K. Michelle

_____Stacey scolded herself as she rushed to class. She was late. A stalled car had brought traffic to a crawl, and her usual twenty-minute drive became a one and a half- hour nightmare. Although her tardiness was obviously not her fault, she had always lived her life with the saying ‘no excuses, just get the job done’. When she finally found a place to park on campus, she quickly grabbed her briefcase and alternated between a brisk walk and a slow jog to her first class of the semester. She quietly entered the classroom and took the first empty seat she saw. Luckily, the instructor was still calling roll and hadn’t reached Stacey’s name on the list. Just as she settled herself in, she heard her name. “Stacey Wallace?”
_____“Here,” Stacey answered as she raised her hand. When she looked up at the instructor, their eyes met, and what was supposed to be just a glance to acknowledge one another was almost a stare between them. The instructor, finally shaken from her trance, continued to call roll while Stacey continued to look at her. Then she noticed the name written on the white board—‘Dr. Michelle Andrews’. “She is so fine,” Stacey unintentionally whispered. That was a thought she wanted to keep to herself. She looked around to see if anyone had heard her. When she noticed that no one looked her way, her eyes fell on Dr. Andrews again. She admired the confident way she walked back and forth across the room as she lectured and the way she used her hands to get her point across. Dr. Andrews was about 5’7” tall, 130 pounds, had almond-colored skin and a short haircut that accentuated her pretty face. She was wearing a form-fitted skirt suit that hugged the curves of her waist and hips and accented her beautiful legs.
_____Dr. Andrews tried to keep her eyes moving around the room while she addressed her students, but her glance was uncontrollably drawn to Stacey. And each time their eyes met, Stacey smiled at her in a way that made it obvious she liked what she saw. It was easy for her to get away with flirting because she had a seat in the back of the room where only a few of the other students could see her. Besides, the professor was a very engaging lecturer, so she had everyone’s full attention. She didn’t just stand in the front of the class—she walked up and down the aisles and asked for the comments and opinions of her students while she lectured. It was a little difficult for the professor to keep her train of thought throughout the lecture as Stacey’s stare continued to penetrate her.
_____Dr. Andrews was able to get through her lecture in spite of the distracting though pleasurable attention Stacy had given her. She excused the class early so that they could get to the bookstore before it closed to pick up the required texts. She watched Stacey leave the room before her attention went to the students waiting to talk to her about adding the class.
Stacey waited just outside the door for Dr. Andrews. She had never been so attracted to anyone before, nor had she been so flirtatious—definitely not with a university professor. But the chemistry between them was so strong that she had to explore the possibility of dating. As she waited, she wondered what she would say. What would Dr. Andrews think about dating one of her students? Did she even date women? Although she was extremely nervous, she decided to wait anyway.
_____Ten minutes later, Dr. Andrews emerged from the classroom alone. “Um, Dr. Andrews, may I speak with you a moment?”
_____“Okay, walk with me to my office. I have to pick up some materials before I head home. It’s Stacey, right?”
_____“Yes, Stacey Wallace.”
_____“It’s nice to formally meet you, Stacey.”
_____“It’s nice to meet you as well, Professor.”
_____Stacey asked a lot of questions about the syllabus and the class assignments as they walked. Dr. Andrews was very accommodating and answered all of her questions. When they arrived at the office, they discussed the brutality of the dissertation process and what it would take to get through it. The professor shared her own experiences and gave Stacey some advice.
_____After asking as many questions as she could possibly think to ask about school, Stacey was finally able to gather enough courage and asked, “Dr. Andrews, would you go out with me and maybe have coffee?” Before waiting for an answer, she continued. “You may think that I am crazy to ask a college professor out on a date, but I’m so attracted to you I just had to take the chance.” All of this brought a huge smile to the professor’s face.
_____“Stacey, I admire your courage, and I admit that I’m attracted to you as well. But there are some issues to consider.”
_____“Are you already seeing someone?” Stacey asked hesitantly.
_____With a slight chuckle, the professor answered, “No, there’s no one else.” Stacey flashed a smile that was full of joy and relief.
_____“I know that it is probably considered unethical for a tenured university professor to date a student, but I’m 28 years old and a Ph.D. candidate. I…”
_____“Stacey, yes there is a moral code that I’m expected to uphold. And I am much older than 28. You’ll probably find my interests boring, and I won’t be able to keep up with you and your friends.”
_____“Professor, with all due respect, my friends have nothing to do with this, and it’s you I’m interested in, not them. There is no way that I would find you boring. I admit that I have never dated an older woman, but I have been attracted to a few. I’ve just never had the nerve to show my interest…until now. Besides, I bet you’re not even 40 yet.” Professor Andrews smiled.
_____“I’m 45, Stacey. And how do you know that you won’t be bored with me if you’ve never dated anyone my age?”
_____“How do you know that I will be bored? My intuition has always been good to me, and I just feel that we’re compatible. Haven’t you ever been so sure of something that you wouldn’t let anyone else’s reasoning sway you? By the way, you do look good for your age.
_____“Thank you for the compliment, Stacey.” Professor Andrews tried to keep her composure and remain professional. She knew she should not be having this conversation with a student, but it was hard for her to resist Stacey. She was 5’9” tall, 145 pounds, had smooth caramel colored skin, light brown locs, a smile that lit up a room, and big beautiful brown eyes that were so penetrating that her gaze was able to reach inside and touch your heart. And she had a hold on the professor’s heart that she could not shake.
_____“But…,” Professor Andrews tried to say as Stacey interrupted her.
_____“Let me offer a simple proposition before you say no, Professor.” Stacey looked directly into her eyes. “Just have coffee with me. Take the time to get to know me better. At the end of our date, if you tell me that you can’t see me anymore, I’ll leave it at that. I’ll accept the fact that I can only be your student. However, if you see that we have a lot in common, and we get along well and everything is just wonderful, you have to give us a chance. Oh, and by the way, discretion is my middle name. No one will ever have a clue that we are dating, and I promise to keep our personal relationship separate from the one we’ll have at school. I’ll even transfer to another class if necessary.”
_____The professor was finding it more and more difficult to say no. Stacey was so cute and charming, and she was awakening all of these feelings that Professor Andrews hadn’t felt in years. She finally gave in.
_____“Okay,” she said softly.
_____“Yes, you said yes?” Stacey asked, barely able to contain her excitement.
_____“I said yes, I’ll go out with you.”
_____“Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! Professor, you will not be sorry.”
_____“Tell me something. Why is this so important to you? You’re a very attractive woman, and I’m sure you have no trouble getting a date.”
_____This is true, but I’m very particular about who I go out with. More importantly, there is a strong attraction between us, and the chemistry is undeniable. I was not going to let an opportunity like this pass me by. The question is how is it that you are single? It’s hard to believe that any woman lucky enough to persuade you to go out with her would ever let you go.”
_____“Well, I, too am selective about who I date. Besides, some women just don’t realize what they have,” she said laughing.
_____“Hey, I know that’s right. So I guess I’ve earned a place among the selected few, haven’t I?”
_____“I guess you have,” the professor said softly.
_____“So, when are you available?” Stacey asked. Dr. Andrews just looked at Stacey for a while and smiled. She still wasn’t sure about what she was getting herself into, but the prospect of dating again felt so good.
_____“Do you have class tomorrow night?” the professor asked.
_____“No, I’m free after 3:00.”
_____“Okay, there’s a nice little coffeehouse on the pier that has a beautiful view of the ocean. Can we meet there?”
_____“That sounds wonderful, Professor.”
_____“Good, then we have a date. By the way, off campus, please call me Michelle.”
_____“Oh, yeah, I guess that would be a good idea.” They both laughed and exchanged phone numbers before saying goodbye.
_____Stacey was so excited. She bought her textbooks then went home to find something nice to wear for her date the next evening. When she really thought about what she had done, she was amazed. She actually asked a respected university professor out on a date, and she said yes! She decided that it just had to be fate. She went to bed thinking about Michelle and fell asleep with a smile on her face.
_____After Stacey left, Michelle sat and thought about what had just happened. The professor in her was concerned about what university officials would say should they find out. The woman in her was happy, excited and looking forward to spending time with Stacey. It had been so long since someone had made her smile so brightly and her heart dance with joy. She gathered her things and headed home with thoughts of Stacey filling her mind.
_____The next morning, Stacey woke up full of excitement and confidence. She was excited about her date, of course, and confident that she would win Michelle’s affections. She arrived at work a little earlier than usual. She was a community college instructor and wanted to make sure she had her lessons prepared for the following day so that she could leave promptly at 3:00. When she arrived home, she found a message from Michelle on her answering machine. ‘Hi, Stacey. I wasn’t expecting to catch you at home—I just wanted to confirm that I’ll be at the coffeehouse at 5:00, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you. Well, until then.’ Stacey smiled then ran to her bedroom to get ready. She decided to wear blue jeans, a white, form-fitting, short-sleeved midriff blouse and blue canvas loafers. Though she usually wore them up, she let her light brown shoulder-length locs hang, which added to her sexiness.
_____Stacey arrived at the coffeehouse at 4:50. When she stepped inside, Michelle was already there reading a newspaper. Little did Stacey know, the newspaper was used as a cover to mask Michelle’s anxiety. She had been there since 4:30 and looking from her watch to the parking lot ever since. But she didn’t see Stacey walk in.
_____“Hi, Michelle,” Stacey said smiling.
_____“Hey, Stacey. I’m glad you could make it,” Michelle said as she folded the newspaper. “Please have a seat.”
_____“Thanks. That must have been an interesting article you were reading. I was able to sneak up on you without a problem.”
_____“Oh, it was just a short piece on a new restaurant opening in Santa Monica. You look very nice.”
_____“Thank you very much. You look nice yourself.” Michelle was wearing tan gabardine slacks and a sleeveless bone-colored button-down blouse and brown leather loafers.
_____“Thank you,” said Michelle. She looked into Stacey’s eyes and asked, “How do you do that?”
_____“What’s that,” Stacey asked.
_____“You have the most beautiful eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times, but has anyone ever told you that you have the ability to hold someone else’s gaze even if she wants to look away?”
_____“Stacey flashed that smile again. Are you telling me that I’m able to do that to you?”
_____“Oh, yeah.”
_____“Well, I’ve gotten compliments on my eyes, but never in quite that way. Thank you. It seems that I have a slight advantage.”
_____“Wait a minute—don’t get too cocky over there,” Michelle said laughing.
_____“Hey, I’m not trying to be cocky—just convincing. I just want to help you to realize that we are right for each another.”
_____“What makes you so sure of that?”
_____“Well, as I’ve said before, we immediately connected. And I just feel it. Everything inside of me says that you’re the one. And we’re sitting here together against your better judgment. If it wasn’t right, you wouldn’t be here. I promise to rid you of all apprehension.”
_____“You are confident—I’ll give you that.” Michelle could not deny it—at least not to herself—that Stacey was saying all the right things and there was such sincerity in her eyes. They hadn’t even had their coffee yet, and she knew she wanted to see her again after tonight.
_____“But I’m also sincere,” Stacey said. “You’ll see. So, are you ready for coffee?”
_____“What would you like?”
_____“I’d like to have a mocha topped with whipped cream.”
_____“Okay, I’ll be right back.”
_____As Stacey went over to the counter to order the coffee, Michelle watched her walk and so many questions flooded her mind. ‘She’s even got a sexy walk! What am I going to do? Is she too good to be true? Can a relationship work with a younger woman? Is she as mature as she appears? Will we be able to keep our intimate relationship separate from the one we have on campus? She is educated, sophisticated, charismatic, sexy, beautiful, and it’s obvious she really likes me. What more can I ask for?’
_____“They’re going to bring the coffee to the table when it’s ready,” Stacey said as she returned. “So, did you miss me?”_____
_____“Yes, I did miss you,” Michelle chuckled. So, tell me, what do you want to do with that Ph.D. after you get it?”
_____“Well, right now I’m teaching Freshman Composition at the community college. I want to teach at the university level.”
_____“Outstanding! I’m impressed. Do you plan to teach composition at the university level as well?”
_____“Actually, I want to teach literature—especially African-American Literature.”
_____“That’s wonderful! And how’s everything going so far?”
_____“It’s fine. This is my first year in the program, and I’m trying to decide on what subject I want to write my dissertation.”
_____“Stacey, that is great. It always warms my heart to see a sista taking her education to the highest level.”
_____“Thank you. But I want to here about you. How long have you been teaching at the university?”
_____“I got my first position when I was 30 years old. I’ve taught in my current position for the past ten years, and I’ve been tenured for two years. I really enjoy my job, and I have a pretty good rapport with the faculty in my department and my students.”
_____“That’s great. My dream is to someday become a tenured professor. You must be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.”
_____“Yes, I am. Stacey, you’re headed in the right direction. I’m sure you’ll do everything you put your mind to do. What are some of the things you like to do to have fun?”
_____“Well, I like to stay in shape, so in addition to weight training and aerobics, I play in a couple of basketball leagues—one in the winter and one in the summer. I also like hiking, biking and golf. My golf game sucks, but I keep trying because I like the challenge. I love outdoor jazz concerts, museums, plays, and watching all types of sports. I hope to begin traveling to other countries soon. Believe it or not, I’m really a homebody. Being at home is what keeps me sane in this world of work, work, work. Just turn on some soft music, light some candles and I’m in heaven. I spend time with my family as well. What about you—what do you like to do?
_____“I enjoy a concert, indoors or out. I like plays and museums. I’ve never really played sports, but I enjoy watching them—especially football. I do aerobics 3-4 times per week. At least once a month, I take a blanket, a continental breakfast and a book to the beach early in the morning and read to my heart’s content. I love to cook while listening to jazz and R&B. Every weekend, I’m in the backyard working in my garden. It’s very relaxing after a long week at work. I’ve traveled to a few countries, but by no means am I through. During the week, I spend my early mornings writing short stories. I’ve had two books of non-fiction published, but my passion is fiction. Writing is also therapeutic for me. And…I believe I’ve covered everything. Most of my time is spent at home with cooking, gardening and writing. I have a niece and a nephew who spend time with me one or two weekends a month. They’re teenagers now, so lately they’ve been spending more and more time with they’re friends.”
_____“I can see that you stay busy. I’m going to love getting to know you better,” Stacey said looking deep into Michelle’s eyes.
_____“Oh, really?”
_____“Yes, really.”
_____“So, you’re still convinced that we will continue dating after tonight?” Michelle asked pretending to be unsure about her decision to date Stacey. The truth was that she knew that she definitely wanted to continue to see her even before their date at the coffeehouse. Little did Stacey know that she had Michelle in the palm of her hand.
_____“Nothing will make me change my mind about that.” said Stacey. “I’m convinced that we’re destined to be together. We already have some things in common.”
_____They talked for hours about past relationships, their families, politics, teaching, writing and any other subjects that came up. As the hours passed, they sat closer to one another, and their conversation lowered to a near whisper. Neither of them even thought about dinner, nor did they get past that first cup of coffee. They were simply into one another.
_____“Last call!” yelled the coffee server. Michelle looked at her watch. It was 9:55.
_____“Stacey, it’s almost 10:00.
_____“You’re kidding,” Stacey said as she looked at her watch. “I’m sorry for keeping you out so late.”
_____“I have had a wonderful time, Stacey. I’m out this late because I want to be with you.”
_____“Okay. I’m glad because I definitely want to be with you. And this is the perfect segue to my next question.” Michelle looked at her with a suspicious smile. “Now, I’m sure you remember my proposition to you. The agreement was that if we had a lot in common, and we got along great, you would give us a chance. I’m not even going to repeat the flip side of the deal because it’s irrelevant. So, Michelle Andrews, will you go out with me again?”
_____Michelle just looked at her with a big smile and said, “Yes, Stacey Wallace, I will go out with you again.”
_____“I have to tell you, Michelle, that you have just put the icing on the cake. I just know that this is the beginning of something very special. So, what do you think about that new restaurant in Santa Monica you were reading about when I came in? Do you think that it’s worth trying?”
_____“It sounds good. It’s southwestern style, and I love food cooked on the grill.”
_____“So do I. Would you like to try it?”
_____“I would—I’ve been so busy writing lately that I haven’t taken the time to go out to a nice restaurant…it’s been about three months.”
_____“Oh, yeah, you’re way overdue. How’s Saturday evening for you?”
_____“Saturday is open—I’m just doing some writing early that morning.”
_____“Good. If you don’t mind, I’d like to pick you up for our second date.”
_____“Okay, I would like that.” Michelle was still having a difficult time believing that Stacey was for real. She knew that she was sincere—it all just felt like a wonderful dream. She knew that Stacey would rid her of all inhibitions, and that was scary because no one has been able to do that since she was in her early twenties. But she just couldn’t help sitting back and enjoying the ride.
_____“Well, I guess we’d better get out of here before they lock us in,” Stacey said.
_____“Thank you very much, Stacey. I’ve had such a nice time.”
_____“Thank you—it was my pleasure.”
_____Stacey walked Michelle to her car, which happened to be parked right next to hers. They talked about how good the ocean breeze felt and what a nice spot it was for a coffeehouse. Suddenly, Stacey put her arms around Michelle’s waist, pulled her close, looked into her eyes, and softly kissed her on the lips. Her soft touch took Michelle’s breath away—she couldn’t protest even if she wanted to. Stacey then pulled her closer and kissed her again—this time Michelle’s lips parted, and she held Stacey’s face in her hands. Stacey softly caressed Michelle’s tongue with her own, and they both moaned their pleasure. After the kiss, they just held one another for a moment.
_____“Okay,” Stacey whispered in her ear. “I’m going to let you go home before I do something we’re not ready for. Call me when you get there, okay?”
_____“Okay,” Michelle whispered back. That was all she was able to say. Stacey opened the car door for her, closed it and watched her drive away.
_____On the way home, all Stacey could think about was Michelle. This must be what they mean by ‘love at first sight,’ she thought to herself. She knew that she had to move slowly with Michelle. She was able to get a second date with her, which in Stacey’s eyes, was a huge accomplishment. Although Michelle accepted the kiss, Stacey would not be satisfied that everything was okay until they talked that night. When she got home, she checked her answering service. She knew that Michelle wouldn’t be home for another fifteen minutes, but she was just so anxious to talk to her.
_____Michelle was beside herself with excitement. She tried to contain her feelings because she was still a little worried that Stacey may lose interest in her because of their age difference. She tried not to think about that so she could just enjoy what was happening to her, but those negative thoughts kept creeping in. She decided she would be honest with Stacey about how she felt about her. This was so out of character for Michelle. She was always cool, collected and in control, especially after a first date. But Stacey has touched her in a place that she didn’t even know existed. When she got home, she immediately called her.
_____“Hey, you made it home okay?”
_____“Yes, I did, and you?”
_____“That was the best drive home of my life.”
_____“Why is that?”
_____“Because my mind was filled with thoughts of you.”
_____“I’ve been thinking about you, too. Stacey, if you’re not too sleepy, I’d like to talk for a moment, okay?”
_____“Okay, is everything alright?”
_____“Everything is fine. I just wanted to tell you…I really enjoy being with you. You make me feel like a teenager again. I love the way we talk to each other, and no one has ever looked at me the way you do. I just melt inside. And I’ve definitely never been kissed the way you kissed me. As beautiful as you are, I would never have thought that our date would be so wonderful. I feel like millions of butterflies are fluttering in my stomach. There was a part of me that thought you would lose interest once we had a chance to talk.”
_____“Michelle, we are perfect for each other. I have never felt this good with anyone. While we were at the coffeehouse, I just kept asking myself how it was possible that you’re single. I must have some competition out there somewhere. When we kissed, I never wanted to stop. I felt like I was melting into you. It felt so good to hold you close to me. You’ll find that all those thoughts you have about me losing interest in you will disappear. It’s not going to happen. I admit that I am a little afraid, too, but I have no doubt that this is right. There is no way that I would let you go.”
_____“You mean that, don’t you?”
_____“Of course, I do. I wish that we were together right now. I am so excited about Saturday, I feel as though I’m going to burst. We should just go with our feelings. We only live once. And there is no way that I’m going to let a little thing like age interfere with our happiness.”
_____“Stacey, you’re right. We should just go with our feelings. Oh, and by the way, you have no competition out there. And even if there was, she wouldn’t have a chance against you.”
_____“Thank you. That makes me feel so good. Have faith—everything will be okay.”
_____“Well, I’m sure you have a busy day tomorrow, so I’ll let you get some sleep. Dream about me—I’ll be dreaming about you.”
_____“You’ll definitely be in my dreams, Stacey. Sleep well, and I’ll call you tomorrow night.”
_____“I’ll be waiting. Good night.”
_____“Good night.”
_____Michelle called Stacey at around 9:00 Friday night. They decided that they should leave for the restaurant on Saturday at 5:30 for a 6:00 reservation. They talked about wanting to see each other before Saturday, but agreed that they should be practical and wait so that they wouldn’t get behind in work or school. The truth was that neither of them wanted to move too quickly. Michelle’s little voice of reason was telling her that as wonderful as Stacey was, she should not take anything for granted. Stacey knew that Michelle was being cautious, and she didn’t want to scare her away. So she got the directions to Michelle’s home and they said good night.
_____On Saturday morning, Michelle started her day at 6:00. She had breakfast and read the newspaper, then began writing. By 8:30, she had written only one page. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop thinking about the way Stacey looks at her, or the sensuous way she touched her. ‘My feelings have gone way beyond lust,’ she thought to herself. ‘If it were only lust, I wouldn’t have any trouble controlling that. This woman has touched my soul, but how is that possible after one date? Is this what they mean by love at first sight?’ She decided to call her. As she was reaching for the phone, it rang.
_____“Hi, sexy.”
_____“Stacey…hi,” Michelle said giggling.
_____“Am I disturbing your writing?”
_____“Actually, I almost had the phone in my hand to call you.”
_____“Really? That’s a good sign. We share the same thoughts. How is the writing going?”
_____“Not so good.”
_____“No. I’m having some trouble concentrating because a you are monopolizing my thoughts."
_____“I’m sorry. But if it makes you feel any better, I’ve picked up the phone at least ten times since 7:00 to call you. I didn’t want to interrupt your flow. But I couldn’t stand it anymore. I just had to talk to you.”
_____“I just had to hear your voice, Stacey. I miss you so much.”
_____“I miss you, too,” Stacey said softly. “I can’t wait to see you.”
_____“But the anticipation adds to the excitement, doesn’t it?”
_____“Yeah, it does. Believe it or not, I’ve managed to get through the assigned readings for your class.”
_____“Really? What did you think?”
_____“Honestly, it’s not the most interesting subject matter, but I know it’s necessary.”
_____Michelle laughed. “I know it’s boring when you’re reading, but I promise you that my lectures will be engaging. I haven’t had a student fall asleep on me yet.”
_____“I don’t doubt that at all. You have engaged me since I first laid eyes on you. I can actually say that I’m looking forward to every Tuesday evening with you.”
_____“Thank you, Stacey.”
_____“You’re very welcome. I’m not going to keep you on the phone long. I wanted to say hi, and I was secretly hoping that you would beg me to come see you this morning—just kidding.”
_____“I do wish we were together, but this evening is going to be so nice.”
_____“I feel that, too, Michelle. Okay, I’ll see you at 5:30.”
_____“Okay, bye.”
_____“Bye, Baby.”
_____Stacey arrived at Michelle’s house at 5:25. She was wearing a navy blue double-breasted pants suit and carrying an arm full of roses. When the front door opened, she almost dropped the flowers. Michelle was wearing a red sleeveless dress that hugged every curve and stopped about three inches above the knee. She wore red leather pumps that enhanced the beauty of her legs. Stacey’s mouth fell open, then a big smile spread across her face. She was speechless.
_____“Hi, are those for me?” Michelle asked.
_____“Oh, yeah, hi, Baby. Stacey finally snapped out of her trance.
_____“They’re beautiful! You are such a sweetheart. Come on in while I put these in water. You look nice.”
_____“Michelle, you are beautiful. Are you really going out with me?”
_____“I’ve been looking forward to this ever since we made the date.”
_____“So have I. You have a nice place.”
_____“Thank you. I’ll show you around when we get back. Are you ready to go?”
_____“I’m more than ready.”
_____The restaurant was surprisingly romantic. The lights were turned down, the tables were decorated with candles and jazz music played softly. Stacey and Michelle sat at a table that gave them the privacy they needed to talk and get to know each other better. There was a great selection of wine, and the food was delicious. When they were finished eating, Michelle noticed that Stacey had gotten very quiet, which was very unlike her.
_____“What are you thinking about?” Michelle asked. Stacey leaned toward her and looked deeply into her eyes.
_____“I want to ask you something, but I don’t know if now is the right time.”
_____“Stacey, you can ask me anything at any time. What is it?”
_____“Well…I was wondering if…is it too soon to ask you if we can date each other exclusively? I realize it may be too early for you to decide, but…”
_____“Stacey, Sweetheart, it’s okay. Listen, I’m just going to lay it on the line….You have me—I’m not even going to try to deny it. You hold me captive with your eyes, and your touch is intoxicating. You’re kind, considerate, you make me laugh—you’re beautiful inside and out. Nobody can compete with all that.”
_____“I don’t know what to say. Michelle, I can’t tell you how happy I am. You know, I’ve been talking with a lot of confidence about us, but I have to confess that I was so afraid that you were going to feel that I was just too young for you.”
_____“Well, initially I did think that you were too young, but I had nothing to back up that argument. You’ve been saying and doing all the right things, and I’ve been having such a good time.”
_____“It’s just begun, Michelle. We’re going to have a great time. You won’t be disappointed.”
_____“I have no doubt about that. I feel we’ll both be happy.”
_____After dinner, they took a drive along the coast and stopped to watch the sunset before going home. This evening was going much better than Stacey had hoped for. She was with the woman of her dreams, and that woman wanted to be with her as well. As they rode home, Stacey held Michelle’s hand with a look of total contentment on her face. Michelle smiled and squeezed Stacey’s hand.
_____“Would you like to come in?” Michelle asked as they pulled into the driveway. “I made a strawberry cheesecake I’d like you to try.”
_____“You didn’t think I was going to leave, did you? You owe me a tour of your house, remember?”
_____“Yes, I remember. I haven’t forgotten.”
_____“Okay, I’m ready.” They held hands as they walked to the door.
_____“Come in, relax, make yourself at home. I’ll be right back.”
_____Stacey took her jacket off and sat on the sofa.
_____“I’m back,” Michelle said. “I hope you don’t mind that I’ve taken my shoes off.”
_____“Of course, not. You should be comfortable in your own home.”
_____“I agree. Now, for the cheesecake. Would you like coffee?”
_____“Sure, do you need some help?”
_____“No thanks, I’ve got it. I’ll be right there.”
_____“Okay. How long have you lived here?”
_____“I bought this house right after accepting the teaching position here—so about ten years.”
_____“I like it.”
_____“Thank you, Sweetie. I’ve really enjoyed living here.” Michelle walked into the living room with a tray and set it on the coffee table. “Now, I made this from scratch.” She took a fork-full of the cheesecake and fed it to Stacey. “Tell me what you think, honestly.”
_____“Ummm, this is delicious!”
_____“Yes, really. I’m serious—it’s the best I’ve had. You told me you liked to cook, but you didn’t tell me how good you were. Mmm, this is wonderful.”
_____“Thanks, I’m glad you like it. Have a much as you’d like.”
Stacey was so intoxicated by Michelle that she wanted to make love to her right there on the couch. She was beginning to think that the cheesecake was an aphrodisiac. Michelle’s beauty, her scent, the sensuousness in her voice, and her body’s sexy curves were driving her crazy. She wanted the timing to be perfect, however. This wasn’t sex for Stacey—she wanted Michelle to know that what she was feeling was real and meant to last.
Michelle told Stacey about all the different places she had been to buy the decoration for her house, and Stacey talked about how she had just moved into her apartment, and how she was looking forward to decorating it, too. They made plans to go shopping together for the accessories. They finished the cheesecake and coffee and took the dishes into the kitchen.
_____“So, are you ready for the tour?” Michelle asked.
_____“I’m ready.”
_____“Okay, but you have to take your shoes off so you can feel the carpet under your feet. This will be an interactive tour. I want you to feel totally at home.”
_____“I love the sound of that,” Stacey said softly. Michelle gave her a seductive smile, took her by the hand and led her through the house.
_____Every room was decorated so nicely. The house had three bedrooms, but Michelle used one of them as her office. All of the rooms had large windows, which allowed natural light to enter the entire house. All of the accessories and accents were filled with pastels and bright colors. The three bathrooms were decorated with candles whose odors filled the air. There was also a patio in the backyard, which was filled with plants, flowers and a small waterfall that flowed into a pond. It looked like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
_____“It’s beautiful out here,” said Stacey. You do have a green thumb, don’t you?”
_____“Thank you. The gardener helps me keep it nice, but I make the decisions about what goes where, and I do most of the small jobs. Whenever I’m home in the morning, especially on weekends, I have breakfast and read the newspaper out here.”
_____“Michelle, this is wonderful. I can see why you like to spend most of your time at home.”
_____“We’re not done yet. There’s one room we still haven’t seen.”
She showed Stacey her bedroom last. It was obvious that this was the room she used to relax. This was where the entertainment center was located. She had at least 100 each of CD’s and DVD’s. The bed was decorated with many pillows, and scented candles were placed in every corner. There were pictures on the walls of nude women with chocolate skin tones in very sensual poses. Michelle was proud of what she had done with her bedroom. Stacey’s heart was dancing as she watched and listened to her tour guide describe the evening transformation her bedroom takes.
_____“I light candles almost every night,” said Michelle. It really helps me wind down from a long day at work, and I love the atmosphere they create. I play some soft jazz, and after half an hour, I’m totally relaxed. Do you mind if I light the candles and play some music now?”
_____“Please do. I’m in your space experiencing your world, Baby.”
_____Stacey watched Michelle turn the light off and walk around the room lighting all the candles. She played the music of Will Downing, and the atmosphere was perfected. Once she reached the last corner of the room, Stacey walked up behind Michelle and wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck. Michelle sighed, closed her eyes, placed her free hand on Stacey’s and rested her head on Stacey’s shoulder.
_____“Michelle, I’ve been wanting to touch you since we walked through the door. You feel so good.” Stacey’s touch made Michelle drop the lighter on the floor, and they both closed their eyes and enjoyed the ecstasy.
_____“Ooh, Stacey, I love the way you touch me—you make my knees weak.”
_____Stacey turned Michelle around and softly kissed her on the lips. Michelle wouldn’t let her stop there. She put her hand on the back of Stacey’s neck and kissed her with so much passion that it took Stacey’s breath away. Michelle pulled her closer and whispered, “Make love to me.”
_____Ooh, yes, Baby,” Stacey moaned as she managed to get her breath back. She looked into Michelle’s eyes, reached up and unzipped her dress. Michelle gently pushed Stacey backward so that they both moved toward the bed. Stacey sat on the bed, and Michelle straddled her lap and kissed her deeply.
Then they stood up and slowly undressed one another while looking into each other’s eyes. Stacey then took Michelle’s hand and pulled her to the bed and on top of her.
_____“Oooh, Baby,” Stacey moaned.
_____“This feels so good,” Michelle whispered. “Will you just hold me like this for a little while?”
_____“I’ll hold you like this for as long as you want, Sweetheart.” Stacey pulled Michelle closer and held her tighter. She softly sucked her neck and caressed her back, and Michelle closed her eyes and moaned her pleasure. She pressed her body into Stacey’s, and Stacey could feel the wetness between Michelle's legs.
_____“Stacey, I want you.”_____
_____“You have me, Baby.” Stacey turned Michelle on her back and planted soft kisses on her lips, neck and shoulders before taking one of her nipples into her mouth and slowly caressing it with her tongue. “Ooooooooo…Oooooooo…that’s good, that’s so good,” Michelle cried as she closed her eyes and enjoyed Stacey’s loving touch. Stacey smiled and gave equal attention to Michelle’s other nipple. Then she reached down to feel Michelle’s wetness. “Oh yeah,” she whispered, as she gently stroked Michelle, paying close attention to that precious jewel. Michelle was in ecstasy. Then Stacey slowly entered her with two fingers and they both moaned the other’s name in unison. Stacey kissed her deeply and moved her fingers in and out to keep pace with the movement of Michelle’s hips.
“Oh, Stacey,” Michelle whispered as she moved away, sat up, and covered her face.
_____“What’s the matter, Baby,” Stacey asked. “Did I hurt you?”
_____Michelle didn’t say anything at first—she just shook her head. Stacey put her arms around her and reassured her that everything was okay.
“I’m sorry, Sweetheart,” she said as she looked into Stacey’s eyes and caressed her face. “Baby, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that…it’s the way you make me feel…not only physically, but emotionally as well…you’re touching places inside that I didn’t know I had…I’m losing control, and I’m not used to that. I want you so much, but I can already feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I don’t want to run you away because I’m being so emotional so soon. Everything is happening so fast…it feels right, but I don’t want to mess it up. Am I making any sense?”
_____“Michelle, Baby, I understand. But you don’t have to worry about being too emotional. I want to experience all that you feel. It’s okay to lose control because I would never do anything to hurt you. I think we’re both experiencing something new. And it’s not too soon, Sweetheart. Yes, it is happening quickly, but that’s because we’re destined to be together. I truly believe that. If the both of us are okay with what is happening, what else matters? You have me. I am wide open when it comes to you, and I’m comfortable with that. I don’t want to control it. I love the way I feel when I’m with you, the way I feel when I think about you, and I want you in every way. Wanting to make love with you comes from my heart. I want to lose control with you, Baby. Is that okay with you?”
_____Michelle could see the sincerity and the longing in Stacey’s eyes, and that gave her a warm feeling in her heart. “You really mean that don’t you?”_____
_____“Yes,” Stacey whispered as she kissed Michelle with all the passion she had for her. She slowly moved her hand up her thigh to her wetness and caressed it softly. When she felt Michelle’s body relax, she gently entered her again. Michelle opened her legs wide and gave in to the ecstasy she was feeling. She moved her hips to match the thrust of Stacey’s fingers. Michelle’s moans grew louder, and soon she was screaming Stacey’s name. “Yes, cum for me, Baby,” Stacy whispered in her ear. “I love the way you sound.” Michelle’s body trembled, then she screamed her ecstasy. Stacey held her and whispered, “Yes, Baby, yes, Baby, yes, Baby.”
Michelle held Stacey’s face in her hands and said, “That was so good, Sweetheart. I don’t even have the words to described how you’ve made me feel.”
Stacey smiled and said, “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself because I’m not finished yet.” Then she slowly and sensuously planted kisses all over Michelle’s body. She caressed the inside of her thighs with her tongue. Just as she reached that sensitive jewel, Michelle gasped in anticipation of what was to come. But Stacey teased her by retreating back to her thighs.
_____“Stacey, Baby, please,” Michelle begged. “You’re teasing me.” Stacey smiled and slid her tongue inside, then up to her throbbing pearl. “Ooooooooooooo” Michelle moaned as she placed her hand on the back of Stacey’s head and welcomed her. Stacey gave Michelle all she wanted and needed. She made love to her with such passion that they were lost in each other. With the most intense orgasm of Michelle’s life came the rush of emotion that she was afraid to let go. Stacey held her tightly and softly whispered, “It’s okay, Baby—I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”
_____“Stacey, are you for real? Are you really in my life, or am I dreaming?”
_____“Oh, yeah, Baby, I’m for real. Michelle kissed Stacy, softly caressing her lips, then her tongue as she slid her hand between her legs. “Oh, Stacey, you’re so wet,” she whispered. “I want to taste it.”
_____“Okay, Baby, anything you want.” Michelle knelt between Stacey’s legs and admired her muscular body. “You are so sexy,” she whispered.
_____“And you are beautiful, Michelle.”
_____Michelle kissed Stacey’s calves and the back her knees. She sucked the inside of her thighs before she slid her tongue inside of Stacey. Then she slowly caressed her pearl as she entered her with two fingers. They created a rhythm, and Stacey’s moans grew louder and louder. “Ooh, Baby, ooh, Baby, ooh, Baby, don’t stop, don’t stop, ooooh, that’s so good. Oooooooooooooooooooh, Michelle! Mmmmmmmm, come here, Baby. Stacey held Michelle close to her and kissed her and caressed her and looked deep into her eyes. “Michelle, I refuse to let you go. What we have will only get better. You’ll see.”
_____“Stacey, Sweetheart, I’m convinced. I won’t let you go either.”
They fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning, they took a shower together, made breakfast together and ate on the patio. It was a beautiful morning—the only sounds were the chirping of the birds and the water slowly cascading over the rocks. Just as beautiful was the reality of Stacey and Michelle experiencing a relationship that is a dream come true.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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