Shanel Hickman

Before we met up at the club I wanted her so bad. I could feel her lips on me already and had dressed accordingly.. Knowing how much she’d love the contrast of my hershey brown skin with the color of the fabric, I covered as little as I could and wore my tiny white mini-skirt, a baby blue bikini top, and 6 inch heels. I also know how much she loved to see me in lace...but that night I went without because it was simply an obstruction...I did all of she would have free access to my body. I did it all so that the night would go smoothly…cuz I had plans. I tried to be slightly modest and grabbed a sky blue and white button down as I left my apartment.
As soon as I stepped in the room heads of which was hers. Sadly she didn't look pleased with all of the attention of my outfit. She's so sexy when she's mad. We quickly exited through a side door. She backed me into the wall towering over me. Despite my smaller stature I stood my ground. I liked the way I looked and I wanted her to like it too. I had worn it just for her. We both entered the club our drinks and calmed down for a moment. I approached her again as she left to get her blacks from the car. Yet again she had used the side door...the area was deserted. I walked up to her as she posted on the wall. I reached up to grab her face. Then I kissed her with as much passion as I'd ever felt for her since I'd met her and then I said, "I love you, Daddi." From the look in my eyes I knew she could tell what I wanted. I knew she wanted me...despite our little argument earlier in the night. I was too mesmerized by her lips and the way they moved...too busy thinking of what they could be doing to me if she'd just shut up and fuck me.... to even really care if I'd won that fight. She knew I'd give her anything...and that was precisely what I did that night.
As we continued to kiss she tried to change our position and back me into the wall but I wanted to do something special that night...something she hadn't let me try. I wanted her in the worst way. I continued to kiss her and began to grind my hips into hers to the beat of the music in the club. A soft moan escaped my lips as I noticed a slight bulge. As was normally the case...she was strapped because of my love for "public affection". I turned around as the beat slowed and began to slowly sensually grind my ass into her as she put an arm around my waist and kissed on my neck.
I stopped the grind but never lost my I slowly slid her pants down her long legs I quickly removed her boxers before she could protest. As I unbuttoned my shirt I eyed her dick. I loved the way that it perfectly matched her complexion. I could feel my juices starting to trickle past my lips...I couldn't wait any longer. I turned around and resumed my grind for a moment before begging to feel her inside of me. She surprisingly lifted me up and put my back against the wall. She felt so good inside of me. I found myself screaming, "Fuck me, Daddi" and I knew I was getting too close. I was starting to feel my clit vibrate with each thrust and I knew that if I didn't stop her I'd be too far-gone to do what I wanted. I gathered my composure and said "not yet." She looked at me slightly confused but let me down.
I slowly slid down her body and I looked up into her eyes and smirked as I asked "Daddi.... can I suck it?" Not needing an answer I quickly proceeded to do just that. I put as much of her as I could into my mouth and still tried to take more...I tasted myself on her dick and it made me want to taste her so bad. Now, isn't the time... I told myself...I had to be patient. I somehow managed to slip two fingers inside of her while maintaining my rhythm. I love to please so her stifled moans were turning me on. I could feel her getting so wet on my fingers and at the same time I could feel her filling my mouth though I honestly still wanted her in my pussy. I couldn't get enough of her...but sucking her dick definately wasn't enough.
I had to taste her so I undid the straps and before she could protest I placed a kiss on her lips. I looked up into her now closed eyes and whispered the words "I love you" and proceeded to do what I'd been waiting for. I spread her lips with my tongue and tasted her for the first time. I put two of my fingers back inside. As I heard her moan for the first time I knew that I had lost all inhibition and I had finally broken her down. The thrill of having her turned me on so much that I couldn't take it and I began to moan as well. I fingered myself as I licked and sucked until she couldn't take it and she pushed my head away, strapped up, and pulled up her pants and boxers again. "Mmmmhhh...but Daddi I need you.." I moaned. I was still begging for I became dimly aware of my throbbing pussy and empty mouth. She walked towards the car and turned back to look at me smirking. I followed slowly accepting my punishment for making her moan in public but knowing how much she'd
enjoyed it I knew that I'd receive some attention soon.
We reached the car and rode on for what seemed like an eternity. I was aware of the feeling of my nipples rubbing against the fabric of my shirt...and how much I’d rather have her rubbing them.... sucking them. Damn...i was so wet and she wouldn't even play with me. I took matters into my own hands. I slowly slid my skirt up my thighs as she pretended to watch the road intently. I parted my lips gently and massaged my already swollen clit. I slipped two fingers inside and moments later added a third. I rode my own fingers til I was dizzy. "Daddi...I'm" and the words never came.
"That's my job," she said as she grabbed my wrist and stopped me. I really needed to feel her and was on the brink of tears. We rode on in silence. I was thankful for the fact that the car was an automatic and grabbed her hand and guided it between my thighs and even more thankful that she didn't move it away. She softly began to play with my pussy...taking care not to touch my clit no matter how much I begged her to. Tears began to streak my face from frustration. "Daddi...please don't tease me I can't take it anymore..." I mumbled.
She pulled over the car, laid back my seat and kissed me gently on each cheek. "Never forget who runs this," she said and slid down my body. She took care to kiss each spot. She gently rolled each nipple before flicking it with her tongue and sucking into hermouth. I came twice from the sensation of her tongue on my nipples alone and was still begging for more. She kissed a trail down my stomach. Though I could tell that she wanted to taste me...she went agonizingly slow to teach me a lesson. For once I didn’t mind being put in my place as she yet again took my hand… and this time sucked on my I watched her tongue wrap around my index finger...tasting me.
Finally she made her way down and kissed my soft sexy thick thighs. She ran her tongue across the smooth skin…gently inching up taking care to stay away from my treasure. She busied herself with licking my honey from my thighs for what seemed like forever. She softly trailed her tongue along my lips and parted them with the tip. She gently sucked first the left and then the right…and my back arched to meet the sensation…. to meet her lips. All the while I was riding her fingers… I could feel her breath on me but not her tongue. I looked down into her eyes and she said, “Whose is it?” and roughly re-inserted the two fingers. I moaned but didn’t reply. “I said…who’s is it, Shanel?” she repeated as she stirred her fingers around in my juices. I mumbled something incoherent. “Whose pussy is this?” she asked, as she placed her mouth on my clit and sucked it without mercy while flicking her tongue across it all the while maintaining that tempo with her fingers drilling in and out of me.
“It’s yours!!!” I moaned as she inserted a finger into my ass continued to pump in and out of my pussy and suck my clit.. “Fuck me…ohhh…Daddi it’s yours…Mmmmhhh….” I screamed as I came with my hot honey pouring onto her waiting tongue and I continued to scream it as she drank all of my juices.
A few minutes later after I had recovered enough to open my eyes and after she had gotten her breath back she kissed me and I could taste our flavors mixing on my tongue. She pulled back flashing that sexy devilish smile and said, “You might be good but I’m the best and never forget that I run this.” I was too exhausted to argue and too happy to care.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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