"Yeah, I'm parked in front of South West…Yeah; it's the blue Scion…See you when you get out of baggage claim." I hang up the phone and step out of my car. I stare at the airport's mechanical doors dieing to finally have her in my sight. It's been 3 years since I last saw her and 2 years since we last spoke before she called asking me to pick her up. Thoughts rushed my mind about what she looked like now. For a second I convinced myself that my childhood best friend would look the same. Dark brown eyes as seductive as the night's sky, long brown hair that use to wave in hot weather, an adorable button nose, and chunky cheeks that masked her sex-appeal in cuteness. I forced myself to believe that her skin was still the silky pecan shade without a single scar on her body.
I lean against my car reminiscing on the days when we would laugh at all the boys that went crazy over her and the boys she went crazy over. Remembering the times when everything seemed to go wrong and all we had was each other, like, the night I was kicked out when I accidentally came out to my parents. She snuck me into her room and held me while I cried, all the while making fun of me for getting caught with my girlfriend. Every boyfriend that broke her heart had to answer to me, and vice versa. Thick as thieves, some might call it. Either way I finally got my buddy back.
Lost in thought, staring at my shoes, I didn't realize there was a young woman walking towards me. "They aren't going to fly away, you know."
I look up and immediately my grin stretches from ear to ear. "Adrienne!" I yell pulling her into my bear hug.
"God, I've missed your goofy as," she said.
I stepped back, "Let me get a look at you. Jesus, you've filled out."
She laughs at how shocked I am. "Yeah, people tend to do that after a few years," she retorts with a wicked smile.
"Ever the smart ass I see." I shoot back, walking around her. She is more voluptuous than I remembered. She changed drastically for the better. Her chocolate hair is now a fire hydrant red. I finally stop circling her and she gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Nice to see your head caught up with those thick lips." I joke.
"Well, I was going to say you changed for the better too, but never mind. I'm glad to see you grew out of that stud with a perm phase."
Her quick wit is so refreshing, I couldn't even come up with a come back other than, "Fuck you. Let me put your bags in the car."
I put her bags in the trunk of the as she hops into the passenger side. We peel off and head to her apartment. She talks about her new job as a model and all the quirky things that happens on the job. In the mist of alternating my attention from the road to her and back to the road, I notice something metallic in her ear. "Whoa." I said without thinking.
"What?" she asks grabbing a piece of loose hair resting on her ear.
"What is that?" I ask pointing to her earring pierced through the inner cartilage of her ear.
"What?" she asked, as if she were innocent. "Oh, this, It's a piercing." she answers.
"Yea, I know that smart ass, I can't believe you have shit like that now."
"I have three other piercings." She has a look on her face as if I am retarded.
"Really, where?" I ask.
"They're all on my face asshole." She jokes pointing to the monroe, labret, and corner lip piercings.
"Oh wow, I can't believe I missed that." I said bewildered.
"Too busy looking at my tits, huh?"
"No." I said embarrassed. I knew she knew I was looking at her breasts. I've been doing that since they popped up in 7th grade.
The rest of the drive to her apartment is painfully silent. For some reason the vibe between us teeters between friendly and awkward. We jump start with quip shots at each other then fall into a conversation that has nuances neither of us are able to figure out, but we know they are there. We pull up to her apartment and I follow her up stairs to help her unpack. I lug the majority of her baggage. "God, what do you have in these things?" I grunt.
"Don't be so dramatic, it's just make-up," she says as she flings open the door. I drop the luggage in her bedroom and sit on the bed while she unpacks. "You're seriously gonna sit there and watch me put all the stuff away," she asks, while opening a suit case.
"You seriously had me carrying an 80lb bag of make-up?" I retort. She flips me off and starts throwing her shoes into her closet.
I scan the room, noticing the little knickknacks she has from her travels. I spot a picture of me sleeping on her bed when we were kids. "Wow, I can't believe you have this out in the open." I exclaim.
"Ha, you look so cute in that picture. I wonder what happened." She jokes.
I glare at the picture and place it back. I realize that her night table is covered with pictures of us. "If I didn't know better I'd say this is a shrine of me." I said.
"Oh, please. I'm in all those pictures but one. I just like to remember when I was innocent, and you were 'straight'." She shoots back.
"I was never straight. I use to pretend you were my girlfriend back in second grade."
"See, I always knew you had a thing for me." She pauses, realizing she struck a nerve
"Why do you always have to take it there?"
"What? You brought it up, Marcel."
"I was joking, Adrienne." I shoot at her.
"So was I, Marcel." she shoots back.
We fall into another awkward stillness. After a few minutes she breaks the silence, "So, am I paying for dinner or are you?" I can always count on her to just ignore certain situations.
"You are." I said still upset.
She walks over and kneels in front of me. She puts her hand on my neck, "What is going on with you? I feel like we're thirteen again." She whispers.
"I just, ever since that night it just doesn't feel the same with us." It's finally out there.
"I thought we were going to forget about that."
"Well, I lied." I cracked a smile and pulled her closer to me. Our noses touch. I can feel her breath on my mouth.
Our lips come closer and closer to meeting. At that moment the world seems to fall into place. Fractions of an inch apart, I can feel the warmth of her lips, and I can feel every inch of my body tense up. I look into her eyes and I see them dilate. I know the same thing I'm feeling is felt by her. Twenty-three years of history, of devotion to one another aching to exchange in a kiss. As quickly as her eyes widen they focus on me. "Are you still with her?" she asks. I pull back a little, caressing her face. "Are you?" she asks again.
"No." I reply. I float closer to her once again, and we're right back to where we started. My heart and gut tell me that this is finally going to happen. Amidst a sea of suit cases, clothes, and shoes the one thing we've wanted the most for 5 years is finally coming into fruition. That is, until her phone rings. We jolt out of our trance and she stretches to grab her cell.
"Hello...Hey baby." She says into the phone. Her entire voice changes into this sweet tone.
Baby? I think to myself.
"No everything is fine. Yeah, Marcel got me here safely…Great I guess I'll see you when you get back from Spain."
"Spain?" I say to myself.
"Ok…I love you too…Oh, Marcel and I are going to dinner tonight, so if I don't answer it's because we're out…Ok, call you when I get home…I love you…bye."
She hangs up the phone and throws it on the bed. The universe crashes back to reality and my heart starts to sink under its pressure. She sits next to me on the bed and exhales. "I guess I can unpack later and we can just go eat." She says in her normal nonchalant way.
"No." I answer sternly.
"No?" she repeats.
"You heard me. No." I say again.
"Oh come on, Marcel." She sighs as she flings herself back onto the bed.
I jump up off of the bed. "Don't 'Oh c'mon' me!"
"We're going to miss dinner over this?" She yells back.
"Yes, goddamn it."
"Why?" she whines.
"Because the only thing I've wanted to eat, since the 6th fucking grade, is you and I can't take this shit anymore. I'm not like you, Adrienne. There's more than a nut in this for me."
"Don't you fucking dare do that. You know more than anyone that you mean more to me than anything ever has." She bawls.
"So, when this shit was going down, when I had a girl, you couldn't see me for 3 years. But when it's your man's heart at stake it's just whatever?"
She sits up and looks fiercely at me. "Marcel, I don't care about him. I knew that the guilt would've killed you first before she did."
"This," I sigh as I sit next to her, "is torture."
"I know. I never thought I'd be doing this, and with all people my best friend." She sobbed
"I want to touch you, but it'd just hurt."
The second she feels my hand drift over her bare shoulder she leaps off of the bed, as if her body ached at my touch. The sinking feeling my heart was enduring only became worse. The room falls silent for a moment. I rest my elbows on my knees and watch her pace around trying to figure out where she left off with her unpacking. She jumps from putting clothes away, to throwing more shoes into the closet, to opening her other suitcases and pulling out more stuff. As she hops from place to place I can hear her whisper under her breath "I can't, I can't…I just can't." For every "I can't" my heart yells "You can!" Eventually, I finally make up my mind and accept the fact that I have to take this affair into my own hands.
I stand up and block her from her next route. "What are you doing?" she sighs with attitude. I refuse to let her talk me out of what I'm about to do. I pull her into my arms and kiss her. I feel her shock, but her arms soon glide around my shoulders. Supple kisses are matched by sensual tongues trading turns massaging each other. She tastes like sweet French wine, and she smells like spring. I wrap my arms just below her ass and lift her up. She automatically wraps her legs around my waist and I lay her down on the bed. I kiss from her chin down to her neck, from her neck down to her shoulders. I skip right down to her jeans. I can feel her hands run over my head as I undo her pants button. I pull the zipper down with my teeth and she suddenly grabs my face. "Wait…we can't do this." She says breathlessly.
"Yes, we can." I retort sternly.
"No, no. I have to unpack." She tries to push my face away.
I lick in between her fingers then push her hands away with my chin, "It's only going to get worse." I explain.
I start to pull down her jeans and with every inch of skin revealed I greet it with a kiss. I hear her moan and whisper "Ok…ok," in submission. Once at her feet I slip her shoes and socks off along with her jeans. I kiss my way back to her lips starting with her ankles, alternating left and right, making sure nothing is left unnoticed. I give her one last kiss before I slide down to her thong. I can smell her strawberry scent and I'm dying to get a taste. I pull down her panties and maneuver my tongue between her lips. Perfectly trimmed her pussy looks like heaven. She grabs my shirt the second she feels me lick her clit.
At first I go for long broad strokes. From her hole to her clit I savor her taste. She slowly rocks against my face. I dip my tongue in her when she rocks too hard. She jolts at the shock but squeezes my tongue with her walls. "Oh my God," she gasps.
I slide from inside her back to her clit. My broad strokes become narrower. "Cum for me baby," I whisper as I shove my face in her pussy. She starts to buck up against my tongue.
"Make me squirt baby, make me squirt!" she yells in orgasm. I drink every drop of her elixir. I wipe her juices off of my cheeks and nose. She sits up and grabs my hand. She looks at me with her devilish smirk and licks her cum off of my fingers.
She yanks me closer to her and smashes her lips against mine. We take turns playing out every fantasy that we hold in our hearts for each other. In the midst of our sixty-nine I just had to stop. "Give me a second, I need to breath" I gasped.
She just bit down on my clit and said "You can take this shit." It was heaven. We faded into a slower pace then shift into a faster one. We forgot our dinner reservations and ended up exhausted on the floor, resting on one of her bags. We order from our favorite Thai food and watch Finding Nemo. In my heart of hearts I wish I could bottle this moment. "You know I'm in love with you right?" she says to me.
"You better be." I joke.
She kissed me, and I knew that tonight wouldn't be the night that set in stone that we actually had the time to…be.

The End

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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