by UcAnTLaBeLmE

I want to breathe you in
Let you fill my lungs
Exhale and taste you
Escape from my lips

I want to touch you
Sink deep within your soul
Wipe away all of your pain
Let the real you be exposed

I want to kiss you
Send your mind on journeys
Take you to distant lands
Recapture the essence of a real woman

I want to set you free
Help you grasp the intangible
Show you hidden blessings
Open your mind to new things

I want you
Not just your body
The very essence of your being
Put you in my back pocket
Shield you from the ways of the world
Treat you like the royalty that you are
Queen of my heart

I want you
Not just the good
The bad and the ugly
Let your dislikes be my commandments
Let your likes be my way of life
Making you smile is my pass into heaven
Hopefully bringing no sorrow to your life

I want for these words to somehow grasp
The way I feel for you
To translate my emotions
In a way that explains my heart is true

I want nothing more in this world
Then to make you happy
Make you feel secure in loving me
To help us both be brave
Throughout this journey

I want you to take my hand
Let's both lead the way
Taking one day at a time
Let the stars be our guide

I want nothing to go unsaid
About the way I feel for you
I want you to know
That this one thing is true

I can't stop myself from falling
Head over heels in love with you

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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