by B.J.Ental

Compassionate I am for you,
loving all the things that stand for you,
loving the beauty in your eyes,
the soft brown that engulfs me and inflames me,
makes me want to take you where we stand,
no shame, no concerns of what they might think,
I am feeling you in all the right ways,
loving the way you look,
how you feel and damn how you talk when I am near you doing what I do,
what you let me do, what I must do,
touching you in places as soft as the warmth of† the beach water,
loving you and caressing all the parts of you that screams woman,
canít get close enough,
my mindís eye takes over and I see the depth of your soul,
see the depth of your depth,
the soft crevices and creamy corners,
damn how I need to taste,
to make you feel with the tip of my tongue and then the whole of my tongue,
want to go deep within your walls,
make you breath loudly and† come in a crescendo of sounds that drive me crazy,
takes me to the point that I arrive seconds after you do,
into pleasure, into bliss, all I want to do now is kiss, kiss and kiss, you!

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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