P. LotusBlossom

“Ummm that was good,” she whispered to me in her sexy raspy voice after our last kiss.
It had been over four months since we’d first met and I thought this was the night that we’d finally been waiting for. Instead she just brought my hand up to her face, her lips brushed softly against my wrist and she walked out the door with a smile.
That was over a week ago and Mel hadn’t called me back. It was clear that she wanted me to call her. I thought about it…hard. But I just didn’t chase women – it was one of my rules and she knew that. Still, Mel was one the sexiest women that I’d ever met and I craved her so badly that I couldn’t sleep at night.
This woman had put some kind of spell on me. It’s not just that she was sexy as hell, with her beautiful shoulder length locks, tight body, full luscious lips and the panther tattoo on her the back of her neck that I wanted to lick until she begged for more. It was the way she walked into a room all hard and powerful, like she owned it. Staring at everyone with fearlessness like that panther on her neck, daring anybody to fuck with her.
And her eyes -- intense, passionate eyes… windows to the soul, some say. Eyes that looked at me like I was already hers.
That’s why I didn’t understand why she wasn’t calling me. So when Nicky, a woman from the gym who had been asking me out for months called, I finally said yes just to get Mel off my mind. Nicky was nice. No games, no drama and absolutely no attraction on my part.
It was hot the day the that I went out with her and I had on a short, low cut, sleeveless, dress with some high strappy sandals. The dress was clingy in all the right places, showing off my breasts, the flowing material covering my ass like a handmade glove. Based on Nicky’s expression when she picked me up, I knew that I looked good.
Nicky held the door open for me as I walked into her friend’s backyard. There were about fifty people spread out, talking, dancing, eating barbeque and having a good time. For a few moments I thought I was gonna actually relax and that I’d be able to forget about Mel. But just as Nicky handed me a drink, I felt eyes on me.
I turned around and looked right into Mel’s face. She was sitting at a table in the furthest corner of the yard and a beautiful woman was leaning over close saying something in her ear.
What the fuck? I was instantly pissed and had to resist the urge to jump up and storm out of the backyard. As I locked eyes with her for a few seconds, she glared back at me like I had done something wrong.
“Do you know her?” Nicky asked snapping me out of my death grip, stare down with Mel.
“Wh-who,” I stuttered turning back towards Nicky.
She nodded her head in Mel’s direction, “That woman back there who’s been eying us every since we walked in.”
“Um yes I know her. We went out a few times, nothing serious.”
“Well, she’s looking at you like it was serious. And when I went to get your drink, she said ‘whatsup’ at the bar and brushed up against me.” Nicky shook her head. “I thought it was an accident.”
“It probably was.” I said taking a sip of my drink as Nicky stared at me in disbelief.
“I don’t think so; she’s still looking at you.”
I took a quick glance over my shoulder at Mel and she was still glaring. And now the woman she was with had a salty look on her face too.
“Maybe we should go someplace else.” I said to Nicky.
“Naw, if you’re ok, I’m cool. I just want to know if I’m out with somebody else’s woman.”
“You’re not.” I said looking her straight in the eye. Nicky nodded her head, but I don’t think she believed me.
“Where’s the bathroom?” I asked her trying to come up with an excuse to leave the backyard and get myself together.
“Right behind the kitchen,” she said pointing in the direction of the house.
As I walked towards the house, I could still feel Mel’s eyes on me. I opened the patio door and practically crashed into Mel’s good friend Stacy in the kitchen.
“Hey Kenya,” she said giving me a big bear hug. It’s good to see you! I didn’t even notice you come in I’ve been so busy in the kitchen.”
“It’s good to see you too Stacy. I’m looking for the bathroom. Where is it?”
“That trifling Mel, she didn’t even show you around my new house.”
Oh so this is Stacy’s new house. I had a vague recollection of Mel telling me about it.
“Where is Mel anyway?” she asked.
“Um Stacy… I really need to go bad where is it?”
“Ok girl, sorry, I’m just going on. Somebody’s in the one down here. Use the bathroom in my bedroom upstairs.”
“Thanks,” I said walking quickly down the hallway and up the stairs to her bedroom. Once I got to Stacy’s room, I closed the door and then sat down on the edge of her bed to collect myself. I had barely been the room for a minute, before I heard the door open, close and lock.
I didn’t even need to look up to know who it was. Mel was standing in front of me.
I glanced up at her trying not to betray my emotions and attempting to ignore how sexy she looked. Mel had on a thin white tank top that accentuated her cocoa skin, showing off her strong muscular arms, intricate tattoos and flat, tight abs. She was so close that I could smell her.
“Kenya, what are you doing here with another woman?” She questioned me, her face hard and angry.
“What am I doing? What are YOU doing here with another woman?” I threw it right back at her. “You don’t call me for two weeks and then the next time, I see you it’s at your best friend’s house with another woman!” I stood up. “I know that we don’t have a commitment and we’re both free to see other people, but if you don’t want to see me anymore, just tell me!”
I tried to walk away but she grabbed both my arms and pulled me towards her. “Before you walk away from me I have three things to say to you. “First of all I didn’t bring anybody else with me. I don’t even know that woman. She just started talking to me. Second of all, I had to take care of some business out of town and I’ve been gone for almost two weeks. Third, why the hell didn’t you call me! Maybe I was waiting for you to call me this time. Just this once. You ever think of that!”
Then her voice softened. “Why do I have to chase you?”
Mel let go of my hands and tilted my head up towards her before kissing me ever so softly. “I want you,” she said her lips barely touching mine and her eyes boring into me like hot coals. “You know that. And you’ve played with me Kenya. Calling me back when you want to, ignoring me when you don’t get your way.” She shook her head “I’ve never ever let anybody treat me the way you do.” She still held my face in her hands.
“I’ve waited all these months," she said her breath hot against my face. “Why do you have to make me beg for you?”
I panicked and didn’t know what to say next. I felt the same way she did but I was caught between wanting to make her suffer and wanting to make her happy. Her words were a shock. Mel usually didn’t give in so easily and display emotions like this. She was right about me though. I knew I was high maintenance. I was used to having my way and I liked to be taken care of in the way that I wanted.
I guess I took too long to respond because she dropped her hands back down to her waist and looked down at the floor like she was embarrassed that she had said those things too.
“You don’t have to chase me Mel.” The words just rolled out of my mouth as I placed her hand back on my face. “You don’t have to beg for me. I’m sorry.” I said quietly giving in.
Her reaction was quick. “Come here,” Mel whispered in my ear, pulling me close as she brought her lips down to meet mine. Her hands roved over my body crushing the delicate material covering my ass. “Let me,” she said in a voice that was low and soft but powerful and sexy enough to make me forget that I wanted to be in charge.
I gasped as she moved her lips down my neck and then brushed them up against my hard nipples that were almost piercing the thin material of my dress. I was hypnotized as she slipped me out of my summer dress and looked at me standing in front of her with nothing on but my heels, red lacy bra and panties.
She licked her lips as she stared at me and I could barely breathe. When I couldn’t wait another second, I stood up on my tiptoes and began to caress her neck with my tongue. Mel inhaled deeply and I knew that I had her. She sat down on the bed in front of me and I stood between her legs, sliding my tongue back to her mouth as she grabbed my ass and pulled me close to her.
“I want to feel you on me,” I said whispering in her ear. “I want to feel you in me.”
She unsnapped my bra with one hand and before I could take another breath, her long thick tongue was caressing my breast, first one then the other biting, sucking, and circling each nipple until they were hard as pebbles. I let out a loud moan not giving a shit who heard me as she slipped her hands along the sides of my panties, sliding them down past my hips just enough for them to fall to the floor. For a few seconds, she stared me up and down, her eyes lingering on my bare, naked pussy like it was an ice cream cone she was about to devour. And then she did.
Mel moved from the bed to the floor on her knees, positioning her mouth at the lips of my pussy. “Open your legs baby,” she ordered me, caressing my ass with her hands. I did like I was told and was rewarded with her hot lips kissing my pussy like it was hers.
Gently at first, her strong tongue worked its way around my clit, the tip flicking it slowly and then quickly. I pulled her head against me and let out another loud moan as she swept her thick tongue all over my pussy, back and forth on my clit and then plunging into my hot wetness until I was shaking and almost at the brink before she stopped.
“No not yet,” she mumbled against my pussy. I was momentarily confused as Mel stood up and kissed me on the lips. I could taste myself on her. She stared at me with hunger in her eyes and I knew what she wanted from me. I slipped my hands into her top and she helped me pull it over her head.
Her large dark nipples sat on her small chest like Hershey’s kisses and I began to work my tongue over them, sucking softly at first until she whispered my name. “Kenya.”
That was all the encouragement I needed. I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them off as quickly as I could before pushing her onto the bed.
As I lay on top of her sucking her nipples like they were my last supper, I slipped my leg against her pussy and I could feel her hot juiciness soaking my thigh.
“Kenya,” she yelled my name again, this time a little louder as she rubbed her wet pussy against my leg. I moved my mouth over her body, making a trail with my tongue down her stomach lingering just a few seconds to circle her naval. I could feel her muscles tightening beneath my hands and tongue. For the first time, Mel was mine to do with what I wanted. I inhaled her scent and then moved in close letting her feel my hot breath against her skin, slowly so that she could anticipate what was coming next as I moved in to suck her clit.
She rose up off the bed to meet my lips, crushing her pussy against my face in a hot kiss. “Yes baby,” she screamed as I devoured her clit with my mouth and slipped three of my fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy.
Before I could finish her off, Mel slipped from underneath me again. “I want to cum with you.” She whispered in a heavy voice, as she positioned her hard body on top of mine, lifting my ass so high with her strong hands, that our pussy’s kissed.
I moved against her like an ocean wave guided by the moon. “Yes!” I whispered in her ear. My mouth moved to suck her nipples as I rocked against her, feeling her slick hard clit grinding against my hot pulsating center.
“Closer,” she mumbled. I spread my legs wide and wrapped them around her waist, until we were almost joined as one. My hands grabbed her tight ass, pushing her deeper into me as our bodies rocked back and forth, around and around in a perfect rhythm riding each other faster and faster.
“Kenya,” she yelled shuddering on top of me as I exploded underneath her, moving wildly riding her until the very last wave subsided.
Mel whispered in my ear a few minutes later, “I’d chase you again if I had to.”
“You won’t have to,” I whispered back to her as I lay against her chest listening to the sound of her heart return to a slow rhythmic beat.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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