by Taste (ME)

i arrived late
our meeting place
feeling the seduction as i entered the room
taken aback by all the candles and incense burnin
roses perfectly placed across the bed
slow music playin low

i called out her name
no answer.......

she left me a note
next to a bottle of chilled wine
the note reads,
"get comfortable and relax ~ happy birthday
a gift awaits u, find it ~
i will return"

i danced around to the music
seductively swayin my hips
i take off my clothes
leavin a trail
on the way to the bathroom

a box..perfectly wrapped
no time to open now

i get in the shower
washing my voluptuous body
i think bout what may be in that box
what does she has in store for me today
sheís so........
still cant find out what makes her tick
but i like her mystery

i carefully step out of the shower
feelin refreshed after washin away todayís struggle

i walked over to the box
and carefully opened it
stunned with what i saw....i smile
a sexy gown...she knows my taste so well

i lotioned my body
and dabbed those intimate places
with her favorite scented oil

i put on the gown
fallin perfectly
glidin smoothly around my hips

i picked up my glass of wine
and went back to the room

laying there thinkin
nervously anticipating her arrival

she arrives.......

without sayin a word
she walks up to me and gently kiss my lips
she turns and walks away

i hear her hummin to the music
as she showers
i get a sense of sensuality
brewin deep inside of me

she steps back into the room
she looks at me and smile
she says, "how was your day"
hmmmmmmmmm mesmerized by her beauty
i canít answer
iím thinkin...shes sexy, handsome, beautiful all in one
what a woman....damnnnnn
im feelin butterflies

she smiles as if she can hear my inner thoughts
she comes and lays next to me

we lay there....gazin into each others eyes
no words needs to be spoken
a silent language only lovers know

she brings herself close to me...
lips almost touchin mine
she caresses my body
makin the silky gown gently slide
exposin my legs

she looks into my eyes
her lips.....almost touchin mine

im hypnotized.....

she kisses me
as she continues to caress me
our hands exploring each other
for hours

our tongues dancin
gently bitin
slowly suckin

as we lay
she holds me in her arms
we drift
to cloud nine......

losin track of time
we sleep....

i woke up
she was gone


Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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