Once my eyes came into focus of the clock on our nightstand, I realized it said 2:23. I cursed to myself for letting my "insomnia" get the best of me yet again. I really hated when this happens cause it always took an act of Congress for me to get back to sleep. I stretched a little and looked up at Emani to make sure I didnít disturb her because I had been lying on her chest. Oh my God, my baby was beautiful! People always say you look your most innocent when youíre asleep, and of course innocence is beautiful. But as I sat up and looked down on her, my breath was taken away because to meÖshe exceeded the beauty of innocence, and once again I was overwhelmed by the fact that she was my little piece of heaven. As I got up I kissed her on her forehead. I stood up beside the bed and looked at her again, and a chill went through my body.
I came out of the bathroom shaking the water off my hands. I stopped in my tracks cause some had gotten on Eís face. All she did was turn her head. I swear this female can sleep deeper than a rock sometimes. I knew I was going to be awake for a while so I pulled out my chair and sat at the foot of the bed with my poetry book and watched her sleep until my thoughts became rhythmic literature on the paper before me. She started moving around and eventually kicked the covers on the floor. I quickly put my pen and book to the side so she wouldnít know I was watching her. Surprisingly, after all that she didnít even wake up, but she did mumble something about some peanut butter fluff. It took everything in me not must to burst out laughing, but I managed to calm myself.
I settled back down in my chair ready to get back to work, but I was compelled to just watch her. It became more of a study. My eyes traced everything they touched. From her neatly braided hair, to her lightly shut bedroom eyes, to her cute little nose then to those thick, smooth, succulent lips of hers and from there I got no further. My mouth and my pussy watered at the same time. I hesitated at first because E really hates to be woke up for no reason, but I figured hell it may not be an emergency but this damn shole needs to be taken care of A.S.A.P.
I walked to the bed, slid in and straddled her. I traced a line above her eyebrow, across her cheek, and right below her lips, but she didnít even move. To be honest, I was going to just get up and lay back down, but the longer I looked at her the more I wanted to taste her. I lightly kissed her neck a few times then made a trail of those same kisses down to the lining of her sports bra. She began to stir and with heavy sleep still in her voice she asked, "Yo, Ma, what you doin?"
I didnít answer nor look up. I continued what I was doing by taking my tongue to the top of her breast where her nipples had already hardened. I slid my tongue around her nipple then ran my teeth across it. She took a deep breath through her teeth and laid her hand on the back of my head. I eased my thumbs under her bra to take it off, but before I could she reached down and pulled it off herself. While I nibble and sucked on one of her breasts, she ran her fingers through my hair, which gave me chills cause, I love it when she plays in my hair.
I switched so that my legs were between hers, and scooted up a little closer pushing her legs open a bit wider so that I could have full access when I was ready to do my thing. When I sat up on my knees to pull off my own shirt, looking down at her almost made me laugh. Iím not used to being the one in charge and taking over everything but to see her almost rushing me with her eyes was priceless. I merely smiled then went back to the business at hand.
If anybody ever thought Emani was ugly which I seriously doubt that, I know the one thing they couldnít say is that my baby wasnít fine cause that she definitely is. Her body was perfect. I mean just on point for no good got damn reason. So when I did have the chance to explore her body, I took much pleasure in it. When I first met E this girl would call her yummy tummy, (laughing) shit she donít even know the half of it.
As I made my way down her stomach, I licked and kissed every muscle and paid extra attention to her navel. It didnít take much to remove her hooping shorts because she didnít have on any boxers. That let me know she was going to pull a little wake-n-take herself, but I just beat her to it. I know it was just me, but I swear her pussy was calling my name, and I was wasting no time answering her.
I slipped my hand between Emaniís thighs and rubbed her clit. She moaned lightly and bit her bottom lip. I then went down and covered her clit with my mouth, and flicked my tongue deep inside her pussy. To my surprise she lifted my head and kissed me between each gasps of breath. At first it had me nervous being that I wasnít that experienced in giving head because she was the first girlfriend of mine that wasnít a touch-me-not. Through scattered breaths she said, "Its okay Baby."
"Well, why did you stop me?"
She didnít really answer my question. She just said, "Damn baby I taught you well, huh?" She kissed me on my forehead, and all I could do was bust a smile from ear to ear and get back to business.
I kissed my way from her navel back to her pussy. I slid my tongue inside and licked the tip of her clit. Her pussy began to tighten as I sucked on her clit. She came. More like melted because she was the best thing I had ever tasted. She leaned forward and smacked my ass and said, "Pay back!" I stepped over her legs to lay on my back beside her, but she stopped me and said, "Nuh uh. On all fours." When she said that I knew I was going to be in for a little more than pay back because this is Emaniís favorite position and also her position of power. So that meant for me this session was going to go further than me just bussing a nut.
I quickly got into position because I must admit its my favorite too, but it was taking her a tad bit too long to get shit jumped off. I went to turn around to see what was up. All I did was flinch and she smacked me on my ass again and told me not to move. Before long I felt one of her fingers sliding between my pussy lips and rubbing my clit. I moaned and leaned back a little bit when I felt her tongue inside me. She got deeper and faster as she fucked me with her tongue. She replaced her tongue with her middle and index fingers and pushed tight up against my g-spot, and I came. I cried out and my legs got weak but I fell to my elbows.
I went to lie down but E stopped me when I felt her rubbing my pussy again. She then took her strap and rubbed it down my butt, then between my legs. Obviously thatís what took her so long before. She kicked one of my legs with her knee so that I could open them wider. She pushed the strap inside me with so much ease. I gasped for breath and she paused for a second to steady herself. She started off slow and easy to get her rhythm. She began to speed up and I caught her rhythm and was able to throw myself back harder as she slid in and out of me. I threw my head back and moaned "Harder!" she grabbed my hair and pulled me back as she came toward me with much force. My moan was almost loud enough to be a scream and I knew I was gonna come soon. Thatís exactly what happened. I swear all it took was two pumps and a grind and I let it go. She continued a steady rhythm inside me a few moments after I came. I thought she was going to stop but instead she got faster. I believe she could tell I was wondering what was the deal by my painful yet pleasure filled moans because she said in this strangest voice, "Iím not done yet." For some odd reason the way she said that made me want more just as much as she did. Her pace quickened and her force got much stronger. She rared back pulling almost completely out of me. She sucked on her bottom lip and with all she had in her, she pushed back inside me and held it there. I screamed her and she leaned forward and whispered, "I love you, Mami!"
Once again her pace quickened, and I was beginning to think she was fucking to prove something. Then I heard her say just above a whisper, "Say it." I know what she wanted me to say, but as always I tried to resist so I ignored her comment. E was making it feel so good that I began to get weak. I couldnít take it anymore. Through heavy breathing and a subtle moan I said, "Stop!"
E only got harder. "Say it." A deep moan was all that could escape my lips. She raised her hand and brought it down hard on my ass and said, "Say it."
Reaching my peak once again I screamed, "Can't nobody do it like you, Emani!" she steadied herself knowing she wasnít too far behind. Not too long after she came too. E let herself relax and she laid down on my back. She kissed me on my neck and for a while we just laid there in silence.
I was almost asleep when I heard, "What were you doin up?"
"My usual."
She laughed. "Iím bout tired of you watching me and then never letting me read what you wrote." She tried to get up. "I wanna see." She said reaching for my book.
I pulled her back down and said, "No youíll see in the morning. Iíll show you both of them tomorrow."
She laid back down. "Your always gone when I get up."
I intertwined her fingers in mine and said, "Youíll see." With that we both relaxed and drifted off to sleep.
It never fails. Whenever Emani wakes up she goes straight to the bathroom. This time when she looked up from washing her hands she saw brown writing in the mirror that readÖ
Itís the kind of thing that happens
At any given time
That will change your life forever
Like a fantasy of mine
The fantasy was there before I ever knew your name
And now that Iíve found you
Iíll never be the same
So excuse me if I look
Forgive me if I stare
At the fantasy I knew
Before I saw you standing there

She smiled and said out loud, "My baby not even here and she starting my day off right." Emani walked back into the room but was stopped in her tracks by another poem in the vanity mirrorÖ
Empress of my Soul
Sheís in my every dream
When comes the darkness of night
My head is filled with thoughts of her
In the brightness of the morning light
She overwhelms my thinking
As I go through the dayís routine
Sheís all Iíve ever hoped for
For more than just a queen
Without her Iím aimless
And with her Iím whole
For she is the queen of my heart
And the Empress of my soul
Emani fell to the bed and she didnít think it was possible, but her smile got bigger and her day got brighter. She quickly dialed the number.
I had been at work for a while and having fun with the kids when the phone rang. "Future World Daycare this is Ms. Kacee speaking." Almost immediately after I finished my sentence, E said, "Damn baby I love you so much!"
Remembering the poems I had left her, I smiled and replied, "I love you too baby!"

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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