by Turner

I donít know about you- but I love women
and I love the way a woman will look at another woman
in hopes they both look better
I love the way a woman fantasizes of being with another woman
the softness of wishes and dreams belong to women and I kind of like the
way they dislike other women who are prettier and taller and sexier, to me
that is sooooooo sexy.
And I like the way women know you are watching them, pretentious to the view
and I like the way their slight ajar motions if you do not
I like women that look at their feet and catch a side view mirror every now and then
I love the way they assure fake phone numbers wary of your place and the way they
will drink beer and ask for champagne upon your request
women will doubt you and feel your honesty if you are lost
they will call a friend if you are a fast friend
a woman will take the time to stroke your heart and call
you honey without attitude
a womanís shoulder is there without invitation
a woman will cry with you and about you and for you
a woman will show you directions and make sure you get there
a woman will follow the lovemaking from the night before, even just to
say you were good or was it nice to you
I donít know about you-but I love women and
I love the woman I touch, the woman I breathe

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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