes all over me.

"Yeah baby, cum on this dick," I moan in her ear.

I lay her on her stomach and begin to fuck her harder as I explode into my own orgasm. "Put that sweet pussy in my face," I say. We then get into a 69 position and eat each other out. She grinds her pussy and rides my tongue nice and slow. "Ooh yes," I moan as I feel her tongue on my clit and her finger in my ass. We tongue fuck each other until we both cum in each otherís mouth.

We lay there holding each other tight. "Damn, boo, you are the best," she whispers to me as she softly kisses me. "Thanks," I said. We spent the entire weekend in each otherís pussies and arms. It was obvious that LaShawna would definitely be in my life for a while.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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