__________by Taste (ME)

on the back of the bus
we sit
on our way
to an adventurous road trip

you hold me tight
whisperin sweet words
in my ear
i feel your hot breath
on my neck
your tongue slightly
touchin my ear

my stomach tightens
my uterus achin
my pussy throbbin
my thongs wet

i lean close to you
as you slowly begin
to travel my body with your hands
my ear

i moan softly
no longer carin
what others might hear

callin out your name
as you creep your hands
underneath my short skirt
i open my legs
easy access
to the pussy
you claim

with your strong and soft fingers
you slide my thongs to the side
feelin the wetness of me
rapidly leakin
meetin my thick thighs

gently you stroke my clit
slow circular motion
your other hand now creepin
underneath my shirt
unsnappin the front of bra
my breasts feelin free
nipples hard
achin for your lips

all the while
you stroke my clit
as it gets harder
my love juice now being
captured by your hand

you lower yourself
to have your lips
meet my breast
as you begin to tease
my nipple with your tongue
you enter my tunnel of love

throbbin for you
eager to be filled by you
fucked by you
you suck my breast
and fuckin my pussy

throwin my head back
i moan
holding you head steady on my breast
grinding my hips
to the rhythm of your fingers
now ""three""

fuckin me feverishly
i call out your name
as i tighten my walls
claimin your fingers
to make me cum

damn im so ready to explode

i move faster as you fuck me harder
i feel your eyes on me so i look at you and u smile at me
u know that
i want to be fisted fucked
but u wont comply
""not yet"", you say
I must wait

movin together slowly
as i begin to touch your breasts
you grunt with pleasure
this excites you
so you thrust harder and deeper

i can no longer resist
how you just
fuck me
take over me
claimin my body
givin u me so willingly

my legs start to shake
i scream out your name
my volcano erruptin
hot love juices
cummin down
damn i cant never
get enuff
of the woman i luv so much

lets get off this bus
lets go home
i wanna be fucked

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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