by Serene Pleasures

when will i find a love that will make me weak at the knees
that will beg you baby please dont leave
that will give you my last breath
that will take your place in the case of death
when will i find a love that will make me need you every minute of the day
or that will make me me think.....
you could be
my lover, my best friend
the lake that runs to my ocean and never ends
you could be
my soul mate, my heaven
my lucky number that i pick times seven
you could be
my preacher, my teacher
my favorite flick or my double feature
you could be
my breath, my heart
my lonely soul that is around when we are apart
you could be
my ending and beginning
my reason to believe that i am sinning
you could be
my could be
all that you should be
all that i will make you
my star, my debut

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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