Rayne 2. Marzett

I love being a writer. It affords me the position to be able to associate with a large number of people, most of which I normally would never be able to. On one such occasion I was rather shocked and amazed at the turn of events that happened. This was such a crazy event that it can only be described in the words of this very erotic story. Here Goes!!

One afternoon I was driving around Atlanta; trying to get some inspiration when I got a phone call. I looked at the caller id and saw that it was a friend of mine that I hadn’t heard from in a few weeks, but I figured that it’s because he works none stop and rarely has time for social calls or visits. So of course I felt the need to take the call…

“Hey, wassup ma?”

“Chillin. Driving around this wonderful city and enjoying the sites. How are you? Haven’t heard from you in awhile. You staying out of trouble?”

“Of course not…but that’s life right? Lol. I’m calling because I have an artist that would really like to work with you. I’ve been telling her all about you and she would like to meet with you.”

“Me? But I’m a writer. I don’t know anything about music. And what have you been saying about me?”

“Lol…Well she was explaining a concept that she wanted to try out, and I bet her one hundred dollars that it couldn’t be done…especially if she was working with a Pro.”

“And still what does that have to do with me?” I said racking my brain and trying to figure out what was with all the code.

“Just come down to the studio at like 7 tonight. She will explain everything to you then. I holla.” Click

Now wassup with this I thought. But it’s Jay, and he is rather off the wall at times, so I figured that this was one of those times. I went home and made dinner for myself, called a friend of mine and made plans to visit her the next weekend, and showered and changed to meet Jay at the studio. When I got to the complex where his studio is, there were no cars except for two. So I figured that he and his artist were the only two left in the building. I parked a few spaces between the cars and walked into the studio complex.

Jay was waiting on me in the lobby as I walked in with this huge smile on his face. I asked him why he was smiling so hard and he said simply. “I’m about to make a hundred dollars.” I looked at him with this strange what are you on look. He just lead the way into the studio and I followed thinking the whole time, “What am I about to get into?” Jay opened the double doors and instantly I was hit with the aroma of Black Love burning. Hmm. Very interesting for a recording I thought. There was this beat playing in the background that just screamed sex, now I’m really wondering what the hell is going on? He told me to have a seat at the board and he sat in the other chair at the board. I twirled around in the chair and checked the whole studio area. I saw that there was no one in the booth, and asked him where his artist was? He told me that she went to get something to drink from the vending area upstairs and would be back in a few.

While we were waiting on the artist to decide that she was coming back in to work (which I felt was a ploy to keep me on the edge of my seat) Jay tinkered with the beat. He turned a few knobs and made the bass really heavy and slowed it down a bit which made me think of that rhythm you get into while you are slowly stroking the cat. Then he added a rain storm sound that made it even more erotic. I soon noticed that my hips were moving to this highly hypnotic sound. As I slowly became entranced in the melody I heard a voice behind me say, “Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about right there. That’s the beat I was looking for.” I turned and saw to my shock and surprise Ms. Jackson “If you nasty” standing by the door.

At first I couldn’t say anything. All I could do was stare at her while she laughed at my stuck on stupid expression. After a few minutes I stood and extended my hand to her. She placed her small and demure soft hand in mine and I kissed it gently. She laughed this tiny and very cute laugh again, and then looked at Jay. “You were right. She is cute.” I blushed and quickly remember who I was. I put on my cool and composed mask while offering her my seat. “So what is this bet/project that I was called in for?” I ask Janet, since Jay has been reluctant to answer any question I had about it. “She just smiled and said, “I’m going to need your expertise for some added effect.” I thought to myself, “Expertise. What is she talking about?”

She made Jay play the track from the beginning and sat there intently listening to it and giving directions as to what she wanted changed. I sat and watched, mesmerized by this small woman that commanded such a big presence. By the time the track ended she was fully satisfied and ready to record. She asked Jay how long the track was, and he quoted her a time. Then, she got up to get in the booth and said, "Ok. Come on Darling, time to go to work. We got one take to get this down.” I got up and followed her into the booth. Jay dimmed the lights in the studio and in the booth so you could hardly see without squinting. But I saw her clearly, as if it was daylight. She was wearing a white sarong and white wifebeater with high heeled sandals.

She unwrapped the sarong and sat naked from the waist down on the stool in front of the mic. Damn! Was the only thing that came to my mind. She grabbed me by my hands and pulled me close to her. I could feel her heat as she leaned into my neck and whispered “Just follow what I say. Listen to the words and don’t say a word. Okay?” I shook my head like a retard simply because her screaming sexiness wouldn’t let me do anything else. {Side note: I think me and every other lesbian, bi, and gay guy has had wet dreams about Janet Jackson, and here I am standing in front of her and those notorious piercing of hers. DAMN!!}

“Okay Jay. I think we’re ready. Start the track,” she said into the mic. I stood there as the beat started and she ran her hands over my shoulders and down my stomach. “That’s it…Would U Mind?” and I mouthed the word no. “Baby…Would you mind touching me…Ever so slowly…,” and I did. I slowly caressed her body and slipped my hands under her wifebeater slowly taking it off. She continued to sing and I continued to follow her slow song of passion. I nibbled on her neck and licked and sucked on her ear lobe. I caressed her breast and sucked her nipples as she pushed down on my shoulders wanting me to go lower. Damn. I wanted to take my time and enjoy this moment for ever, but we were on a time limit. I started licking her lips and sucking on them while my fingers slowly slipped in and out of her love. “That’s it…mmmm. Go deeper,” she moaned into the mic. She gripped the back of my head, and rode my face as I licked her clit faster and sucked it harder.

I could here the break and she started really getting into it. Moaning more often and I knew I had her when she said, “Ahh Shit.” That was all I needed to hear, and I went to town flicking my tongue back and forth over her clit as fast as I could. I was determined to get her to cum in those 5 minutes and 33 seconds. But before I knew it the beat had stopped. “The song ended…I didn’t even get to cum! Did you?” She looked down at me and smiled this wide smile.

"Almost," I said in a whisper, and then Jay silly self started laughing and clapping. I guess he lost that bet. She kept her composure and did the song in one take. She wrapped her self back in the sarong and kissed me on the lips. I handed to her the wifebeater she was wearing and we walked out the booth.

Later on she handed me her card and told me to call her when ever I was ready to do the re-mix…Life gets no better then that…

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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