_____Tamera glanced back and forth at the card in her hand and the phone, she knew once she made the call there was no turning back. Was she ready for what would come was the question she struggled with. No one had made her feel as desirable as Alex had made her last week. She ran her finger over the card, feeling the letters, smiling to her self. Alexis "Alex" Doucette, one of the finest studs she'd encountered in a very long time. "What the hell am I about to get myself into?"
_____She picked up the phone and dialed the phone number. She let out a deep breathe as the phone rang the first time, by the second ring she was shaking her head in disbelief that she'd actually had the nerve to call, by the third ring she knew she had better hang up. "Hello," a sexy voice answered.
_____Too dam late, her mind screamed. She recognized Alex's voice. "Hi, it's Tamera." She spoke, her voice almost a whisper.
_____"Heeeey what's up ma'." Alex sounded excited to hear from her. "I thought maybe I made a bad impression or something last week."
_____"Why would you think that?"
_____"Well I hadn't heard from you." replied Alex.
_____"So you sayin' you were just sittin' there waiting to hear from lil ole me?"
_____Alex laughed lightly. "Something like that." Tamera felt herself relax. "So whats' been up ma?" Alex asked.
_____"Work, work and more work." answered Tamera. "And you?"
_____"Same this way, sprinkled with intruding thoughts of you here and there."
_____"Is that so?" Tamera felt herself smiling.
_____"No doubt ma."
_____Tamera leaned back in her chair, she instantly felt sexy, alive and sneaky all at once. Alex made her feel the same way last week, her flirting, her smile, her eyes-- so full of lust for Tamera!
_____"So Tee what's up?" Alex asked. “You gonna let me hit that or what?"
_____"Dam, just like that?" Alex's question shocked her, but at the same time she found her forwardness a turn on.
_____"Yeah ma' just like that, c'mon now when I gave you my number, I told you don't call unless you down." Alex reminded her.
_____“I-I know," Tamera wasn't used to this. "I ahhh, I just thought that...”
_____"Thought that what?" interrupted Alex.
_____Tamera took a deep breath. "Hell, I don't know what I thought."
_____"It's cool ma, what time you take ya lunch break?"
_____"About 1."
_____"How long you got?"
_____"An hour." Tamera answered, she felt her heart beating faster.
_____"That's not long enough," Alex told her. "Can you get off a couple hours early?"
_____Tamera squeezed her thighs together, a familiar throbbing began between her legs. "Yes."
_____"Ok, well meet me at the Radisson, off Philmore," Alex instructed. "You know where that is?"
_____Tamera squeezed her thighs together again. "Yes, I know."
_____"Be there about 2, I'll leave a key at the desk for you."
_____"Ok.' "Cool, I'll see you then." "Yeah, ok."
_____"Oh, by the way, I know it's alil cold out and shyt, so come NAKED, just ya coat and shoes!"
_____"Make it happen, see you at 2." Alex hung up. Tamera just stared at the phone in disbelief. "what the fuck?"
_____She placed the phone back in its cradle and sat there still tripping off Alex.
_____"What the fuck am I doing?" she asked herself, but the throbbing between her legs told her what she was doing and why. She took a deep breath, if she was going to leave work early today, she had a few things that required her immediate attention. She was about to pick up the phone and request some files, but her cell phone rang. She looked at the screen...the words "BABY" flashed across it.
_____"Heeeeey Baby." she answered. "Hey gurl, you busy?"
_____"About to be, but you know I always have time for you," Tamera spoke seductively. "What’s up?"
_____“I’m gonna be free for lunch, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite."
_____"Awwwww baby I wish I could, but I'm gonna have to work through lunch today." Tamera didn't feel she was really lying, after all if she was going to meet up with Alex, she would have to work through lunch.
_____"Oh ok, well remember we are going over to that lil thing at Moni's house after work."
_____SHIT!!! Tamera thought, she completely forgot about that! "What time is that?" She asked.
_____"6, you get off at 4:30, that will be just enough time for you to get home and get ready."
_____"Dam baby, I'm workin through lunch today and I have to stay late." Tamera lied. "I don't know what time I'm gonna get outta here." There was silence on the other end and Tamera felt guilt began to creep up on her.
_____" Baby?"
_____"You mad?" asked Tamera, already knowing the answer.
_____"You know what, just do ya work thing, I'm gonna go on and go, but when you get off, if you feel like coming over, then come over, if not call me and I'll come home, how's that."
_____At that very instant Tamera felt like shit, and the longer she talked, the worse she was going to feel. She had to end their conversation before something was said to make her change her mind about meeting Alex. "Baby I have to go, I'll call you if things change my way ok." Tamera said.
_____"Ok, see you when you get home."
_____"Yeah." Tamera said then hung up the phone.

_____Tamera opened the room door and stepped inside. the sight of candles and rose petals on the floor surrounding the bed greeted her, along with Alex who was standing in the middle of the room dressed in a sports bra and boxers, holding a small jewelry box.
_____Tamera shut the door then walked over to Alex. She felt herself shiver and although she knew she wasn't cold, she pulled the coat tighter against her naked body.
_____"No need for that in here." Alex told her. Tamera unbuttoned the coat revealing her caramel skin. "Daaaaam Ma." Alex said lowly as she pushed the coat off of Tamera's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. "You are too dam fine."
_____I betta be, Tamera thought to herself. All that working out I do isn't only to stay healthy, it's to have a woman look at me the way your ass is starin' at me now.
_____"Turn around ma" Alex instructed. Tamera did so. Alex admired Tamera's body, her 5'5 frame was almost flawless, nice even skin tone, flat stomach, full breast, and now that she had her back to her Alex got to get a good look at her ass and legs. APPLE BOTTOM was all she thought.
_____"Ma the ways I'm gonna fuck you will be legendary." Alex told her. Tamera turned to face her. "Is that so?"
_____“Fa sho." Alex assured her, then held the jewelry box out to her. "Wear this for me ok."
_____Tamera took it, she slowly opened the box revealing a necklace with the letter "A" encrusted with diamonds, attached. "It's Platinum." Alex told her. Tamera removed it from the box. "you like it?"
_____"Yes," replied Tamera, "but I can't keep this, I mean you know I can't."
_____Alex stepped closer to her. "Yes you can and you will." She began, "I know you belong to someone else, but while you are here, you belong to me ma."
_____They both stared at each other, both of their eyes filled with lust. Without a word being spoken, Tamera gave the necklace to Alex then turned around. She felt Alex's warm breath on her neck as she put the necklace on her.
_____"Shall we begin?" Alex whispered in her ear. Tamera, to filled with desire to speak, managed to nod her head yes.

_____The first drop of candle wax caused Tamera to moan out loudly and as quickly as the burning sensation began, it faded away, only to be replaced with a fresh drop.
_____Tamera lay in the center of the bed, her hands tied to the post with silk scarves, and a blindfold over her eyes.
_____Another drop of hot wax hit her left nipple. "Shyt," she moaned. Another drop, something cold, hit the same breast. She felt the cold drops on her breast, then her stomach, trails of water trickled down her sides. Just as she'd gotten comfortable with the drops of cold water, she felt hot wax on her skin again. The constant alternating between the hot wax and cold drops of water brought her to her first climax.
_____Alex waited until Tamera's orgasm passed before she touched her again. "Open your legs." Alex instructed. Tamera did so, allowing Alex to see just how wet she'd become. She touched the tip of Tamera's clit with her finger, causing her to jump. "relax ma." Alex told her as she placed her hand over Tamera's pussy, she slowly slide her hand up and down, allowing her middle finger to lightly touch her clit. Tamera's wetness made her up and down motions seem effortless. "Ohhh daam that feels nice." Tamera moaned.
_____Alex couldn't deny herself any longer. She positioned herself, traditional style, head between Tamera's legs, she gently spread her lips apart and using only the tip of her tongue, she softly licked Tamera's pussy.
_____"Ohhhhh shyt." Tamera felt like she was melting in Alex's mouth. Alex licked Tamera's inner lips and each side of her clit, careful not to touch it. She ran her tongue from the top of Tamera's pussy, down to the entrance and pushed her tongue inside. She heard Tamera moan loudly then began to tremble. "I-I-I'm gonna cu-cum." announced Tamera.
_____Alex kept her tongue moving in and out of her at a slow pace until she tasted Tamera's juices. Alex didn't stop licking her, instead she began to use her lips more, making sure each lick, each suck, each twirl of her tongue felt better than the last one. Alex ate Tamera with a slow, deliberate passion, building orgasm after orgasm up in Tamera and tasting each release. Tamera could not stand the teasing anymore and Alex knew this, she finally let her tongue rest against Tamera's clit and twirled her tongue around slowly.
_____"Oooooooohhhhhh yeeessssss." Tamera moaned, her breathing quickened. "Ohhh goood yes, thats so-so fuckin' good Alexis." Alex enclosed her lips around Tamera's clit and sucked ever so gently. Tamera screamed out and another orgasm took over her body. She felt as if she could not stop cumming, she had no time to calm down from one, before Alex caused another one. She felt Alex lips against her clit again, this time Alex pushed her hood back exposing the head. The first Flick of her tongue caused Tamera to raise her hips up off the bed, Alex looked up at her with a cocky grin on her face.
_____She flicked her tongue over Tamera's clit again, then eased 2 fingers inside of her.
_____"Oh shyt, oh shyt!" Tamera moaned then came again, her juices coating Alex's fingers.
_____Alex didn't give her a chance to recover, instead she began to flick her clit with her tongue using a pace so slow and gentle, it cause Tamera's eyes to roll into the back of her head. Alex kept fingering her, keeping her strokes on the same rhythm as her tongue flicks.
_____Tamera thought she was going to pass out, as an orgasm caused her hips to rise higher off the bed Alex, not missing a beat, pulled her back down and sped up her tongue flicks and finger strokes. The sounds coming from Tamera let Alex know it was time. She pushed her 2 fingers deep inside of Tamera, and then sucked her clit.
_____"Oh dam-dam, jus-just lik-like that!" Tamera told her. Alex pushed deeper and Tamera came again, her body trembling. "Fu-fuck me Alexis, fuck me now!"
_____Alex was all too happy to honor her request, she positioned herself on top of Tamera and entered her hard and fast. Tamera's sudden intake of breath made Alex remove the blind fold.
_____"Untie me." Tamera said, her breathing rapid. Alex reached up and freed one of Tamera's hands; Tamera freed herself from he other. She wrapped her legs around Alex's waist. "Fuck me." she pleaded.
_____Alex began to move in and out of her with long deep strokes. Tamera's moans filled the room
_____"Right there, oo weee right there." She moaned into Alex's ear, "that's so good."
_____When Alex began to rotate her hips and rock back and forth, she felt Tamera bite into her shoulder, then tremble. "You strokin it so fuckin good."
_____Alex rose up and balanced herself on her hands, she and Tamera caught each others rhythm and stared into each others eyes. Tamera spread her legs wider and grabbed Alex's ass pushing her deeper into her, Meeting her stroke for stroke.
_____Alex felt the first orgasm ripping through her body and she sped up her strokes.
_____“Look at me," she heard Tamera say, "look at me when you cum." She did, and the first of many orgasms caused her to moan loudly.

_____When Tamera looked at the clock it was 6:19pm. She and Alex had fucked up until 5:45. All over the room.
_____She knew she was going to be sore, it had been along time since she had allowed herself to be fucked as hard and as long as Alex had fucked her. The position Alex managed to get her in, could easily be consider as sexual yoga, and she was certain one of the positions had not made it into the kuma sutra yet.
_____Yep she was going to be sore, but it was indeed worth and indeed going to be legendary. She looked down at Alex as she slept. "Thank you for a great fuck." she said lowly, then removed the necklace from around her neck and lay it on the pillow.

_____It was 8pm when Tamera arrived at Moni's house. She saw Baby’s car and hoped that she wouldn't be to upset.
_____"Dam gurl I didn't think you were gonna make it," her friend Mia told her as she entered the house.
_____"I had to work late." the lie easily slide from her lips
_____"Now you know you can't be sendin' that fine as woman of yours out alone." Mia teased
_____"Why do you think I'm here," replied Tamera, "I can't let you heffas get my baby." They both laughed.
_____Tamera glanced the room over quickly, spottin' her woman and another friend of hers talking. She made her way over to where they stood. "Hey baby," Tamera spoke.
_____"Heeey, I didn't think you were gonna make it, you didn't call."
_____"Well my ass was rushing," another lie, "besides I see Lisa was keepin you company."
_____"We were just talkin' about you Tee." Lisa told her. Tamera forced a smiled but thought,. yeah I bet.
_____The three of them stood there talking, but Tamera found her thoughts drifting back to the hotel. "You ok Tamera?" Baby asked. "We can leave if you are tired."
_____"No I'm good."
_____Tamera smiled, "yeah Baby."
_____Tamera was just about to suggest they got get something to drink when she heard someone call out "ALEXIS!"
_____She froze for a moment, the sound of Alexis' name caused her to tremble slightly.
_____"Alexis i know yo ass hear me!" Moni's voice shouted over conversation and music. 'Bring that bottle of hpnotiq over here, ok."
_____Baby looked at Tamera, she pulled her close to her and whispered. "You forgot this." She held up a platinum necklace with the letter "A" encrusted in diamonds, Tamera smiled then turned around so Baby could put it on her. Baby kissed the back of her neck softly. "Let me take Moni this dam hpnotiq before she starts shouting my gotdam name all over this house again." She said. "Ill be right back, don’t you move ma'"
_____"I'll be right here, baby."
_____Alexis smiled, "and next time ya fine ass betta wake me up, had me gettin here all late n shyt."

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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