by Alynnte

I can't concentrate anymore because I just talked to you.
The passion in your voice was so sexy - it was like pouring gasoline on a small flame.
I couldn't control my thoughts anymore so I let go.

My mind wandered back, way back to those days, those late mornings and closet floor nights. Those called-in days and the back of the couch evenings.
The days when I could take you into my mouth anytime I wanted to.
Your moist delicious warmth covered with just enough of your juices that let me know how bad you wanted it.
I would devour you for as long as you let me - as long as you could stand it - whichever came first which was you most of the time.
I reminisce about how the back of your thighs felt on my shoulders - pulling you into my mouth deeper, holding you tighter as you bucked stronger so I sucked faster and made you cum - harder.
I would stay down feeling the muscles contract fromt the strength of the orgasm you just had. I'd press my face into your warmth - wanting more - I'd kiss you softly, then lick you slowly - Baby, I could not resist 'cuz you are so got damn tasty.
I have to come back to reality now 'cuz I'm getting hot.

Thanks for listening. Cum again.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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