A few weeks ago I (Chloe) flew down to Miami to BET's Spring Bling. Jo had to work so I went down w/ a few of my girls. I was there a total of four days but none of them will compare to day one.........
"Hey, Baby, we made it. We're about to check-in." I spoke into the phone to Jo.
"Oh, great bae. I miss you so much already. "
"Awe, me-" I'm interrupted by one of my girls calling for me to come up and show my id. "Oh damn, baby. I need to show my ID so we can get the condo's we reserved. I'll phone once I get settled in, Sexy."
"Okay, I love you. Oh yea, Chlo' don't forget what we talked about," Jo slyly reminds me with a giggle.
Laughing, I confirm. "I know, I know...the three rules: One, no men. Two, if I meet any females let them know I have a girlfriend. And three, if I-" Yet again Alisha interrupts me concerning the check in. "Ok, I'm holding up the line."
"Ok, love you."
"Love you too," I reply while heading for the front desk.
Once we check in we changed and decided to go out on the beach. The elevator ride alone was an adventure. Why do they even waste time posting an occupancy limit? It clearly reads: only 6 guests per trip. Brown folks seem to straight ignore them! Initially it's my three girls and my self at first. Next stop is the fifth floor where at least nine more men and women get in. It's insanely packed! We're all talking shit and trying to ignore the fact that we're stuffed in this damn thing.
Subsequently, one of my girls nudges me and points out that the woman in front of me--her ass is damn near pressed in my pussy. I give my buddy this sneaky look before ever so slightly leaning forward allowing our bodies to meet. That's when this total stranger glances over her shoulder and shockingly grinds her ass into me! Intensely! Oh my gawd, my mind screams! I look around. Did anyone else see this shit, I wonder. I gaze over at my girls and they're chatting w/ some guys. Damn it. This is wild.
The doors open and everyone files out. I'm so lost in what just happened that I could hardly move. I end up being the last one out the elevator. Succeeding only to Miss New Booty (for a lack of words). She steps out and procrastinates in exiting and onces me over. That's when I get a good look at her. She was about 5'5, caramel complexion, thick and sexy as fuck! Honestly she had a Gabrielle Union look to her. This chick was official, a certified dime.
Miss NB smiles, bites her lip and seductively says, "Hey, I'm Brea." I extend my hand and introduce myself. Shaking my hand Brea states, "Damn, a sexy name for an even sexier woman. Nice to meet you, Chloe." Oh, hells yeah! Her ass is gay!
"Chloe, come on girl," Alisha yells from a distance.
Note to self: leave Alisha pussy blocking' ass home next time! "Ok, girl damn!" I retort. When I turn back to face Brea she's started to walk away I say, "Don't be a stranger, Brea!"
"Oh trust, I wont sexy...." and with that she jogs to catch up with her friends.

Later on that day I'm with my girls and we're in line at this ice cream parlor. I've yet to tell them about the elevator incident earlier. Hell, perhaps I was analyzing too much into it. Nevertheless, just as I'm about to pay, I experience a light tap on my lower back. I turn thinking its some dude I'm a have to brush off and am shocked to see Ms New Booty/Brea.
"Hey, what you doing in here?" I ask.
"Looking for you. What's up?"
Brea gets a cone and we spend the next hour and a half chatting. Come to find out she noticed me when we first checked in and could tell by the way I was talking that I was on the phone with another woman. She says she was curious about me and was elated when she noticed we were on the same elevator together. We decide to exchange numbers and that's when I realize I forgot my phone back at the room. I let my girls know that was going to run back to the room for my phone. Brea says she needed to go back for a towel and that she would walk back with me.
We chat a bit more on the way to the resort. Conversing about the upcoming concerts and how it's so hard to tell which women are fem lesbians at events like this. Once on the elevator Brea sheepishly says," Oh look we're back where I put it on you." I giggle and tell her to meet me at room 603 when she's ready to head back out. She smiles and lightly kisses me on my neck before exiting.
Damn it this girl is really testing me. Once in my room I check my phone for missed calls and text J. I decide to stay in a while and change into a light pair of sweat pants. About five minutes later I hear a knock at the door.
"Come in." I shout from the bathroom. Brea comes in and a few seconds later I walk up behind her and whisper in her ear, "Now why were you teasing me like that earlier?" I press my breast into her back.
She steps back and releases a moan, "Damn."
"You feel that?" I ask.
She grabs my hand and guides it under her skirt and between her legs. "Yea, but only if you feel what that just did to me..." Brea was so warm and sticky. I craved her. She obviously craved me also. She feverishly pulled my sweat pants down and turned to face me.
"A femme in a strap is so fuckin sexy. Chloe I can't wait to give you this pussy. You want it don't you, Baby?"
I could feel myself leaking. Brea had me so wet it was running down my leg. She runs her hand down my inner thigh and moans. "Oooh, baby let me get that for you." Brea gets on her knees and while holding the shaft of my strap puts a finger in me and laps up my running nectar. I take control back and tell her to suck my strap and to gag on it for me. She does as told also while gently fingering me. Damn how'd she know I like that? I stand her up and bend her over the kitchen counter and enter her from behind. It was so wet I could hear it as I fucked her. She's loudly moaning. "Take that pussy, C! Take it! Ah, damn it!" Her phone rings and she answers it all the while telling me not to stop. She's moaning like crazy while trying her best to tell one of her girls she'll meet them in the elevator w/their room keys. As she flips her phone closed I slowly pull out and she turns and grips my strap w/ her hand. Her juices fill her small palm and she licks her palm dry then passionately kisses me. "You taste that pussy baby?"
" Hells, yea. Fuck, Brea you're so nasty!" I respond.
Damn near at a lost for words. She pecks me and then glances in the mirror. "Chloe, I'll be right back. Let me run this key downstairs," Brea said while heading for the door.
As she leaves and the door closes behind her I pick up my already open cell and say, "Hello? Damn it, baby. You hear that?"
Jo sounded as if she was masturbating. "Ah, baby. You fucked her so well! I could hear it so clearly. Damn, I loved when you had her gagging on your strap! Baby, that's so sexy! I can't wait for you to get home. I need you so bad right now."
"I know, I know. Damn, Jo I can't believe this really even happened. I thought when you said rule three was I could fuck a girl only if I let you listen was crazy. I was thinking yea right like that shit would even happen. And when did you put my strap in my bag?"
Jo' started laughing and says, "I put it in there last night after you packed your bags. I knew you'd find it." I hear a knock at the door.
"Oh wait, baby. Here she comes don't say anything." I sit the phone back on the fridge.
Brea kisses me when she enters the room again. "Now where were we?" she asks while positioning herself on the kitchen counter and spreading for me.
I loved how she seemed to invite me back inside of her. She was still hella wet. As I pushed my strap back inside of her it seemed to pull me, swallow me. I fucked her slowly as she sweetly sucked and pulled on my breast. She began moaning louder and telling me to, "Fuck me faster, Chloe! Oooh!" She began throwing it on me. Riding my nine inch chocolate addition.
Suddenly, I heard, Jo's voice ask, "You like how my baby's fucking you?"
What the hell was Jo doing? We hadn't discussed her saying anything. Hell this girl doesn't even know she's listening?
"Yes, Jo," Brea answered. "She's even better than you said she'd be."
Jo laughed. "Good. I'm glad you enjoyed her. "
I stood there motionless. What in the hell was going on?
"She's sexy right?" Jo continued.
Brea agreed. "Oh hells yea, sexier in person."
Ok, what the fuck! "Uh, what the hell is going on?" I asked confused as all hell.
They laughed in unison and Jo answered with a question, "Baby, I always give you what you want don't I?"
"Yea," I answered still hella confused. I grabbed the phone off the top of the fridge.
"Ok, well you said you wanted some Florida pussy so there you are. Enjoy it for the rest of the night. I'll be there in the morning to share it with you. Thanks, Breasia."
"You're welcome, sorer." Brea answered.
I couldn't stop laughing. "Baby, you keep me guessing. You're something else."
"I love you, Chloe," Jo cooed.
"I love you too, Baby. Thank you." I managed to get out.
"B, take care of my baby. I'll see ya'll soon." Jo said. With that she hung up the phone.

Damn, my Baby gives the best gifts.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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