_____The day could not have gotten of to a rougher start. My alarm didn't go off, so I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off. My train is set to depart at 11am and it's already 9:30, Damn I hope somebody black is driving the train, cause lord knows some of us couldn't be on time if it was our own funeral.
_____That's all I need, I'm sitting here in rush hour traffic on 880 and I have to be at the train station in 30 min, that's what I get for working for a start up computer company, hell they cant even afford to fly me. I pull up to the station and just when I thought my day could not get any worse, there is no place to park. Finally I find a place not to far from the station, I'm running like a bat outta hell, I've got 15 min to get my things checked in and board.
_____The woman behind the counter saw me coming, and was flashing a big grin when I got to the window. I didn't see anything funny, hell I wanted to say "bitch, what's so funny, you see I'm in a rush," but I held my tongue, mostly because when I really looked at her, she was a cutie pie. She stood 5'7, long black hair and pretty brown eyes, and she was fit. I flashed a smile, looked down at her nametag. "ummm Lisa, has train 456 left with out me?"
_____As she took my ticket, she glanced up and caught me staring. All she could do was smile. "No Ms. Thomas, but they are set to board in a few minutes."
_____"Thank you Lisa, thought I might have missed it." Lisa was still smiling at me, I could see from the corner of my eye that she was checking me out too, awww my day was looking up. I decided to see how far she was willing to flirt. "So how long have you worked here."
_____"For about 3 yrs. And what do you do for a living Ms. Thomas?"
_____I flashed a smile. "Please call me Jai, I'm a Computer Networking Consultant."
_____"So I take it you know a lot about computers?"
_____"You can say that."
_____"Do you think you can help me with a computer problem?" Lisa had a big ass smile on her face.
_____"I might, what kind of problem do you have."
_____Lisa broke out with a seductive grin. "Well the problem is, I don't have one" We both broke out in a good laugh; shit she was turning the tables and started macking on me. "I was wondering if you could help me get one and put it together for me."
_____Just as I was about to answer her, they called for boarding for my train. "Well love, they are calling for me, but I tell you what, here is my card, I will be back in town in a couple of days, why don't you call me and we can see if we can fix this problem of yours."
_____Lisa started licking her lips. "Do you ever branch out and fix other problems?"
_____I stopped in my tracks and walked back to the window, "Baby I can fix anything I put my hands on."
_____"Ummm I heard that."
_____The announcer called for the second and final call to board. I knew I had to leave, but this was getting good. "Like I said, I'll be back on Monday night, give me a call."
_____"I'll definitely do that."

_____I boarded the train and took my seat, there was no one in my section yet, was hoping to keep it that way, was in need of some solitude, and reflect on what took place between Lisa and me. I might have to see what's up with that when I get back. I pulled out my laptop, popped a cd in and decided to get some work done. I must have been working hard, and in my own groove, because I didn't notice her or hear her talking to me.
_____"Excuse me."
_____"I'm sorry, did you say something."
_____"Yes I did, about 3 different times, your things are in my seat."
_____Dayum, she had much attitude. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." I moved my things so she could sit down. I could feel her staring at me, so I quickly looked up and caught her, and smiled. "There you go"
_____"Thank you."
_____"Your quite welcome." I couldn't help but smile and stare, she was simply beautiful, hell made Lisa look like the Lock Ness Monster. She was 5'5, caramel skin, dark brown eyes, the kind that you can look into all day; her hair fell past her shoulders. She was dressed in a nice black suit, I checked her out from head to toe. She had it all together, hair, nails, and the feet, and some of the prettiest legs. My first thought was married, and to a man. So I quickly dismissed all fantasies.
_____She sat down and began to get herself situated; the announcer came on the loud speaker and told us our destination and arrival time. I put my headphones back on and went back to work. I looked up every so often to check her out, and often caught her taking those same glances at me. She finally pulled out some paperwork and her laptop to do some work. I turned the volume down, so I could hear her if she had something to say.
_____I looked up at her, and saw this disgusted look on her face, and watched her almost beat her laptop senseless. "You gonna break it, if you keep hitting it like that."
_____She looked up at me as if I evaded her most inner most thoughts. "Well with all the problems its been given me lately, I should try to beat some sense into."
_____I smiled, she didn't. "What did you do?"
_____She gave me this fucked up look. "What makes you think I did something?"
_____All I could was let out a little laugh. "Well, cause 98% of the time, when something goes wrong it user error."
_____She appeared pissed of by my comment. "Did you ever think that I might be in that 2%?"
_____She was giving me straight attitude; I found it kind of cute, so I decided to play along. "Well I wasn't thinking anything, I was just telling you what I'm used to seeing."
_____She noticed the change in my voice, and seemed to calm down some. "What are you, some type of computer nerd?"
_____I smiled, "Have you ever seen a computer nerd look this good?"
_____She couldn't help but smile, and it fucked me up for real. She looked me up and down and down and up, then she smiled "Where is your pocket protector and your glasses with the tape in the middle on the brim, and your high water pants?"
_____"Aww dayume that was cold, well Ms Lady, I'm a 90's kind of nerd, the kind that drives a Lexus on the weekdays and a truck on the weekends, I'm the kind of nerd that makes a six-figure income. I'm the kind of nerd that takes long exotic vacations to my island of choice. That's the kind of nerd I am. Now would like me to take a look at your laptop, cause I'm afraid that if you hit it one more time, one of those keys is going to jump up and beat you down, and mess up that beautiful face of yours. Now you don't want that do you?"
_____All she could do was let out a hearty laugh. "I guess not, cause I don't know how it going to look, a grown woman wrestling with a computer."
_____I smiled. "Hell if you strip down to your panties and pour oil all over you, then wrestle with it, I think that would look pretty good, shit I'll even pay." I couldn't believe that just popped out my mouth and the expression on my face showed it. "I'm sorry."
_____By this time she smiling from ear to ear, gave me a seductive grin. "No you're not, but its cool, I find it kind of kinky myself."
_____"Oh really, and why is that?"
_____She leaned over and motioned for me to come closer, "well the thought of wrestling in oil, with you watching, makes me kind of wet." She sat back with a sly grin.
_____I was still sitting there stuck, not sure how to respond. Do I let the comment go or do I see how far she wants to take this? I opted to flirt. "What other kinds of thoughts get you wet?"
_____"Are you sure you want to hear the answer to that question?"
_____I shook my head like a 2-year-old eager child. "Sure."
_____She leaned forward and looked me dead in the eye; "First I think we should introduce ourselves before I share my inner most erotic desires. I'm Elaine, and you are?"
_____Her voice, a soft whisper, was fucking me up and I was trying hard not to show it. I extended my hand, along with a big ass grin, "I'm Jai. Now that we have done the introductions, are you going to tell me some of those inner most, thought provoking, make your panties wet, erotic desires?"
_____Elaine let out a nice, sweet laugh. Damn she was fine, I had to keep cool and see where this was going. She slowly uncrossed her legs, just slow enough for me to see that she was not wearing any panties. She was smiling, cause she knew I would look, and I didn't disappoint her. I smiled and let my gaze slowly rise to meet her stare. Elaine was licking her lips, like she was waiting to eat me alive. Little did she know I was hungry as hell. "So did you get a good look on your way up here?"
_____I smiled and sat back in my chair. "Not as good as I would have liked."
_____"Oh really, and what kind of look did you want?"
_____I leaned forward and motioned for her to come a little closer, Elaine swept her hair behind her ear and leaned forward. We were only inches from each other, she had on a sweet perfume, smelled like escape, and it was fucking me up. I tried to compose myself. I cleared my throat and spoke very slowly and deliberate. "The kind of look I want, is to see you, is in a one of those cabins, stark naked and laying on top of me."
_____I sat back and looked at her, not sure of the response I was going to get. Elaine looked a little surprised at the question, but I noticed that she was thinking hard about what I said. She looked around and then looked back at me, as if someone was eavesdropping on the conversation.
_____"Do you have a girlfriend?"
_____The question took me by surprise, wasn't expecting that one. "No I don't, do you? What made you ask me that?"
_____"No reason, was just curious that's all, and the answer to your question is no."
_____"Yep that's right, free and clear, just your question kind of threw me off."
_____"Don't worry honey, I just want to make sure I was not taking you away from anyone."
_____"Taking away?"
_____"Yes, cause if we do this, trust me if there was a her' then she would be the last thing on your mind, even when you are making love to her."
_____"Is that right? So you think you got it like that huh?"
_____"Sweetheart, there are 2 things in this life that I am sure about, number 1 is I'm black, that will never change, and number 2 is that I KNOW I got it like that."
_____Elaine had this arrogant expression on her face, one that said that she was very serious about her last statement. I smiled at her and closed my laptop, which till this point was sitting on the floor between my legs.
_____"So how does one go about finding out if number 2 is as true as you say it is?"
_____Elaine looked at me as if to say, how dare you doubt me, she looked around to see if someone was watching her, then she reached into her purse and handed me a key. "Why don't you drop by and find out?"
_____I looked down at the key; room 112, I couldn't help but smile, just the thought of being with this woman was making me wet. Elaine looked at me, then put her hand on top of the hand that had the key, "Why don't you give me about 15 minutes, then come in, that will give me enough time to take a quick shower?"
_____I smiled at her and nodded.
_____Elaine packed up her things and left, she turned back around walked back over to where I was sitting, leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Don't be late."
_____I was totally speechless. Again all I could do was smile and nod. And she was gone. I sat there like a bump on a log, not sure what to do with myself, this was the longest 15 min of my life. Then I decided to turn the table on her, I decided to go to the room a little early and surprise her, while she was in the shower. I looked for the waiter and asked for a few things to take with me. I knocked on the door, no answer. I used the key she had given me. I could hear the water running and Brian Mcknight was playing in the background, I placed my things on the floor next to the door. I heard her in the bathroom trying to sing. All I could do was smile, and let out a light chuckle, boy she was trying.
_____I peeped into the bathroom and saw nothing but steam, it filled the entire bathroom. I thought about what I wanted to do. I decided to get undressed and join her in the shower. I walked in, and paused. I watched her from behind. It was like poetry in motion. Her body was swaying back and forth with the music, I watched as she leaned back to let the water dance across her body. Elaine turned around to see me standing there. I thought I might have scared her, but it was just the opposite, she gave me a devilish grin. "Was wondering if you would show up early, would you like to wash my back?"
_____I finished undressing and joined her in the shower, slowly walking up behind her to take the sponge from her. I reached my both my arms around her, so she could put some shower gel on it. I began to gently wash her back while she stood under the water. It was pulsating against her body. I let the sponge drop to the floor and started to use my hands. The smoothness of her skin under the stroke of my touch was sending my body into frenzy. My hands began to roam down over her ass.
_____It was soft yet very firm, signs of working out. My lips found the back of her neck, and my tongue began to explore at that it could find. Elaine was griping both sides of the shower her hair had gotten wet from lowering it under the water, she didn't care, pleasure was taking over. I grabbed her from the back and drew her to me, we both almost fell, but I managed to keep our balance. My hands cupped both her breast, and began to message them. Elaine let out a soft moan, and her head fell back on my shoulder. I let my hands trace down the center of her breast, trying to touch and feel every inch of her body, as if were the first time I touched a woman.
_____Elaine reached her hands around my neck pulling me closer and closer to her. She led my hands down to her treasure, and put them into motion. I began to gently rub her pussy. She let out a deep moan, as my hand started to hit the right spots. The intensity that was going on, we no longer needed the heat from the water, we were making our own. I turned her around to face me, the water was running down her face, I leaned her against the wall of the shower and started kissing her neck. I played with her lips, teasing her, sucking on her tongue. At this point she could barely keep her balance. I allowed my tongue to explore all there was to taste, to feel. My mouth finally found her right breast. I let my tongue trace around her nipple and hungrily took it in my mouth. Elaine let out a satisfying moan. She was definitely pleased. I switched nipples showing the same attention until they were both standing at attention as if to stand and salute their master for the evening
_____I moved her to the corner of the shower and propped her up on the seat and looked her dead in the eye "are you ready for the ride of your life?"
_____Elaine took her hands and ran them through my hair. "Yes, oh yes baby, take me there."
_____I kissed her again, before taking off on my hunt for the treasure. It seemed the closer I got the louder she responded. Elaine was starting to squirm away, and with the wetness of the seat she almost slipped off a few times. I reached her belly button and started to flicker my tongue in and around, she began to moan loudly, the water had gotten warm, but stimulation of the water against my back and sweet taste of her pussy was more than I could stand.
_____After a few more long strokes of my tongue, Elaine announced, "Uhmmm baby, I'm coming, I'm coming, yes...yes please don't stop, awwww baby that feels so good, awww dayumm Jai that feels so good." She wrapped her legs around me and her body began to softly jerk as she released all her juices to me. Elaine and I stood there for a moment trying to regain our breath. After a few minutes she said, "Damn baby, that was a wonderful trip."
_____I looked up at her and smiled, "Oh don't get it twisted, we are not done, just pulled into a rest stop." Elaine looked at me and all she could do was smile. We got out the shower and dried each other off. We got into the room and it was not real big, a small hide away twin bed, not big enough for 2 people, so I snatched the covers off the bed and made a make shift bed on the floor. Elaine was sitting in the corner looking at me with curiosity. "What's up, why are you looking at me like that?"
_____"No reason, just wondering why you don't have a girlfriend, cause someone is missing out on your incredible skills."
_____I laughed and walked over to her and positioned myself between her legs. "Well don't worry about that, because right now you are the one benefiting." I pulled her legs further apart and let my fingers gently message her pussy; she sat back in the chair and let the pleasure take over. I let my fingers explore around her pussy before allowing them to enter inside her. Elaine raised her hips up slightly to allow better entry; I began moving my fingers inside her, in a slow motion, each time reaching her g-spot. Elaine let out soft moans while squirming around in her chair. I picked up my pace a little, while at the same time kissing her inner thighs, the wetness of her pussy was making me wet, I reached down to feel my own pussy, and just as I thought it was dripping wet. I began to message it, while paying close attention to the task at hand. I removed my fingers and began to slowly suck, lick and message her message her pussy.
_____"I'm coming baby, I'm coming." I could feel her body jerk as she loudly moaned out my name, I came right after her. I sat there between her legs looking up at her, both of us trying to regain our normal breathing pattern. She let her hands run through my hair while she laughed softly to herself. "You have truly got some skills baby girl."
_____I let out a soft chuckle "Oh well you know, I try."
_____We sat there for a little while talking about everything under the sun, almost as if we had known each other long before. Elaine got up and walked over to where I was sitting and sat down behind me. "Are you hungry?"
_____I tilted my head to look her in the eyes, "Hungry for what?" Elaine could only laugh, for right now how about some dinner, and we can discuss other things later."
_____"Well in that case, yes I'm hungry, how about some pasta?"

The End

Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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