by B.J. Ental

Though you call yourself unclaimed,
I see you and I already know your name,
you are sensuous, you are sweet,
you smile when there are secrets you wish to keep,
though your passions come and go,
they are there and they run so, so deep,
like the crevices of your thighs,
and the whimsical look you sometimes get in your eyes,
I see you, I know you,
and I sense you are claimed in ways unrevealed to yourself,
you are there and you fool yourself--passion has claimed your soul,
desire has grabbed you and it has a hold,
for you look for in the dark what you see in the light,
that which appears wrong is all so right,
for your heart and soul cannot lie, you know you see,
you understand, and yes you recognize, and I know you hear me!

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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