__________by MentalCopulation

You said you watched me
While we were making love
Saw the look upon my face
In that space
Drowning into your passion and longing
You opened me and devoured
Every pleasure
I offered
Delicacy of my virtue
You tasted
And I wanted you to dine and savor
Every drop of my essence
Yes you watched me
Watched my lips smile and moisten at the thrill of your touch
You saw me
Succumb to the those tremors
And tingles
Those brushes with your carnal discipline
So skillful
Feeling what I wanted
Never asking
Taking me and riding me
Those waves
Such ambition
Be your guide you say
I say yes
I surrender myself
And I don't look back
I gave you me
And you took control
Only senses were lost
I used you to cleanse me
And you washed me new
Filled me with rainbows and womanly sensations
Of being just as I am
With you
And you love me
As we are
I love it when you watch me
Only you see me and I shine
Just as you see me
When you're watching

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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