Ms. E. Clipse

"Dammit, I canít believe she went off-roading again," I yelled as I looked at our SUV with the dirt and mud caked all over it.
She knows I have brunch with my sorority sisters today and I wanted to take the truck. I went into the garage grabbed the bucket, sponge and Turtle Car Wash. Pissed off, I turned on the water and began washing the truck. Since I was within the confines and privacy of our fenced-in yard, I decided to peel off my top and skirt leaving me clad in my thongs and heels. I wanted to feel the golden rays of the sun kiss my chocolate skin as I washed the truck.
Once I rinsed the truck, I noticed some spots that needed to be done again. I proceeded to start the process all over again, when I felt some strong yet feminine hands cover my eyes. I felt a chill go through my body as I inhaled my babyís Ecko fragrance. Damn she smells good, I thought.
"Thanks for washing the truck babe," she whispered as she moved her hands to my breast.
Spinning around while feigning anger, I yelled, "Donít baby me, you know I had brunch with my sisters today. How many carwashes did you past on the way home? Couldnít you at least stop at one of them?"
"Why donít you take the car?" she asked.
Pissed off, I turned my back to her and returned to washing the truck thinking. She can be so inconsiderate at times. Why couldnít she at least run the vehicles through the carwash when she is the one that gets them so dirty? At one point, I looked over my shoulder only to see her smiling and licking her big luscious lips.
"Either you help me or go inside the house." She stepped to the faucet and turned the water on. First she washed the water off the truck next I felt cold water running down my spine and ass cheek. "Babe, please youíll mess up my hair and I wonít be able to go."
"Good that way you can stay home with me instead of going out with those uppity chicks." She said as she backed me into the hood of the truck with the hose still in her hands. I stared at her in all of her sexiness. Sheís a lilí on the short side standing at 5í3 brown-skinned having recently started growing dreadlocks.
She started hosing me again this time from the neck down. When I felt her move the water in the opposite directions I climbed my ass atop the hood of the truck. With a sly grin, she spread my legs and applied the water to my panty clad pussy before ripping the little strip of material off. When I attempted to move away, she directed the flow to my clit. I was enjoying the feeling when suddenly she stopped, sucked on my clit and inserted two fingers inside my pussy.
"Do you still want to go out?"
I nodded my head and whispered, "Yes".
Then she asked, "Do you wanna cum?"
Again I nodded my head YES!
She leaned forward and whispered, "You have to pick your poison J either you stay here with me or you go out with your girls."
All the while she is circling my clit with her thumb and playing with my pussy. Attempting to reason with her I moaned, "You went off-roading with your 'bois this morning." I rocked my pussy back and forth on my fingers. Her reply was a hungry stare that spoke of arousal. I knew if I went out without satisfying her hunger, she would be moody as hell when I returned. I shut my mouth and let my pussy do the talking.
Grabbing her by her dreads, I pulled her in for a kiss. I devoured her tongue with my mouth. When she came up for air I leaned forward and ripped her wife-beater off her chest. I took one nipple into my mouth and began to suck her succulent round breast. She pushed me back on the hood and kissed her way down my body. I felt my heart rate increase as she ate my pussy with two fingers inside my ass. When she started sucking on my clit, I grabbed her hair and gyrated my pussy in her face. I could feel my juices running down my cheeks as she fucked my pussy with her tongue. I felt a tense sensation running through my spine as body began to shake. Opening my eyes, I glanced at the sun and gave thanks for allowing me to meet such a wonderful person.
Before I could recover she pulled me off the hood, turned me around and pushed me face down. My nipples got hard when contact was made with the wet hood. She slid down her sweats and I felt the strap sliding between my ass cheeks. She held it in her hands as she began swatting my clit with the strap-on.
"Do you want this?" she asked.
I moaned and shook my head YES!
"J baby, I am gonna need some words out of you. If I give you this, what am I gonna get in return?"
"Anything, Dammit Iíll give you anything you want, just please stop teasing and FUCK ME."
She stated she wanted "head" as she entered my pussy with one swift stroke. Iíd wanted this for so long, I started rotating my ass and meeting her with every stroke. She leaned forward and grabbed my waist with one hand. Taking the other hand she started smacking my ass. "Throw it back J, damn throw it back."
I looked over my shoulder and she had her eyes closed. I adjusted my stance and begun to throw it back at her. I started biting my lips as I felt another orgasm coming. My toes began to curl in my heels as I was attempting to keep up with her. "Sweet mother of all things," I started moaning and screaming as she cupped my cheeks.
"J, youíll disturb the neighbors," she said.
"Fuck the neighbors," I screamed as I came.
Never one to break a promise I arranged the mats, got on my knees and began to give my baby head. I was nervous as I slowly licked my pussy juices off the strap. Being slightly bold, I slipped a finger in her pussy as I deep-throated the strap. When I felt her about to climax I took the strap off, placed one of her legs on the bumper and proceeded to suck her pussy until she came shaking in my mouth.
Standing up, I ran my fingers through my wet hair. Tossing her the strap as I strutted into the house. "Donít forget to run the truck through a carwash on your way to work tomorrow babe."

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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