Coco skipped school that day because she felt sick to her stomach earlier that morning. But after hours of rest and pain killers, she was feeling fine. By this time school had only a few more minutes to go before it was out for the day. Coco laid in her bed too snuggled in the sheets to want to get up. As she laid against the soft pillows, she held one of the many teddy bears Tony had given her just because. Tony. The name itself made Coco tingle and get butterflies in her stomach. She thought of her Tony with that carmel colored skin, her six pack that was beginning to cut into her stomach,sexy full kissable lips and those deep gray eyes. Yes, Tony's eyes are gray. She smelled the bear to see if it still held the scent of Tony's Curve colone. It did.

Coco remembered smelling the colone of Tony's neck as they made out on her couch the night before. They had been innocently watching a movie then started kissing and petting. Tony took Coco into the bedroom, took off their clothes, laid Coco on her stomach and massaged her back. Tony leaned down to kiss Coco's back before running to get a cube of ice. She returned and traced the cube along the crease of Coco's back, then glided her tongue over the wet trail the ice left. Coco pressed her mound into the matress and moaned. It felt soooo good. Tony turned Coco on her back and glided the ice down the valley of her breasts to her navel,then again licked over the trail the ice left. She also did the same to Coco's soft nipples: circled the ice around each one, swirled her tongue around them and sucked them both in her mouth. "oooooooooo" Coco moaned, her pussy moistening more.

Tony lowered herself between Coco's long wide spread legs, put the ice in her mouth and pushed it inside Coco's slick hole with her tongue. Coco sharply sucked air threw cleanced teeth as a intense chill ran threw her body. The sudden shock to her pussy felt sooooooo good she had to let out another moan. Tony sucked and licked out the melting ice, pushed it back in with her tongue and continued to lick and suck the cube out until it melted to water. Tony licked out the remaining drops and before she could do anything else, Coco came on her tongue. Gripping the sheets as she climaxed.

Coco could feel the heat forming between her legs as she thought back. She looked over at ther clock on her night stand. School had been let out for a few minutes now. Thank god!She neeeded Tony there now!

Meanwhile out in the school parking lot fifteen minutes away, Tony sat on her car talking to Dee and some other friends. She suddenly felt her cell phone vibrated on her waist. Tony looked at the small screen and saw a short message that read:
"Get to my crib now! Use the key."

-Coco Butter
Tony smiled and annouced she was leaving. She got in her car and drove away as her girls teased her about being 'pussy whipped'.

About 10 minuted later, Coco heard her front door open and close. Foot steps approached her bedroom. Tony stepped in looking as fine as ever. Tony's gray eyes lit up to see Coco laying there in her underwear. She kicked off her Timberlands, removed her 'Roca wear' sweater and jeans. Coco bit her bottom lip as she watched Tony's sexy body crawel into bed with her. Tony kissed Coco deeply in the mouth with those soft juicy lips.

"Did you wear it?" asked Coco referring to Tony's strap.

"Yeah" said Tony removing her boxers. She reached into Coco's night stand drawer knowing where to find some baby oil. She lubed up the strap and let Coco guide it into herself. Tony loved to watch Coco put things into her pussy. She felt the strap slide into Coco's slippery hole and felt her own pussy tingle and pulse. Tony moved the toy in and out of Coco at a fast pace. As Coco moaned and shifted underneath her, Tony went into a deep thought. A thought of her strap pleasuring her girlfriend. The thought of the dick moving in and out the wet pussy had her own pussy wet and heated. She could feel and hear the wetness of the pussy as the dick moved inside it. The thought over powers Tony and thats what makes it feel so good. Thats what makes fucking a girl with a strap so enjoyable. Thats what gets her wet,excited. Thats what makes her come.

Tony switched positons. Laying on her back and had Coco ride the dick. This way Tony could watch the toy go in and out. She held on to Coco's hips as she moved on the dick. Tony closed her eyes and imaged the strap was her own flesh. Her own dick inside Coco's wet pussy. She imaged Coco's soft walls closing around her dick and being able to feel it going deeper inside. The thought made her clit tingle and tingle and tingle and throb until she came. Tony moaned out, pushed up her hips and tensed as the climax paralized her. Coco leaned down and sucked Tony's nipple helping her oragasm along. Then Coco came herself a minute after, calling out Tony's name. After a climax that lasted almost a good minute, they laid there holding each other. Cuddling in sweat and the come stained sheets.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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