I was sitting in the ticket booth of the University; it was the final showing of the student-run Vagina Monologues, and being the do-gooder that I am, I volunteered for all three nights. I knew that I was going to be in for a boring hour and a half, so I brought my laptop along to past the time. I check a few emails, look and see if anyone left a message from a personal I had posted, and just stared outside as the rain pounded softly against the ticket booth window…Damn, I love it when it rains. It starts out as a few gentle drops; like a woman wrapping her arms around her lover or placing a soft kiss upon her chin. Then it starts to fall a little harder; like the heart when a lover’s hand caressingly strokes the inside of a quivering thigh. All of a sudden, a torrent; like the mind-blowing orgasm of two lovers deeply in tuned with one another. And culminating back to a gentle song, as lovers lie sated and loved in each others arms. Damn, I love it when it rains. I’m staring at one of the newly constructed buildings when I hear a rap on the inside door. Disturbed that someone was obviously interrupting my reverie, I jerked open the door only to find—her.
“Excuse me, but have you seen a yellow scarf that was returned here?”
I’m like Celie the first time she sees Shug; I cain’t move. I’m stuck where I am. No coherent thought is anywhere in my brain but this woman.
She asks me again, “Have you seen a yellow scarf?”
Speak J, say something my mind tells me. “Uh, what? Um, no, no I haven’t seen a yellow scarf lately. When do you think you lost it?” I had to do something, anything to make her stay a little while longer. All of a sudden, a scent of jasmine and…lime drifts up to my nose. An odd combination, but very exhilarating I find.
“Shit, I don’t know. Probably yesterday in the auditorium.” She rolls her eyes toward the heavens. “Dang, my sister is going to kill me.” With her head tilted back, she closes her eyes and expels a long breath. Then she brings her head back level and the most beautiful pair of blue-grey eyes I have ever seen stared into my dark brown ones. “My sister made that for me in her sewing class,” she chuckled. “That was her ‘A’. Now I have to hear her voice.”
“Well, I’m sure she will get over it. Does she do this as a hobby, or was it just to fulfill a requirement?” I asked. Goodness; as I was watching her talk, I was just imagining myself walking over to her and placing my lips over her soft ones. I was staring at her lips when I realized that she was answering my question.
“—a hobby. She has a small line of custom-made scarves and wraps.”
“Really?” I ask. “Would you happen to have her card on you? I absolutely love wraps!”
“Sure, here it is. I carry these around more than my own because people seem more interested in her scarves than me.”
I looked at her to see if she was upset or annoyed, but she looked rather proud. As she reached behind her to pull out her wallet, I took a moment to gaze at this beauty standing before me. She was tall, maybe 5’11”. Draped on her thick but firm body, she wore a white dress shirt, grey slacks, and black blazer. Peeking up out of the top of her blouse was the softest hint of her breast…J watch yourself, I say to myself. She had long, beautiful locs that were colored “Peanut Butter and Jelly”. She had them pulled up and knotted into an intricate bun that I envied. My locs were just hastily pulled back into a ponytail with a few ornaments strategically placed.
She reached around and pointed the card towards me. I noticed her neatly, manicured hands and expensive watch gracing her wrist. Gosh, I was so mesmerized. The things I wanted those hands to do to me. She inched the card a little bit closer. I reached out to take the card from her when I felt her soft, strong fingertips. I gasped. I quickly looked up to see if she had heard me. The look in her blue-grey eyes said that she had. I snatched my hand back as though I had touched fire and stepped back.
“I have seen you around. What is your name?”
“Jacq,” my voice broke. I started again. “Jacqueline. Jacqueline James. Yes, I’ve seen you around as well. And yours?”
“Elaine Michaels, but my peoples call Laine. What do you do here, Jacqueline?”
“I live my life behind the ‘One Stop Shop’. It’s ridiculous how much stuff we get volunteered for.” We both laughed considering her department handed a lot of their responsibility onto mine.
“Yeah, that’s what they do best…Jacqueline, I hope I’m not be too forward, but I’ve noticed you, noticed you. I think you are beautiful.”
I could feel my blush from the tip of my toes to the crown of my head. I LOVED the way she said my name in her deep, Alto voice. I look up and stare into those captivating eyes. We held glances for a few minutes until a song by Billie Holiday drifted around us from my laptop. Laine stepped into my zone and it was the sweetest feeling I had ever felt. She had such a commanding presence; I felt nothing but security being around her. With our gazes locked and our bodies’ just inches apart, we moved ever so slightly. It was though we had found what we were looking for. The melody of Billie’s voice guided our bodies. Her aura encompassed mine and I just wanted to crawl into her. I placed my hand over her heart and she mine. Our hearts were beating in sync.
The song ended and all that could be heard was the beating of our hearts and the harshness of our breaths. I realized that at any moment, some latecomer would come banging on the window trying to get a ticket. But, man, I did not want this time to end. I didn’t even want to stop to use the bathroom. Hell, I would starve myself of food just to be with this woman.
As I contemplated what to do, Laine slowly brought her hands in contact with hers, pulled my arms around her waist, and then cradled her own arms around my waist. She breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly. “JJ,” oohh, I felt shivers, “I have wanted to do this for so long. I watch you walk through the DC, choppin’ it up with your students, then looking so serious and confident dealin’ with these fool-ass people. When I see your face furrow in impatience, I just want to walk over and smooth out the wrinkles. And don’t let me mention when you have the window open. Girl, you look so scrumptious! You are such a classy lady. I really want to get you know you, how does that sound?”
I laugh and say, “Laine, you don’t realize what you do to me. I am short of losing my mind whenever I see you. You have this presence about you that people succumb to. It’s magical; you’re magical! I would love nothing more than spend time with you. I want to know all about Elaine Michaels.”
Laine pulls me even closer to her body and we held each other for so long, I don’t even know for how long. Laine leans back a little and places a warm kiss on my forehead (a treasure spot!) and then my nose. “JJ, I’m going to leave now because if I don’t, we both know what will happen.” We both chuckle. “I will call you when I get home.”
“Okay, please do that.” I squeeze Elaine a little while longer then reluctantly let her go. As she opens the door and starts to walk out, I call out to Elaine as though my life was coming to an end. She whips back around urgently. “What baby, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, sweets, I’m sorry to alarm you. I was going to suggest you come back to my house tonight. I should be done in about an hour and I figure that will give you enough time to go home and pack an overnight bag.”
She snickers and says, “I got you, boo.” She turns and I follow her with my eyes until she is no longer in sight.
Laine came over that night, and many nights after that. She and I became inseparable. She became I, and I became her. We were one entity, but flourished in our own personalities. Oh, and if you were wondering what happened to the scarf? Well, that yellow scarf was folded neatly in her room; it was just her plot to get to know me…sneaky girl!

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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