by Satisfaction_Guaranteed

Yesterday… was me and you
Something so beautiful, simple and new
Sharing each other space
Laughing at each other jokes
Engaging in endless conversations
Having you cradled in my arms
Watching you sleep so heavenly
Enjoying the sexual endeavor of your womanly continent
Tasting every citrus drop with the tip of my tongue
Making your river flow with intense excitement

Today… is me…longing for you
Lost in translation…
Feeling blue…
Something beautiful turned sour and crippled
Your space shared with another
No more laughter…
No more conversations…
No more you and me…

Caught between yesterday and today
Memories of you flood my mind endlessly
Craving like an addict in need of a fix
I yearn for your feminine touch and tender kiss
Seduced me with your natural aroma
Whisper to me…sweet melodies
As the night ends…
I wake to the human warmth of your beauty
Caressing my chocolate skin

Tomorrow…is a mixture of yesterday and today
Memories of the past…lost and gone
Water under the bridge…
Time moved forward
But…hope embraces it all

Hope embraces it all…

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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