by Chayse N. Ryan

I miss ur hand
Lotus blossom adorned, strong and gentle
Grip firm yet tender – yields bliss accidental
Damn, the weight of ur hand

I miss ur hand
On my neck, with back against the kitchen table
Making love until we are unable
Giving in to ur every command
Oh! The authority of ur hand

I miss ur hand
Infinite power with ur slightest touch
Handle me, discipline me, guide me
Love me, but never harm me
With ur strong, gentle hand

I miss ur hand
Perfect fit with mine
Fingerprint to fingerprint
Lifelines intertwined
Gorgeous it is - ur soft brown hand

I miss ur hand
Covering my eyes
Shit talking - sex on the rise
Take it – my pussy's ur prize
Damn, that sexy ass hand

Touch me, fuck me, please me with ur sexy ass hand…

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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