Sommer Raine

_____I rested my sandaled feet on the front of the golf cart. Neatly pedicured toes stared back at me from behind thin, brown straps. The day was warm and moist. I sat trying to catch glimpses of the sun while fanning myself and performing other random acts of exaggerated femininity.
_____I removed a small mirror from my purse. Lipstick, perfectly applied. Teeth, white and straight. My parents had spent a small fortune on my mouth when I was a child. Money which resulted in perfectly aligned white teeth in adulthood. My lipstick shade accentuated my full lips and white teeth.
_____My mother clapped as my son's club swung and met the ball. I reached for the camera to snap a picture of my son and father as they stood side by side on the green. A day in the life of the Black Bourgeoisie. Although this had been an opportunity to take an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas, I wondered if I wouldn't have had more fun going with a group of friends. I left my parents' home some time ago and since have come to enjoy my freedom and privacy. On this vacation, I would again be their privileged child. My entire childhood had been one of privilege and occasionally pain.
_____"Even the cloudy, rainy days here are lovely," commented my mother.
_____"Yes, the air is warm as are the droplets of rain," I added while nodding in agreement. I thought to myself how sensual rainy days in the Bahamas are. Perhaps, it was the sticky, hot skin that moist warm days produced. My thoughts immediately shifted to thoughts of making love.
_____It was at that moment she came into view. She rode alone on the cart to the green. Stepped out and began fastening netting to the golf cart. I watched intently. She was a black woman of about my height and medium in build. She wore her hair in locs as I wear my own. She was dressed in khaki, knee length shorts and a stripped polo shirt. Her complexion was of a lighter brown that I had not seen on the island. My mother must have noticed me gawking at this point.
_____She asked, "Is that a man or a woman?" I admit it would be difficult to determine to the untrained, heterosexual eye.
_____"It's a woman. A man doesn't have a smooth, rounded face like that," I replied.
_____"That for damn sure doesn't look a woman to me," She snapped.
_____I was upset with my mother for momentarily distracting me from the exquisite creature on the green. As my eyes followed her every move it began to rain. First softly, then a downpour. My mother shielded her hair. I attempted to cover my bare arms and shoulders. My mother and I laughed at our own girlish behavior. My father and son ran towards their cart after loading the clubs onto ours. I drove towards the clubhouse forgetting the woman who I had watched intently.
_____When we arrived at the clubhouse, a group of Bahamian men and women sat around a table talking. They were employees of the resort. I began to wonder where the woman on the green had taken shelter from the rain. We took a table near the window and used paper towels to dry ourselves. I stood admiring my now dewy brown skin. I looked stunning in my ankle length, cotton print skirt and denim top that resembled a corset. I felt feminine and exotic in the Bahama heat.
_____As I stood admiring myself, I noticed someone else admiring me, too. It was the dreadlocked woman who I had seen earlier. She now sat in a corner of the bar studying me. Why hadn't I noticed her earlier? I thought.
_____"Would you three like a soda?" I asked.
_____"Yes, I'll have a Ginger Ale," my mother replied. "Bring your Daddy a Diet Coke and Justin a Sprite."
_____This served as an excuse to walk in front of the woman seated near the bar. She could study my curves at a closer range. I walked over to the bar putting one foot before the other letting my hips lead the way. It's what they taught me at the ladies' school when I was a teenager. Shove off with the right foot and allow your hips to do the walking and talking. My hips led the way, and I followed.
_____The woman observed me expressionless. I made eye contact. She stared into my eyes as though she were looking through them into my brain. I ordered. She took out a paper and pretended to be interested in what she read. I shifted the weight of my body from one foot to the other. She tapped the table nervously. I glanced at her while pretending to be looking out of the window beside her.
_____"Ma'am," interrupted the bartender. "Do you need help carrying the three drinks to your table?"
_____"No, I've got it, thanks anyway," I said. I made my way graciously back to the table without so much as spilling a drink. I sat pretending to be interested in the conversation already in progress between my parents and son. I stole glances at the woman. I caught her returning my stares.
_____My family was preoccupied with discussions of the rain and past vacations. I took this opportunity to excuse myself to the restroom. I hoped the woman would follow my lead. I unfolded the paper towels that sat neatly in stacks beside the basin and dryed my face. I refreshed my make-up and made sure every loc was in place…I mean out of place. At that moment, she entered the restroom with a confidence that could have been easily mistaken for arrogance.
_____I turned to greet her thinking to myself that I was in control of the situation. She grabbed my wrists and gently forced them behind my back. I froze. She leaned closer. I pulled away from her until my upper body was arched above the sink.
_____"I've been watching you watch me," She whispered.
_____"So what are you going to do about it?" I asked.
_____"I'll have to show you," She answered.
_____She kissed my neck hungrily and began blazing a trail of kisses along my neck and shoulders. My body immediately responded. When she had finished, she released my wrists and began working her way down to my ankles. She was on her knees raising the hem of my skirt as she again rose to her true height.
_____"We can't do this here!" I said nervously. "We're in a public restroom and my parents and son are seated outside the door."
_____She knelt down before me. She kissed my thighs and pushed my thighs open with her hands. She nestled between my thighs and allowed the hem of my skirt to fall behind her. I felt her fingers spreading my wet twat. She began eating my pussy as hungrily as she had nibbled away at my neck.
_____My body relaxed, and I felt a sense of release. She shoved her fingers in my twat and began pumping as she snacked on my pussy as though there was an unseen conch fritter between my thighs. I exhaled.
_____She abruptly stopped. I impatiently waited for her to continue. "Not here," She said.
_____"Why did you start something you didn't intend to finish?" I asked angrily.
_____"I had to give you an incentive to meet me later," She replied.
_____"Where?" I asked.
_____"At the waterfall near the pool?" She replied.
_____"What time?" I asked.
_____"I get off at seven." She said.
_____"I'll meet you at ten," I said thinking of my parents and son who would most likely return to the room at that time.
_____She stood and smoothed my dress after allowing the hem to return to my ankles. I kissed her cheek as not to look too eager for ten to roll around. At that moment, the door opened and she pulled away. She pretended to wash and dry her hands. It was my mother at the door.
_____"Kate, the rain has stopped," my mother said happily. "We are heading back to the hotel for lunch."
_____I followed my mother out of the restroom but not before winking "goodbye" to the woman. Damn it! I thought. I forgot to ask her name.
_____It seemed as though days had passed before our ten o'clock rendezvous. I arrived at the waterfall swimsuit clad with a sarong tied around my waist. I didn't see her right away. The waterfall and rocks added privacy to the Jacuzzi and separated it from the pool area. Swimmers could not view the Jacuzzi from the pool. She suddenly emerged from behind the falls. She was now wearing khaki pants, a shirt that revealed a white wife beater tee, and leather sandals. She looked casual and confident.
_____"Not here," She said without so much as greeting me properly first. I liked her aggressive, take-charge nature. She was all about business.
_____"Well then, where?" I asked.
_____"Do you trust me?" She asked.
_____"I don't know you." I replied.
_____"You haven't answered my question." She said.
_____"Sure, I trust you." I said. "But I don't even know your name."
_____"You don't need to," She replied.
_____I followed her along a path leading to the front of the hotel. She straddled a motorcycle and told me to get on. I obeyed. I hadn't rode a motorcycle until this night. I was frightened, but I had no choice except to trust her at this point. The air seemed cool as it rushed past us even though standing still it seemed quite warm. It was truly an adrenalin rush. I enjoyed every second and hoped it would never end. Before I was ready for the ride to end, I noticed we were coming close to a beach. I could barely see the water for the blackness of night. I could see as far out as the white sand. She stopped and told me to get off. I stood feeling unsteady for a moment. She coolly hopped off the bike and wrapped her arms around my waist.
_____"Here," She said.
_____"Here what?" I said.
_____"C'mon, girl, what do you think?" She asked.
_____She took me by the hand and led me to the water. It was truly a breathtakingly beautiful sight. The ocean at night is something to see. There were very few street lights so the stars were visible and clear. The waves washed up on the beach. I removed my sandals to step into the water. I noticed her removing her shirt to fully reveal the white wife beater tee. She placed her shirt on the sand.
_____"Undress," She instructed.
_____"What if someone sees me out here?" I asked.
_____"No one will see you," She assured me. "No tourists come out here, only natives."
_____"There isn't a soul out here," She continued. "The only people coming out here at this hour will be here for the same reason we are."
_____I first removed the sarong. I then slid the swimsuit to my ankles and stepped out of it. She watched. When I was completely naked except for the hematite ankle bracelet I had purchased earlier at the Straw Market, she instructed me to lie down and slide her shirt below my bottom. I obeyed. She was a gentlewoman and didn't want me to get sand in my bum.
_____She lowered her body onto mine. While kissing my lips and neck, she undid the button and zipper of her pants. Then she moved away from my face and rested her head beside my cheek. I looked up into the night sky. Her tongue moved in and out and around my ear. The pleasure became unbearable. She had found my sweet spot. The stars faded in the night sky as my lids became increasingly heavy. I couldn't keep my eyes open for the pleasure she gave. When I thought I had enough, I felt something slide into my slick pussy. It was long, thick, and filled my insides. She began to move and grind me. She had worn a strap underneath her clothes! I hadn't even noticed the bulge in her pants that was now filling my body. I moaned. She knew how to use her dick better than any man I had ever slept with. She rocked me to a quick orgasm.
_____I felt like sleeping there right on the beach with the waves washing up on our naked bodies and the stars hanging overhead. She wasn't through with me yet. She kissed and licked me tummy before finding her way down to the wet place between my thighs.
_____"One more for Daddy," She whispered.
_____I am an obedient lover. I submit to the will and desires of my lover. It wasn't necessary for her to tell me twice. I had already cum a second time when she said ,"One more for Daddy." After she finished licking, sucking, and finger fucking my tight pussy, I dressed and prepared for the ride back to the hotel. She held her shirt for me to put on to protect my bare skin from the cool, night air. I rode back to the hotel that night on the back of a motorcycle with a woman who I did not even know her first name. When we arrived, she walked me to my room. I tiptoed past the room in which my son and parents slept soundly in. I didn't hear so much as a television playing. I slid the card key in the door and kissed her sweetly on the lips.
_____"Thank you for tonight," I said. "I will always remember this night and you."
_____"You'll see me again," She confidently responded. "Next time you visit the Bahamas you'll have my name and address to contact me."
_____"What?" I asked. "Are you going to tell me your name now? My name is Kate by the way."
_____"I know what your name is," She said. "My name and address can be found in the right pocket of the shirt you are wearing. Keep the shirt."
_____She walked as coolly and confidently away as she came into my life this morning on the green. I closed the door behind me and read the name on a business card in the pocket. Her name was Paulette Greene, president of Royal Oasis Resorts, Inc. I had just sex with the person who owned the resort or at least had a share in it! I couldn't believe it.
_____Since that evening, I have flown to the Bahamas once a year to spend a week with her. Of course my stays at the resort are now free. Next year, we are planning a trip for her to come to the states and stay with me for a week. I am hoping that one day I will permanently stay there or she will permanently stay here. We'll see.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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