by Ten

When we first met i couldn`t wait to get you wet..but first i had to wreck your mind..make your brain waves ripple a thousand times..had to make my love too complex so it just won`t be the sex..that drew me to you and you to word describes you and its "BEAUTY"..beyond words i reach to find explainations why im a moth drawn to a flame..i fluttered around in the dark until there was you..You set my soul ablaze and you never quit until days turned into nights where hands clutched heated bodies tight and tongues sent vocals soaring into orgasmic chorus..You fell in love with my words as my vivid letters have etched a love script on your soul.. my intellect entices you as you begin to place your kisses all over my skin...makes my head spin at the thought of you and me engaging in sin...Almost too sweet to speak on...a peachy odour lingers long after you`re gone...even when we can`t feel each other`s`s my vow you`ll always know how much of you i require and how many love proses your presence inspires. My love, sweet love, im almost obsessed, its like Floetry`s poetry "all you gotta do is say yes!" Let me kiss your ease my pain..a perfect symbiotic pair...You love my mind..I love your heart so baby stay right here. The epitome of femininty my love is what you are- you`ll always own my devotion and emotion no matter how near or far.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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