by Miss Trina

As I stare into your eyes, I see myself in you. The way you lick your lips to the way you blink your eyes. You are my equal. I love the way your body curves and the way your body moves to the rhythm of our favorite slow songs. At night, I love to lay with you, longing for your touch. For only you can give me that fulfilled pleasure that I need.

You touch me so gently, letting your fingertips caress each and every part of my beautiful brown skin. As I guide your fingers down to the softest, sweetest place on Earth, we both moan in anticipation. The thought of your hands so slowly massaging my pleasure point heightens the pleasure and arouses me even more. You know just what I want and how I want it. Only you can get me to that point of explosion, as my juices flow down your hand. I grab the sheets as I scream in satisfaction, and you feel the sensation with me.

Pleasing me is what pleases you. And that is what makes us one. We lay together looking into our own world, smiling in satisfaction. We both sit there wondering how this feeling could feel so unreal, like a dream that only gets better each night. And before we fall fast asleep, we think to ourselves—No experience can feel better than this… Masturbation.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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