by Eyesofalmond

I need love
So deep no one can see through it
Nothing shallow or weak, no wholes in
It will contain no leaks
Needs to be round and whole
I need to feel it in my soul
I will not contain the passion for it only in my heart
But in my body mind and spirit
The truthful word I speak of she will only hear it
I need to feel the love that makes
My body not only quiver and shiver
But keeps me strong enough to give the love I give her
A love that keeps me strong enough
When times are hard and everyone
and everything seems to be so far
Although that is what it seems
At the time
She the one who shares her love is always by my side
Closer to me than the flesh that holds together my body
Of which she holds when I am falling apart entirely
Now like I said what I need is you boo
No one else nor nothing else
All I need is you to
Be here in my presence
Let me enjoy your sweet touch
and the essence of your innocence

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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