“I love you/I love you/ I love you/Baby I love you, you are my life. / The happiest moments weren’t complete if you weren’t by my side..”

I don’t actually remember how I got to the dance floor, but I find myself here dancing in tiny circles on the floor, nestled tightly in the arms of the woman with whom I really do feel I have fallen Dangerously in Love. I smile as I remember the night she walked into my life, 3 years ago; it was love at first sight. I was sexy, single and free and she was nursing a broken heart.

Over a long weekend, I decided to host a luncheon; inviting friends to my new home for the first time. She was one of the last people to arrive; on the arm of my very drunk uncle. She was new in town, arriving from South Africa for a 2 year work secondment. Something about her kept me turning back; my eyes constantly roaming her body; up and over her curves. She was tall; with just the right amount of thickness in the right places; long dreadlocked hair that fell to her shoulders and honey brown complexion. She quietly interacted with all my friends; and offered to stay with me at the end of the night to help clear the dishes.

As Beyonce’s words floated to us in the kitchen; somewhere between soapy dishes and tea towels we made a connection; it was strange how my heart sank when I waved her good bye. I didn’t have her number; no idea where she lived; so I silently prayed that she would find me. I tried to forget her; the way she laughed (this loud; belly laugh that shook her whole body); the way she smelled (Ralph Lauren’s Romance); the way she walked (her shoulders curved down ever so slightly, her shy nature coming through betraying her confident bravado); but mostly – I tried to forget the way she looked at me. She looked at me and the rest of the room disappeared. Her eyes pierced into my heart; and it was so intense that she almost made me catch my breath.

By some strange coincidence we met again at another party. Having given up on the idea of ever running into her – I had begun earnestly making a move on someone else. In the middle of a flirtatious conversation with a tall dark skinned Sudanese beauty; someone tapped my shoulder. I turned and saw the pair of eyes I had been dreaming of for over 2 weeks! I couldn’t help but give her a toothy silly grin; I could not stop smiling as she introduced herself to my friend and then politely asked if she could have a private word with me.

We walked outside the house and stood by my car; I watched quietly as she lit herself and me a cigarette. We chatted randomly for a while before I blurted out that I found her attractive and brazenly asked her if she was into women. The confidence of that outburst still amazes to this day – I have no idea what I would have done had she said no. She smiled shyly and whispered her response. I leaned over and kissed her, pulling her soft thick lips into my mouth; exploring her mouth with my tongue.

I took her home with me that night. We made eager, curious, excited love till the early hours of the morning. A routine was easily developed. I knew there was noone else I wanted to be with, everything about being with her made sense to me. I didn’t realize it was not that easy for Boo. I discovered that she was still holding something back; not fully giving herself to me; still in pain from her past love. As she told me their story, I realized painfully she still loved him. She was dating him for almost a year before she found out that he was engaged to somebody who was not her! Her trust in him was shattered and so was her trust in our relationship.

Despite the fact that we were clearly the odd (not to mention highly illegal) couple, we doggedly built a “regular” dating relationship; filled with quiet dinners; romantic weekend getaways; and movie dates. But it was a tricky balancing act, especially under the guise of “best friendship”; knowing that she was still raw from her past relationship. We would fight because we were not spending enough time together, we fought because we were spending too much time together; we fought because of our frustrations of not being able to have a free relationship. I remember long hours in my car, arguing about the quality of time spent; of the number of times a particular person danced with another; the fact that someone did not want to hold someone else’s hand. It was crazy. It was painful.

One particularly painful night in her apartment, almost 3 months into our relationship, we had a terrible fight. We yelled, threw things around and cried for each other. I told her it was probably best for me to leave her alone; my voice thick with tears and pain as I began to pick my clothes from the floor. As I was walking out her front door; she suddenly was right up against my back and pushed the door closed. We both stood perfectly still; I could feel her heart racing against my back; beating in perfect rhythm with my own. I turned around and looked up at her, I started to speak and she cut me off with the lightest of kisses.

In a voice so low, that I almost had to lip read what she was saying, she apologized and opened up to me; confiding in me her biggest fears; and her realization that she didn’t want to be without me. She pulled me into her then; wrapping her arms tightly around me and exhaled. I melted into her; and once again gave her my heart and my body. That night she made slow passionate emotional love; her every touch on my body was deliberate and conveyed how much she needed and desired me. As she straddled my hips and slowly ground her pussy against me; she leaned over and kissed me passionately. She whispered “I love you” in my ear right before she brought me to a blinding orgasm. I couldn’t stop shaking; she lay her head on my chest, stroking my waist and happy, love-soaked tears streamed down my face.

We have been practically inseparable since then. 8 years later and we are making a new life for ourselves in her home country of South Africa. She is a successful Property Manager and I am soon to be a content stay at home, Mommy-to-be. I look up at my queen now as we dance in tiny little circles and I smile. As the band continues to play love song after beautiful love song the dance floor fills up with couples both old and young all sharing in our love, remembering and strengthening their own. I raise my head and reach up to kiss her.

“I am in love with you/ you set me free./ I can’t do this thing/ called life without you here with me./ ‘Cause I’m dangerously in love with you/ I’ll never leave./ Just keep loving me/ the way your love, your loving me.”

As we kiss, it suddenly hits me that all I want to do is be alone with her. I want to find out (again) what is underneath all of her clothes, I want to lay kisses all over her body, feel her tremble at my touch. I haven’t made love to Boo in days and I long for her body now. As our kisses become more passionate Boo presses me closer to her, she nibbles on my lower lip and traces the length of my neck with her tongue, biting the bottom of my neck. I catch my breath and close my eyes.

We slip off the dance floor and away from the reception. I turn one last time and shiver with excitement; I still cannot believe it.. I am finally married.. our back garden that is shimmering with dozens of ferry lights, the heavy scent of white and ruby red roses, its like a scene from a fairy tale … I look up at my queen as she watches me surveying the surroundings... we share a smile. She pulls me roughly to her and reminds me how much she needs me as she hungrily bites on my neck and firmly squeezes my ass. I follow her quietly through the back entrance of our home.. we don’t make it past the kitchen.

Like starving people at a buffet we eat each other up, planting hot kisses, licking, biting, sucking. Boo raises me onto the kitchen counter; and firmly, quickly inserts three fingers into me; I am so wet she easily slides in and fills me instantly. As she rapidly finger fucks me; she presses her thumb flat against my clit; her hand has managed to find entrance under my gown’s corset and is squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples.. I begin moaning her name over and over as she is inside me, feeling a familiar shivering and tightening in my body; I come for her…it is like a physical culmination of today’s events and we rock back and forth to the sounds of the live band filtering in through the kitchen window.

“I love you”. Boo chokes as she presses her face against my chest, breathing into my breasts…I pull her close to me; wrapping my trembling legs around her waist. Her fingers are still inside me; tightly held in place by hot pussy. Slowly and gently she withdraws as I relax and release her fingers. Once completely out she takes her soaking fingers to her lips, licking my juices; watching her I feel myself getting wet; I pull her hand to my face; take her fingers and trace them across my lips; gliding them into my mouth, I slowly pull each finger in and out of my mouth; making sure to lick in between her fingers. Her hand begins to tremble; and her breath quickens as I continue sucking and licking her beautiful long fingers. She stops me; pressing her fingers against my lips; she leans forward and kisses me; sucking hard on my lower lip.

She pulls away from me and walks towards the living room; leaving me breathless. I vaguely remember grabbing a glass of water as I silently follow her in a trance. I catch my breath when I turn the corner. Boo has removed her suit jacket and shirt leaving only her low-riding pants; I can see a hint of her thong peeking from underneath them; and she is facing the bookshelf as she lights several scented candles. I watch her back and her muscles move; flow, flex, tighten and release as she leans back and forth, reaches up and down lighting the candles. The tattoo of the sun on the back of her neck and its flowing rays across her back seem to expand and contract as she moves around.

I think she can hear my breathing. She turns around and smiles slowly; seductively; my eyes move from her eyes; to her pouty lips; down the slope of her neck to her firm breasts and even further still to the tiny pierced belly button; and the fine line of hair that leads to her sex. As though my eyes are leaving a hot trail along her body; she instinctively trembles and her muscles tighten and flex; I can almost make out a bead of sweat traveling from her navel, her navel ring shining. Without a moments hesitation I am kneeling in front of her; tracing my tongue in and around her navel. Her knees buckle as I nibble across her stomach; paying special attention to the sensitive spot across her hip bone. I stop and pull her down to me.

I lie her down on the carpet. I stand above her, my legs on either side of her waist and I slowly remove the skirt of my wedding gown. I pause and wind my hips slowly and I begin to pull my skirt down my ass. I love the look of hunger on Boo’s face, as she watches me unwrap myself for her. She lets out a low growl as I do the same dance for her when I take off my panties; she is rubbing and squeezing my thighs. I fall to my knees in front of her face and she reaches for me; bringing my dripping sex to her lips, opening her mouth against my labia and digging her tongue in deep. I arch my back as I ride Boo’s face; my mind going cloudy with an impending orgasm.

“Not yet,” I manage to breathe as I pull away from her. I slide further and straddle her hips and begin to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between my fingers; causing them to swell and harden.. As she squirms with pleasure on the floor, I push my hips down to meet her thrusts; she is mumbling incoherently; her breathing has become ragged. I pull further back and pull her pants off; her panties are shiny with wetness. I tell her to close her eyes; she is trembling as she quietly obeys; I reach over and take her hand as I slowly pour warm candle wax down her chest… she lets out a wild sound; a growl and scream combined; she arches her back, squeezes my hand and wraps her legs tightly around me.

I take a sip of water and immediately follow the trail of hot wax with my cold dripping wet tongue all the way to her navel and tug on her ring with my teeth. I can feel the heat coming from her pussy; I sense its slickness. Without any fuss, I slide her panties off. I kiss the soft furry mound, tracing the length of her slit with my tongue, teasing her hard pearl. She has spread her legs wide for me, her hands are on my head; snaking their way through my braids; pressing herself against me, wanting to give herself completely to me. I suck. I lick. I bite. I fuck. I fuck her with my mouth, my teeth, my lips, my tongue, with my whole being. “There!” She screams as her body shoots up and tightens; her legs shake involuntarily and she gushes in wild abandon.

Listening to her moan, tasting her, has got me so very wet. As she slowly lies back down I raise up; lick my lips and bring them to hers so that she can taste just how sweet she is. As our kissing becomes more passionate, I slide my fingers across her pussy; she catches her breath and purrs as I gently massage her with the palm of my hand. I take her hand towards my throbbing sex; longing for her touch, her stroke. I want to feel her. I need to feel her.

She rubs my clit and I groan loudly into her mouth. Her hips have began moving against my hand; rubbing her wetness all over me. We have started a sexual rhythm with our finger fucking and we are both close to coming. I pull away from her and straddle her pussy; I pull away her pussy lips and spread my own with my free hand and then grind against her. The sensation is amazing. Our hard pearls rubbing against each other; pussy stroking; hips bucking back and forth. Yes. Yes. Yes. Boo’s holding onto my hips and ass, squeezing me, pressing me tightly against her. Our long strokes have turned into shorter deeper ones. I mumble her name, the room is spinning. We climax in unison. I collapse on top of her.

“I think we have been gone for a long enough break now don’t you think?” she whispers hoarsely kissing my forehead. “People might start looking for us.”

We laugh and I get up to head for the shower; at the living room entrance I strike a seductive pose and wiggle my finger at her. “You sure you don’t wanna help me with the hard to reach places?”

She doesn’t need much convincing.

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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