_____Tonight was the big night, the party of summer. It was our annual 4th of July BBQ. We had about 20 guests on the list for that day, and in all likely hood everyone last one of the greedy bastards will be here. Every year it was off the hook, the party normally lasted into the wee hours of the night, hell half the time we end up having to kick people out, with our famous saying, "you don't have to go home, but you have to get the fuck outta here."
_____"Yo, Jay. Dammit nigga, I know you hear me calling your deaf ass."
_____Nikki was calling my name from the top of her lungs, making ignoring her damn near impossible. I walked around the corner to where she was standing half dressed. "Why in the hell are you yelling like you don't an ounce of sense?"
_____"Wel, hell, if you had answered me when I was calling your name like a normal person, then I would not have to yell for your ass in this big ass house."
_____I looked at Nikki like she was crazy. "Anyway, what do or did you want?"
_____Nikki had this blank look on her face, like she had forgotten what her question was. "What you doing?"
_____"Now, I know damn well you wasn't calling my name like that cause you wanted to know what I was doing."
_____All I could do was smile, cause she was serious as hell. "Fuck you Nikki."
_____Nikki was 5'8, 150lbs, light skinned, with matching light brown eyes. Nikki thought she was god's gift to the femme world. She had a short fade hair cut, which brought out the definite Indian side of her family (her grandmother was full-blooded Apache). I must say that if I myself were not butch, I would be on her jock to. We had been friends at U C Berkeley, we came out to each other by pure accident. We saw each other at one of the gay clubs, then again in a math class. Nikki and I became best friends fast and in our sophomore year we got an apartment off campus. After graduation, Nikki moved to the east coast for a few years to work, but moved back to California to work Cisco, a large computer company, while I went on to work for Sun Micro, both of us ended up in the computer field.
_____I already had a house that my father bought for me as part of the "you graduate from college, you get a house deal". What other incentive does one need? It was a 4 bedroom 3 bath split level home that I spent 2 years renovating, much at the expense of my dad, who happened to own a real estate company in LA. I put a pool in the backyard, put in a BBQ pit from hell, and a Jacuzzi things were definitely looking up.
_____Nikki moved in about 2 years ago. Her lease was up on her apt so it just made sense for her to take the other master bathrooms, hell we ruled shit in college, and now we had our own private fun house to rule.
_____"Hey Nikki" I was at the top of the stairs yelling down to her, she talked about me, shit she could be just as def.
_____Nikki came to the bottom of the landing, wearing some boxers and a sports bra. "Wassup"
_____"Hey did you invite Kim?"
_____"Which Kim? You know we know 2 different Kim's."
_____"Yeah, but only 1 has been on my jock since Tanya and I broke up"
_____"But Jay I don't think you know this but the other Kim, the one with the short hair cut and green eyes, told Lisa that she wanted to holla at you too."
_____"Damn, well is she coming to?" This party is going to be off the hook.
_____"Now, Jay, don't be in here starting no shit, which one are you trying to get with?"
_____ "Well, hell if I'm lucky both of them." I smiled and walked back to my room, and as Ice Cube would say, Today was a good day.
_____Nikki yelled back up the stairs, "Play on playa."

_____The sun was blazing hot, the pool and Jacuzzi were clean, the grill was heating up, and our guests would be arriving soon. Oh, I forgot we are talking about black people, because even when there is food on the table, we still manage to be late.
_____Nikki came out her room and knocked on my bedroom door. "Hey Jay, you dressed?"
_____"Nope, but you can come in."Nikki walked in wearing some Fubu shorts, with matching jersey, some Nike snickers that she bought yesterday when we were out shopping. I was sitting on the side on of my King size bed wearing some black silk boxers and a tee shirt. "Wassup?"
_____"Hey before you get dressed can you come and clip the back of my nugget?"
_____"What your arms to short to reach back that far?" I said with a wide smirk on my face. "Why you trying to get all dressed up for, is Stacy gonna be here?"
_____"Fuck you man, you know I like to keep my shit tight, and plus you know we are going to have mad honies up in this house, and you know this playa will not the night go by without getting some pussy. That is my mission, and should I choose to accept it, and you know I do, I will get lucky and with a capitol L."
_____All I could do was laugh at her silly ass, cause I knew when she was serious about getting her some pussy. "Yeah, I will fade you nugget"
_____"Aight cool, lemme know when you're ready, and by the way what are you wearing today?" I pointed to a pair of CK shorts and a matching shirt, with a CK hat to match. "You and your damn hats, do you ever go without something on your head? Why don't you let me cut your hair? Let me hook you up with a fade like me?"
_____I looked at Nikki like she had just lost her dayum mind. My hair had grown. It fell in between my shoulder blades. "Are you out you fucking mind? Have you been sniffing glue again?"
_____"Well hell stop covering up all that nice ass hair"
_____"Damn Nikki, how long have you known me? Why do you think they call me LL Cool J Jr.?"
_____"Yeah I know, you got that shit down, even the lip thing"
_____I flashed her a big sexy grin, "And you know this......mannnnn." Nikki was laughing her ass off as she walked out my room.

_____The invitations went out with 3pm being the start time, but you know black people, they always feel the need to be on cp time. So the majority if not all didn't show up till after 4. Any other time I would have been pissed, but today I was cool, I was nowhere near ready and neither was the food. I cut Nikki's hair and then got hung up on the phone with my mother. She felt the need to lecture me on the alcohol and being responsible. I indulged her for a little while before telling here that people were starting to arrive.
_____Nikki was downstairs greeting everyone as they arrived. I was out in the backyard slaving over the damn grill. We hired a D.J to set if off. This was the only party of the year that Nikki and I went overboard with food, and drinks, and music. That's why no one ever scheduled their parties around the time we had ours. It was the bomb every year. It was strictly a lesbian party, no men allowed.
_____It was about 7 and the house was packed, we had wall to wall women. We had invited about 25 people, but we had at least 35 to 40 beautiful women wondering around the house. Some in swim suits some in less than swim suits. I was about to have the time of my young life. Nothing but pussy everywhere I looked.
_____I was done with the cooking, had taken another shower, had on my gear and now it was time to circulate the crowd. Nikki was already making headway with Stacy, I caught them over in the corner by the kitchen all hugged up and kissing like there was no tomorrow. All I could do was smile.
_____"Hey sexy" I heard someone say from across the room.
_____I looked around to see if I could see who had spoken and if they were talking to me.
_____"Hey, sexy." I heard again, but this time she was right behind me.
_____ I turned around to see that it was Kim, the one with the green eyes. She was wearing a 2-piece bathing suit with a towel wrapped around her waist, hiding most of her beautiful legs. Kim was light skinned, 5'6 and was thick in all the right places, especially the chest, she was a healthy 38dd, and no fat in those titties, hell it was all Kim. "Wassup cutie"
_____"Uhmmm me, and why you say that?"
_____"Damn Jay, why you keep playing like you don't know wassup?" Kim had this serious look on her face that said she had a purpose.
_____"I'm just asking you wassup, are you having a good time?"
_____Kim looked at me with this seductive grin; "It could be better"
_____"How is that?"
_____"Oh so now you wanna act like you don't know wassup, you a trip Jay."
_____I smiled at her, because it was apparent that she was getting frustrated with me, so I decided to play along with her to see where she was going. "OK, so tell me baby, what's really going on, do you really think that you can truly fuck with this?"
_____Kim walked up on me real close till we were only inches apart. "To be honest"
_____"Yes, please do."
_____Kim leaned over and whispered in my ear, "right about now I want you to invade my entire body with your tongue, then I want you let me ride you till I can't ride anymore, are you game?"
_____I had to admit it, she had a girl speechless and curious, It took a lot to keep my cool, but with her whispering in my ear like that and what she was whispering to me, was making a sista horny. I stepped back to evaluate her to see if she was serious, she was dead serious. I smiled back at her and thought, let the games begin.
_____I took Kim by the hand and led her to one of the downstairs bedroom. Nikki and I had a rule, never take them to the master suite. If we play, we play downstairs, our rooms were our sanctuary, she had her own play room with her toys and I had mine. I led her into the room and locked the door, so we were not to be interrupted.
_____I walked over to where she was standing and asked her if she was ready to play, or had she changed her mind. She walked up on me, and looked me square in the eyes. "I have been waiting to get next to you for quite some time."
_____"Is that right?"
_____"Yes, now are we going to stand here and chat all night or did we come in here to do something?"
_____I saw it was time to stop playing with her, she had an agenda and now was the time to see if she could back up all this shit she was talking. I walked up on her till I could feel her breath on my neck. I placed an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me as if to try and blend her body with mine. I took the other hand and placed it behind her neck and brought her into me for a kiss.
_____The first one was series of short kisses, I wanted to taste her lips, tongue, trying to see if she had skills in the kissing department, she did not disappoint me at all. We shared a long deep, soul- searching kiss. She did not miss a beat. My hands began to roam up and down her back, till I was able to find the string to the top half of her bikini. Within seconds it was on the floor along with the towel she had on.
_____Now being that I am someone that loves breast, I had to step back and admire them, as if I was an artist studying their subject. I took the right breast and began to let my tongue flicker across her nipple until it became nice and firm in my mouth. Then proceeded to do the same for the left one, I continued until they were both standing at attention. Kim was letting out soft moans to let me know she was pleased. Her perfectly manicured hands were running through my hair, which for me was a definite turn on.
_____I led Kim over to the bed and laid her down, I let both of my hand roam to each side of her hips and pulled down her bikini. She lifted up hips so it could slide off better. "Uhmm Jay, you have no idea how long I have waited for you to touch me, to taste me, to fuck me."
_____I looked down at her and could only smile. "Well love, it's no longer a waiting game, I'm here to give it all to you."
_____"Oh baby, ummmm give it to me right now, I cant wait, I feel like I'm getting ready to cum right now, please take me, take me now."
_____I walked over to the table and retrieved "spanky" strapped him on and headed back over to her. Kim looked at me "aww dayum, it's on". Kim grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me down to her. I gave her a long deep kiss. She was right, it was ON.
_____I started sucking on her titties, and it didn't take much to get her nipples hard again. My tongue began to trace down the center of chest, I let it stop and nestle itself in the crack and crevices of her navel. Kim was squirming on the bed, I could tell she was using every bit of energy to contain herself. I could feel the heat between her legs. She was on fire. "Oh yes baby, yes, oh Jay that feels so good, please don't stop, hmmmm it feels so good.
_____I started my journey, to find her treasure, and her pussy was like a lighthouse guiding my way. The minuet my tongue touched her pussy, I thought she was going to loose her mind. I let my fingers spread her lips apart and my tongue found her clit. Kim started squirming again, this time too much. I grabbed her around her hips so that I could keep her stationary, was not in the mood to chase her all around the bed tonight. So I got a tight grip and went back to the task at hand. I started to gently suck, lick, and message her clit. I could feel Kim's body begin to shake, letting me know that she was ready to explode. She did not disappoint me. She came and came and came. When Kim finally opened her eyes I was back on top of her. "Damn baby, you and that tongue are quite talented."
_____"Well thank you, you ready for another ride?"
_____"Ummm yes, now lay on your back, I'm ready for a little ride of my own."
_____I smiled and did as she said. I reached over to the drawer and pulled out a condom and gave it to her. Kim smiled, "You think of everything, don't you?"
_____ "Always."
_____Kim took the condom and put it in her mouth, then went down on me and put it on. That was enough right there to drive me crazy. Kim slid her sexy self on top of me and let spanky enter, like she was a pro, her motions were slow, and deliberate. I laid on my back in total bliss. I wrapped my hands around her hips and began to go with her motion, we were moving together as one. I opened my eyes long enough to see Kim looking down at me, she was smiling hard.
_____"What are you smiling for?"
_____"Uhmmm cause you got some skills baby"
_____Kim started to pick up the pace, the visual I got from watching her ride me, was getting me hotter and wetter with each thrust. She was riding me with everything she had, like it was the last time for her. I felt Kim's body begin to shake, I knew she was ready to cum, ready to release all that she had.
_____"Oh baby, Jay, oh shit, hmm I'm getting ready to cum"
_____Kim's body began to shake as she exploded on top of me. With that visual, I came shortly after her. She laid herself on top of me, the sweat from her dripped down on me. Our breathing started to return too normal. This was turning out to be more than just a fuck. It was better than that. Then that all to familiar phrase came back to mind, Don't get caught up.


_____It didn't take Nikki long to find me, she was on my ass like white on rice. "Where the hell you been?"
_____All I could do was smile, I started to tell her but decided to let her suffer a little bit longer, so I just smiled at her.
_____"Awww nigga, who did you have in the playroom? Why you playing muthafucka? Which Kim did you have in there?" Nikki was shooting questions at me like a cannon. "Aww so now you wanna-" Nikki stopped in mid sentence and looked over my shoulder to see Kim come out of the room. She looked back at me with this big as grin, "Was it good?"
_____I tried but couldn't hold it in any longer. "Wheww, it was the bomb, baby has got some serious skills, I might have to give it another run"
_____Nikki gave me a high 5. "Play on playa, but remember what we say, don't get caught up, its just a fuck, unless you see something else with her, do you?"
_____I couldn't deny it, I did feel something but I quickly dismissed it. "Naww she knows wassup" I looked over my shoulder to see Kim looking directly at me and was smiling. Another satisfied customer.
_____Later on that evening I tried to avoid Kim, but I had to admit she had me curious in more than one way. I saw Nikki go into her playroom with Stacy, play on playa.
_____It was 3am when the last few people left, or better yet when we kicked them out. Nikki and I sat on the sofa and looked around the house, looking at the big ass mess that awaited us in the morning. "So Jay, you gonna see Kim again or was this a one time thing?"
_____"I don't know, maybe, I talked to her for a bit before she left, I may hook up with her soon, what about you and Stacy? I saw the 2 of you go into your play room."
_____"We are talking, earlier was just a fuck and she knew it. We will see. Well im heading up to bed, I'll see you in the morning."
_____I sat on the couch for a little while after Nikki went upstairs, another slamming ass party was in the box. Yeah I'm going to have to call Kim. I got up and went to the bottom part of the steps. I thought to myself if these walls could talk. I clicked off the light and headed upstairs.


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